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To put my baby in a red coat when...

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missknows Wed 30-Apr-14 21:50:10

She has a purple pram?

Because a random old lady who wanted to look in the pram and see the baby (as they do) told me off for exactly that! Are the fashion police going to arrest me? Will my daughter be scarred for life?

P.s obviously this is a light-hearted thread but the lady was genuinely disgusted in me and made a point of telling me so. Thought she was going to phone childline on my baby's behalf.

TheLastThneed Wed 30-Apr-14 21:52:08

How could you do such a thing? You'll have to buy a new pram tomorrow... grin

EatShitDerek Wed 30-Apr-14 21:52:18

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

IsChippyMintonExDirectory Wed 30-Apr-14 21:52:54

Or not. Old women are weird
The other day when I told my mum I don't go out my way to match DDs clothes I just take out whatever's at the top of the drawer she called me cruel hmm she very nearly fainted when I said I don't iron her clothes either unless they're very creased. She's 1 FFS!

Shockers Wed 30-Apr-14 21:53:43

I quite like red and purple together.

(Child of the 70s)

meditrina Wed 30-Apr-14 21:54:15

I've seen bright orange prams containing pink-clad infants.

I have wondered how widespread colour blindness really is.

missknows Wed 30-Apr-14 21:54:41

Ooo I don't iron either. I'm going to hell aren't I?

ClockWatchingLady Wed 30-Apr-14 21:55:31

Social services have been informed.

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Wed 30-Apr-14 21:55:32

You don't have co ordinating prams and outfits? I'm calling child line myself.

Morgause Wed 30-Apr-14 21:55:48


ouryve Wed 30-Apr-14 21:56:22

Why not start em young?

I love red and purple together!

Passmethecrisps Wed 30-Apr-14 21:57:17

Also a fan of red and purple.

All old people. All of them. Thing that my dd is a boy. Sometimes I make a massive point of dressing her in head to toe pink and she still gets mistaken for a boy.

candycoatedwaterdrops Wed 30-Apr-14 21:57:24

I hope you're saving up for the years of therapy your daughter will need as a result of your shoddy actions. Shame on you!

fluffyraggies Wed 30-Apr-14 21:57:53

Purple and red - lovely.

How about this though - i've bought a lipstick red travel system, but just realised my only favorite mac is the exact same colour.

too much red hmm

MyFabulousBoys Wed 30-Apr-14 21:58:48

WTF is wrong with you?

Purple and red? Like a bruise? On a baby?


BlackeyedSusan Wed 30-Apr-14 21:58:58

what's ironing?

missknows Wed 30-Apr-14 21:59:42

Ouryve that's brilliant. I might print a copy in case I ever meet her again!

Tangoandcreditcards Wed 30-Apr-14 22:01:41

Eek. My purple pram has red trimmings. I had no idea it was a faux pas!

Chocoholism Wed 30-Apr-14 22:02:03


KatieKaye Wed 30-Apr-14 22:02:06

Passmethecrisps - are you parting her hair on the boys side? wink

sherbetpips Wed 30-Apr-14 22:06:33

I had an awful mamas n papas car seat when DS was newborn, it kind of scrunched him up. When out with my MIL she used to say loudly to everyone who looked at him 'He's not disabled it's the seat'! Only the over 70s can do un-pc like that.

Raskova Wed 30-Apr-14 22:06:45

Perfectly reasonable.

Red and pink on the other hand... hmm

Passmethecrisps Wed 30-Apr-14 22:06:45

I think her failing is a lack of her. My fault obvs.

She does have a cardie with car buttons on. And apparently it buttons down the boy side

Amy106 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:10:46

Awful! Just plain awful!
You can either spray paint the pram, dye the coat or never, ever go outside. Choice is yours. grin

LRDtheFeministDragon Wed 30-Apr-14 22:13:53

I pity your child. sad

Why did you not buy her a pink pram and a nice pink coat? How will she know to grow up nurturing, feminine and creative instead of bold, masculine and decisive? shock

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