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Talk me out of buying this house!

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RainbowMe Tue 21-May-19 10:41:10

The husband and I have spent the last five years making our house a home, and we've just got it exactly how we want it. We decided the time was also right to start trying for a baby, and are currently in our second two week wait so far. All being well, the plan is for me to give up work and be a stay at home Mum for a good few years before going back to work and possibly thinking about buying a bigger house.

Everything was ticking along nicely, but then... a house came up for sale that I have dreamed of living in since I was a little girl! I told my husband expecting (hoping) that he would tell me not to be silly etc, but he is now more excited about it than I am shock

There are many reasons we should not buy this house...

The biggest one is that it would add 80k into the mortgage. It would stretch us to the absolute limit of what we'd be allowed to borrow and would take the stay at home Mum idea completely off the table.

It has no central heating or mains sewage (storage heaters and a log burner; septic tank). I know these things wouldn't be a big deal to many people, but we'd have no money left to get the heating done and the septic tank would worry me (I am a huge worrier).

The house itself is no bigger or nicer than our current one (both smallish three bed houses of around 1000 square feet). Our house has useful things like a garage and a downstairs loo which this one doesn't.

But this one is in a really special location and is very unique for our area. The garden is like a park and there are no neighbours for about 2 miles in either direction (my absolute dream). It kind of feels like a once in a lifetime opportunity. I know there are other rural properties like it, but very few in my "patch". We already live in a very nice village down the road and I know we are very lucky to have what we've got, but it's not the peaceful rural life I dream of. I know this makes me sound like a spoilt brat and is a nice "first world problem" to have. But I just couldn't sleep last night thinking about this house, and now I can't concentrate on my work either blush

Someone tell me to stop being silly!

Poppyfields21 Thu 30-May-19 09:59:56

But that’s why you’d name change!

BlueThesaurusRex Wed 29-May-19 09:29:27

I wouldn’t show it tbh- could be a bit identifying! Particularly if things change and OP buys the house grin

Poppyfields21 Wed 29-May-19 08:28:22

If you type the address in to google the listing will come up, or at the very least google images will have the photos still. Though I sense the OP has zero intention of ever showing us...!

FloatingObject Sun 26-May-19 12:20:29

You must have sent pics to family or friends by WhatsApp or something, hit us up!

RainbowMe Sun 26-May-19 10:09:45

Just looked and it's not on Zoopla either - I think Zoopla only retains listings that were active on their own website when the property was up for sale. My house was never on Zoopla and there are no details for it on there (other than the price), but there are still pics etc on the Rightmove sold bit.

Great idea about leaving our details with the owners, will do! Then maybe one day... and until then it can stay as a happy little dream smile

FenellaVelour Sun 26-May-19 07:26:13

Yes, Zoopla retain listings, I recently found my old house on there from when it was sold again a couple of years ago.

I suspect the house was overpriced, the sellers were testing the water to see if they could sell at a high price, and weren’t really committed to selling at all, hence the swift removal from the market.

Perhaps leave your details with them, in case they ever decide to sell in future?

BBInGinDrinking Sun 26-May-19 06:57:52

Hi again OP. I'd be tempted to write directly to the owners, enclosing your name, address and number, explaining your situation and asking them to consider contacting you directly if ever in the years ahead they want to sell. By then it might be that you've got the house out of your system or it might just be the right time for you. Much as we'd all like a nosey, I still wouldn't post the link!

SirVixofVixHall Sat 25-May-19 18:59:46

Yes it might be on Zoopla. I have just looked at a house that was for sale a few years ago, because I had seen the name on an old census connected with my family.

sunshinesupermum Sat 25-May-19 17:52:20

I think Zoopla retains old listings OP

HasThisSoddingNameGoneToo Sat 25-May-19 16:39:44

I think the owners read @Beekeeper1's amazing post and decided to stay put.

StarJumpsandaHalf Sat 25-May-19 16:19:38

I can't remember if it's Zoopla or Prime Location that usually retains old listings?

Anyway, the important thing is that you've got some peace of mind now OP.

RainbowMe Sat 25-May-19 15:57:03

It's not @SirVixofVixHall, I went to post it after my first post today and found it was already taken off (hence the second post) sad

I tried getting it via the "sold prices" as that would probably have brought up the listing from when sold previously - but there are no results for the postcode because the house hasn't changed hands for decades!

SirVixofVixHall Sat 25-May-19 15:50:10

It will still be on rightmove, if you are happy to post it .

