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To think a normal length cotton dress with sleeves is in fact the Holy Grail

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Orangeanddemons Wed 30-Apr-14 16:36:11

Because I can't find one anywhere, apart from Boden which I don't like.

I'm tall, so knee length is short on me. I work in a school, I neither want maxi or above knee level. I want just below knee or above ankle. These don't exist.

If they do they are ponte hideousness. Who buys all these polyester mini dresses?

missymarmite Wed 30-Apr-14 17:13:54

I know what you mean. All dresses seem to be sleeveless at the moment which is a pain because a) at the scho where I work staff aren't permitted to wear sleeveless clothing, and b) I have awful flabby upper arms I'd never want to inflict on anyone.

I hate most of the fashion out ATM. It is mostly unattractive, unflattering and dull. Hate hate hate.

I must be old. grin

missymarmite Wed 30-Apr-14 17:14:57

Should read school, no idea what a scho is!

SelectAUserName Wed 30-Apr-14 17:17:26

YANBU. The sleeveless thing in particular drives me up the wall.

Years ago I had a couple of lovely 'tea-dance' style dresses - cotton, just above mid-calf, short sleeve. I wore them until they fell apart and have never found anything as remotely nice, comfortable to wear but smart and appropriate for work since.

Revengeofthechocolatebunny Wed 30-Apr-14 17:18:49

I feel old. Especially when I get dressed up and think "don't look so bad" (doesn't happen often, as I work from home so slop around in leggings or jeans) and then walk into DD on the landing and she says

"Dear god. You're not going out like that are you?" blush

ShatnersBassoon Wed 30-Apr-14 17:19:05

It might be generally very biddyish, but Cotton Traders have some plain dresses with sleeves.

ElizabethJennings Wed 30-Apr-14 17:19:07

White stuff and fat face?

gotnotimeforthat Wed 30-Apr-14 17:19:25

I've had this problem, I had to buy a dress that had to be over the knee but one that covered my shoulders too. I spents weeks searching the best i could find was just a a few cm above knee but didn't cover my shoulders.

all i could find was floor length or borderline undecent.


missy I hate todays fashion too, I don't understand the obssession with tops that are barely longer than a bra, t-shirts saying yolo, swag or twerk.. i could go on and on.

RigglinJigglin Wed 30-Apr-14 17:23:52

I might have seen some on Seasalt.

FatalCabbage Wed 30-Apr-14 17:23:57

eBay shops. I've just bought a divine fifties-style dress with 3/4 sleeves, properly on the knee, in 100% cotton, slightly stretchy.

I have given up on the high street.

RigglinJigglin Wed 30-Apr-14 17:25:27

Forgot the link...

Lancelottie Wed 30-Apr-14 17:25:53

Would the cotton ones among these be too short on you, OP?

(I'm a midget so find it hard to guess.)

jay55 Wed 30-Apr-14 17:27:03

Therapy in house of fraser have some, though I'm shorter than you so they could still be too short. I've bought a few of their fake wrap dresses for Fridays.

SelectAUserName Wed 30-Apr-14 17:28:09

Sorry Rigglin if you own any of those, but I'm not paying £50-75 for something that looks like it was made from the same material as my dead gran's housecoat.

Where are all the nice dresses for average-shaped women? WHERE?? <shakes fists at sky>

ToAvoidConversation Wed 30-Apr-14 17:30:22

I have one, I have one.... Try people tree- sleeves, fair trade cotton and just below my knees. Comfy comfy!

merlottime Wed 30-Apr-14 17:30:37

Have you tried East? Again, sometimes a bit biddyish, but i have got a couple of cotton empire line dresses with short sleeves for work, just below the knee on me but i am not tall smile

chipshop Wed 30-Apr-14 17:31:13

I had this problem last year and bought a nice dress from Banana Republic. Smart enough for work, it got me through the heatwave.

Onelittlepiglet Wed 30-Apr-14 17:32:44

great plains have some in and look nice and might be what you are looking for? Their sizing is also good I find.

tethersend Wed 30-Apr-14 17:32:56

people tree have lots of cotton dresses

TunipTheUnconquerable Wed 30-Apr-14 17:34:34

I can't help wondering if the bloody awful penny-pinching dress designs out there these days are one of the main reasons for the revival in home dressmaking.
Last year I spent a whole day in York failing to find a simple white linen or cotton shirt with a proper collar.

Orangeanddemons Wed 30-Apr-14 17:34:57

Unfortunately I dislike the whole FatFace/seasalt/White Stuff/ Mistral look. It is just not my style.....

But I just want a longish 100% woven cotton dress with sleeves- not a plastic skater style thing. And I cannot find one anywhere at all. Here are the places I have looked online
phase 8
White Company
French Connection
Not one dress anywhere at a allsad

ToAvoidConversation Wed 30-Apr-14 17:36:37

I have one, I have one.... Try people tree- sleeves, fair trade cotton and just below my knees. Comfy comfy!

Takingthemickey Wed 30-Apr-14 17:38:17

OP try Hobbs.

Bunbaker Wed 30-Apr-14 17:38:48

I feel your pain. I have been searching for a summer dress for work and all the dresses are either too short (mid thigh length), maxi dresses, too low cut, sleeveless, shift dresses (which don't fit propery on me), made from viscose/polyester or too mother of the bride looking. House of Fraser has some nice dresses, but I can't justify spending the best part of £200 for a work dress.

I am waiting for a delivery of this dress. It isn't cotton, but if it fits it will have to do.

I hate shopping online because I am in between sizes and much prefer to try things on before buying. I "window shop" online then am often disappointed when the stores don't carry the stock.

Orangeanddemons Wed 30-Apr-14 17:39:22

Have also looked on Great Plains...not a sniff
People tree all look too short. I look shit in knee length. Have lumpy bumpy knees. Mid calf much more flattering on my height. But all the 'midi' dresses are plastic.

Have been eyeing this up....but the cost and the ironing is putting me

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