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Do you remember the saga of the wedding guest dresses we had to pay for?

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PotterBot Mon 16-May-16 17:01:25


Sister in law (to be) after receiving multiple messages/having arguments and email rows has told us our children can 'wear what the fuck we want'

Dd wants to wear a minecraft dress. Aibu to buy one for her? grin

Thurlow Mon 16-May-16 17:04:11

Ha! I remember. She's a loon. Definitely go for the Minecraft dress grin

GnomeDePlume Mon 16-May-16 17:04:29

What a graceless and charm less ing response to everyone's concerns!

CaptainCrunch Mon 16-May-16 17:06:09

She should go as a stormtrooper.

PotterBot Mon 16-May-16 17:07:36

She does have ASD so it's with relief that I don't have to battle her into what everyone else is wearing.

She has relented to wear a dress but and I quote 'you are not brushing my hair'.

grannytomine Mon 16-May-16 17:15:38

^She does have ASD so it's with relief that I don't have to battle her into what everyone else is wearing.

She has relented to wear a dress but and I quote 'you are not brushing my hair'.^

When I read that I thought you meant the bride. I thought it was going to be an interesting look on the day.

PotterBot Mon 16-May-16 17:24:27

Haha no Dd. Although dd with all her ways is better behaved than the bride and more reasonable.

Ricardian Mon 16-May-16 17:27:29

wear what the fuck we want

How different, how very different from the home life of our own dear Queen!

YouTheCat Mon 16-May-16 17:27:38

some ideas

MadamDeathstare Mon 16-May-16 17:28:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

coffeeisnectar Mon 16-May-16 17:30:35

She sounds SO lovely grin

I vote the minecraft dress for your DD

You go as a witch complete with pointy hat (or a funeral type outfit)

DP wears an Elsa dress.

LaContessaDiPlump Mon 16-May-16 17:30:49

I've just re-read the original thread. How vair satisfying grin

expatinscotland Mon 16-May-16 17:32:36

Definitely the Minecraft dress!

GiraffesAndButterflies Mon 16-May-16 17:34:53

Original thread link please anyone?

NeverbuytheDailyMail Mon 16-May-16 17:35:33

Link to the original OP please??? grin

PotterBot Mon 16-May-16 17:36:15

Don't know how! Can someone please help?

I'm a bit shit.

KurriKurri Mon 16-May-16 17:40:40

can you link to the original thread ? - it sounds like just the type of crazy that would cheer me up immensely grin

KurriKurri Mon 16-May-16 17:41:12

Oops - sorry xposted !

BagpussOhSagpuss Mon 16-May-16 17:43:18

Here you go

Trumpton Mon 16-May-16 17:47:24

this reminded me of the lovely DoubleNegativePanda and her wedding. Her little sister confused Ring Bearer with .....

DoubleNegativePanda Sat 14-May-11 11:23:24
YANBU to be unhappy about it and do exactly as you are doing. Myself, I wouldn't have minded a green pageboy. But then, I allowed my little sister with Down Syndrome to dress in a Frodo Baggins costume in my wedding. She confused "ring bearer" with "bearer of the ring" and BANG! I had Frodo in my wedding grin

Actually, the wedding album is pretty amazing. Big white dress, tuxedos, formal bridesmaids....and one cloaked Hobbit with polished walking staff.*

situatedknowledge Mon 16-May-16 17:49:42

That Minecraft Sweeper Tutu is ace! You have to make her one.

Nannawifeofbaldr Mon 16-May-16 17:50:51

Keep the moral high ground.

Don't be understandably arsey.

Put her in an appropriate dress.

sepa Mon 16-May-16 17:52:16

Just read part of the first thread. Let DD wear what she wants. That bride sounds a nightmare saying what guests should wear!

Trumpton Mon 16-May-16 17:52:48

The thread about green haired nephew that contains DoubleNegativePanda's photo link at 14-may-11 14.33.

PotterBot Mon 16-May-16 17:53:03

That's amazing, sod it I'm going to sit her down at the weekend with a Lord of the rings boxset and channel her obsessive behaviour into a different direction. We can go as the fellowship of the ring I'll dress smallest Dd up as gimli.

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