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to not want to wake up smelling other tennants smoke?

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Grumpyrealist77 Wed 14-May-14 05:58:17

I live in a council flat attempting to raise DS1 and DS2 as healthily as possible.
We like to have the little windows slightly ajar all year round so we can get some fresh air flowing. The couple upstairs, who are fortunate enough to have bought their flat, have two very young children, so the dad sits in the stairwell puffing away. (Thoughtful, at least he cares about his own).
There are signs up saying no smoking in the communal stairway which he ignores. His second hand smoke somehow gets in through our front door.
The younger couple downstairs who are private renters also have a young toddler.
Daddy is not allowed to smoke at all, but does so at work and when his partner is out. (I used to work at the same place as him,always saw him taking fag breaks)
When smoking indoors he does it standing on a chair out of a small window so so he can spot his partner coming home. Personally i don't buy this as an effective way of not being caught. She must smell it?! Anyway, his smoke drifts right up and is funnelled in by our windows.
I hate it.
I don't mind people's rights to do this and that, but at least think of those it innocently affects!
Cigarette smokers are a bit thick in this day and age, including members of my extended family, to still be spunking their money and health away on something that 'feels nice'...
Sorry, had to get this off my chest!

ineedausername Wed 14-May-14 06:15:35

But then I'm a smoker so probably a bit thick ;)

Grumpyrealist77 Wed 14-May-14 06:20:26


PorkPieandPickle Wed 14-May-14 06:29:15

YABU about the man smoking in his flat out the window, but YANBU about the neighbour smoking in the communal area. If it is banned then speak to him about it. Although i'm not sure what else you could do other than keep asking him not to.

Fideline987654321 Wed 14-May-14 06:34:36

I was going to suggest the straightfoward strategem of err, speaking to your neighbours but there's probably no point in talking to such 'thick' people is there?

You'll have to suffer it.

Grumpyrealist77 Wed 14-May-14 07:17:08

Already have, politely, completely non confrontationally so as to continue to co exist! Each time i did he'd grunt, shrug, say "Chelsea had a good game, blah blah blah..." attempting to keep me in a football conversation as he made his way slowly down the stairs. Any attempt at polite chitchat from me meant he'd stop descending and carry on smoking, just politely blowing his smoke "away from me"... To no effect! And yet he'd be there the very next day... hmmm.
I gave up in the end.
I know some very intelligent "thick" people so don't get too het up by my labelling. Its meant in a light hearted manner.
If your a smoker, do you know why you do it? I've never heard a valid answer. Anyone...?

pianodoodle Wed 14-May-14 07:54:00

It's an addiction. Most people know that.

Some non-thick people also know the difference between your and you're.

Icelollycraving Wed 14-May-14 08:01:33

Yabu on behalf of the thickies (I'm not one). How do you know he stands on a chair?! Is your name Michael Caine? grin

Bloodyteenagers Wed 14-May-14 08:02:23

It's an addiction. Or don't you think that is a valid answer?

If you don't want to be affected by smokers. Move to somewhere without neighbours. Get yourself on homeswapper and go.

googoodolly Wed 14-May-14 08:04:18


Going around telling people they're "thick" because they have an addiction is a bit shitty, OP. People smoke because they're addicted and it's really not that easy to give up. As you're not "thick", you should know that, right?

LIZS Wed 14-May-14 08:10:17

You could ask the council to enforce the notice but tbh if they smoke within their 4 walls and there is notion in the lease to say otherwise then you cannot have any redress. Don't go abroad and stay in a hotel or apartment block as you will find this far more often.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Wed 14-May-14 08:17:02

I was with you up until the 'thick' comment.

I started smoking when I was 12. I wasn't 'thick' just very young and easily led. I carried on 'til the age of 45 and lost count of the number of times I tried to stop. I'd still be smoking now if it weren't for ecigs.

2/3 of smokers started as children.

gamerchick Wed 14-May-14 08:19:44

Well although I understand where your coming from you don't have the right to tell people what to do in their own homes. You have the option of closing your window.

The stairwell yes its annoying but I can't see what you can do. Just thank your stars that it isn't strong skunk.

eurochick Wed 14-May-14 08:20:27

Ok you've tried talking to the stair smoker so next step - speak to whoever is responsible for the upkeep of the common areas. As for the downstairs guy, why not speak to his partner and ask her terribly nicely if he could find somewhere else to smoke as it comes straight into your windows when he leans out... getting her to tell him off as he is obviously scared of that to be sneaking around like he is

gamerchick Wed 14-May-14 08:20:36


DuckyMoDuckyMoMo Wed 14-May-14 08:22:57

The man opposite me smokes In his home despite the whole block being non smoking!! He's had cleaners quit because it smelt so bad (he doesn't open windows and chain smokes) when he opens his door the stale smoke lingers in the communal hallway for hours and makes you wretch I've just phoned out HA about him who have said they'll remind him to smoke outside.

It's disgusting hmm

WorraLiberty Wed 14-May-14 08:23:28

If your a smoker, do you know why you do it? I've never heard a valid answer. Anyone...?

Christ, and yet you call smokers thick?

JCDenton Wed 14-May-14 08:26:14

Agree with the OP other than the 'thick' bit.

I live next to chain smokers and it comes through the floor in our bedroom. I think we've managed to mitigate the problem with some expanding foam but it used to utterly stink of stale smoke and it's still not at all nice.

I love that people say 'move'. If I decided to blast heavy metal at all hours, people wouldn't expect you to soundproof your house or deal with it. We have slept on the sofas when they have a heavy night, the smoke was so irritating to our throats.

Yes, we have seriously looked at other houses due to the smell at ours.

Grumpyrealist77 Wed 14-May-14 09:32:42

Id love to move, I've tried.
So sorry for not proof reading my predictive text, your a little unreasonable you'reself... wink
Mutual colleagues at my old place of work told me about the chair. He's tell anyone who's listen how brill he was at keeping it a secret from his then pregnant girlfriend which i think is harsh on her!
He's terribly short and said tiny window is 6 foot off the floor so i have no reason to disbelieve his version of events.
I've been VERY tempted to innocently mention it to his girlfriend, but i don't want to be the instigator of an argument between them.
Addictions, I've had them, once I'd beaten them I've looked back and thought "How silly of me!"
Its a vast expense over a lifetime and put health at risk.

Grumpyrealist77 Wed 14-May-14 09:34:28

*He'd (sorry)

orangepudding Wed 14-May-14 09:42:54

I used to have a similar problem. I lived in a terrace and my next door neighbours on one side were heavy smokers. It came into the box room in my house and I could not have the back doors or any windows at the back of the house open as the smell of smoke would come into my house. There was nothing I could do, I was so happy when they moved!

You could try calling the council and say someone is smoking in the stairwell but I'm not sure they would do anything about it.

OddBoots Wed 14-May-14 09:46:58

My neighbours smoke in their garden and it comes in my living room window but I've found that if I get an electric fan and point it out of the window and leave it on a low setting the room still cools but there is much less smoke. I'm sure my neighbours think I'm mad but it does help a lot.

andsmile Wed 14-May-14 09:51:11


Fideline987654321 Wed 14-May-14 09:58:04


Gosh, this thread took a sharp turn. What did I miss? grin

specialsubject Wed 14-May-14 09:58:34

addiction or not, the rules apply to him too about smoking inside the building. If he won't listen, report it.

many smokers think there is a magic curtain which means if you stand by a window or door, no-one can smell it and it doesn't stink the house out. And also that no-one minds the reek.

that is the 'thick' bit as far as I'm concerned - I'm sure they all know the risks and that there is addiction help available.

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