RainbowMe Sat 25-May-19 15:24:40

Also I am so sorry I never had the guts to post a link, as now there isn't one there to post!! grin

RainbowMe Sat 25-May-19 15:21:02

Update time!

We viewed it. It was lovely. Of course it was a gorgeous sunny day and everything looked at its very best. Although I knew that the floor space was similar to our current house, it did feel smaller than I expected. I suspect this was due to the clever photography used in the EA pictures and me spending so many hours staring at them over the last week. It was also confirmed that there is no gas going to the property which put us off.

Having had a proper look and doing some research we felt that the property was probably worth a bit less than the asking price, comparing it to similar houses in the area but still weighing up the location and the size of the garden, which obviously set it apart. Yesterday we decided to make a cheeky offer and if it was declined then put the idea to bed.

But then...

The agents rang back this morning and the vendors have decided to take the house off the market!

I am actually really relieved, as I still felt so conflicted about it and thought we were making a potentially silly decision, even if the offer had been accepted. I am glad that there is no decision to make. It struck me that I felt relieved to hear that it was being taken off the market, rather than sad. I still feel like we might live in it one day. Just now would not have been the right time.

Thanks again everyone, this has still been a really insightful thread and I've loved reading the posts - particularly yours @Beekeeper1 (you might have been partially responsible for us making an offer! :P)

WildfirePonie Fri 24-May-19 21:07:03

Did you view the property? Can we get a link? smile

LoudJazzHands Fri 24-May-19 03:45:08

I can't think of too many reasons to buy it.
To me, it would be like having a two year old plain white Ford Galaxy and trading it in for a ten year old pearlescent white Galaxy. It might look prettier but doesn't really give you too much.

As for looking like a park, we joke that our neighbour's place is a "park-like setting" They're now selling up because it's too much work. When it's pissing down with rain and your baby is screaming you won't be interested in keeping up the garden.

NKFell Fri 24-May-19 00:29:52

Well said @Beekeeper1 ! I’ve written a couple of posts on this thread because crikey people’s opinions of living in the country are crazy. I feel fortunate to have grown up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Oh and about being cold, I used to leave my curtains open so I could watch the ice form on the inside of the windows! I used to wriggle in my warm bed with excitement because in the country we do have quilts and blankets and rural parents are excellent tuck’er in’er’s! I still live fairly rurally btw, couldn’t stomach a city...I’d take storage heaters over my crappy boiler any day!

SirVixofVixHall Thu 23-May-19 21:46:14

There is no way that bill is right, three thousand pounds ! That is insane!

Justaboy Thu 23-May-19 12:15:24

Jesus! a 3000 power bill?

thats around, rough calc, 300 units or KWH a day!

Thats 9.5 kilowatts an Hour! or 9and a half one bar electric fires on the go all day and night!

Are you being billed for the whole street?..

manicmij Thu 23-May-19 09:39:51

Seems you have to make a decision, property or the family. Can't but feel both are 'dreams' . Are you aware of the new legislation on septic tanks? May end up costing quite a bit to bring up to date but considerig everything else you say would need fixed perhaps not a big deal. Sounds like the house may be something for much later in life.

sunshine11 Thu 23-May-19 08:25:47

It sounds like click on the one hand I think life is for living and taking risks and if you don’t do it you’re regret it.

On the other hand living somewhere remote with a baby is horrific - we live nearly 4 miles to the nearest shop which is a nightmare if you run out of anything. Now that my kids are older and at school I spend a minimum of two hours a day driving backwards and forwards to school clubs et cetera. It also means that it’s really difficult for them to have friends back and because we’re not on a bus route this driving is likely to continue until they leave home.

There is a huge difference between dreaming about something and having in reality and in this case I think you’re living in a bit of a fantasy that won’t prove to be anywhere near as good as you think it will.

MardyMavis Thu 23-May-19 07:41:43


Weebleonaworkout Thu 23-May-19 07:17:10

It does sound rather wonderful even with its outdated heating and I do love the idea of no neighbours. However, no neighbours for 2 miles is not going to stay like that forever. Developer are grabbing up land all over. Do check that somebody hasn't already applied for planning permission around it. It could be a reason they're selling. I don't think it's possible to buy a view long term anymore. Or at least be prepared for it to be gobbled up in a few years with matchbox houses.
Think carefully op

Tavannach Thu 23-May-19 02:53:58

We’ve just got a £3,000 pound electricity bill for a quarter using only 3 storage heaters in a 3 bedroom house.

There's something wrong with that bill. I'd query it.

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