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How long do/did you dress your baby in baby gros during the day before it became unreasonable?

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Newmummee Thu 23-Jan-14 08:41:19

Ok I know it's not unreasonable I was just trying to fit it in the titled section that I have done!!

When shall I dress my 7 week old in proper day clothes?

IndigoTea Thu 23-Jan-14 08:48:09

I still dress my 7 month old in babygrows daily, and once a week in a dress/outfit. I'm hoping to move from babygrows at 9 months. I don't actually know anyone who has dressed their baby in babygrows for that long, but it is much more economical grin

ThedementedPenguin Thu 23-Jan-14 08:49:07

Just do it when your ready. There's no right or wrong time to do it, just when you want.

ikeaismylocal Thu 23-Jan-14 08:49:30

I still dress my 13 month old in footless babygrows in the day. I stopped dressing him in babygrows with feet at 6 months when he started crawling as he did much better with bare feet.

Seff Thu 23-Jan-14 08:49:36

With DD, I felt I had to get her dressed. Not helped by my mum telling me that people would think I wasn't looking after her properly if I didn't dress her...

I'm pregnant with DC2, who will be dressed in baby gros for months.

KiwiBanana Thu 23-Jan-14 08:50:25

About 6 months. He had some other soft outfits that I mixed and matched with but he was so huge at 6 months that the sleep suits could only come out at night time sad

InfiniteJest Thu 23-Jan-14 08:50:38

DD is 9 months on Monday, she still wears them. They're just so easy!

SpottyTeacakes Thu 23-Jan-14 08:50:39

Ds only work grows for the first six months. Then it was summer and he wore rompers or just a vest. Then I started putting him in 'proper' clothes. Much easier in grows as it doesn't matter if they're sick/poo all over it!

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 23-Jan-14 08:53:57

Probably until about six months as it was summer. But it wasnt all the time, I did outfits some days. If I had another I'd stick with baby grows as long as possible. Much less faff.

SecondStarToTheRight Thu 23-Jan-14 08:55:05

My 10mo wears them until I need to get ready to go out, then I dress him.

He is crawling everywhere so it is more comfortable for him to be in loose fitting clothes

LightsPlease Thu 23-Jan-14 08:56:37

I don't like babys in babygros after a few months when they are going out. I see them as bed clothes and would think the parents hadn't dressed them.

TeaAndFag Thu 23-Jan-14 08:58:54

Both mine were dressed in proper clothes during the day, baby grows are pyjamas IMO. Although my DD was born in July 2012 when it was scorching hot so she spent her first few weeks in just vests!

eltsihT Thu 23-Jan-14 08:58:58

When they start crawling knees wear out fast on sleep suits, not so fast on trousers.

cogitosum Thu 23-Jan-14 09:01:06

I was intending to dress ds in baby grows for ages as I find them cute and practical however when he was actually born I changed him between day and night quite quickly.

When he was first born it was so hot he spent day and night in a nappy or vest.

Then i had daytime and nighttime babygrows (daytime were bright colours nighttime pastels) or outfits for daytime. I still buy trousers with feet as socks are a faf and come off and sock ons don't work and get lost in the washing machine!

SoftSheen Thu 23-Jan-14 09:06:11

Almost all the time until 3-4 months (excepting the odd special occasion)

Quite often until about 8-9 months, when she started crawling and dungarees or trousers gave her knees better protection.

Absolutely nothing wrong with a seven week old going out in baby grows- probably the most comfortable thing for them at that age.

LunchLadyWannabe Thu 23-Jan-14 09:06:19

From day one it was proper clothes for day, pjs for bed

The day after dd was born, she had proper clothing on.

No dresses or tights though!

formerbabe Thu 23-Jan-14 09:08:19

Till they can walk, unless it is a special occasion in which case, I dressed them in a proper outfit.

Babygros are the best clothes IMO for babies.

gaggiagirl Thu 23-Jan-14 09:09:07

4 months for my DD. They are just so easy!

Blending Thu 23-Jan-14 09:12:48

My 8 month old twins still live in baby grows, but if we are going out somewhere I do dress them. The only exception is if we are off to somewhere like the park/ supermarket where they won't be taking their snow suits off, and then it's easier just to bung 'em in the suits.

My 3 yo dd on the other hand is fully dressed, even if her choices are a little bizarre!

CrazyOldCatLady Thu 23-Jan-14 09:16:00

DD (PFB) was dressed every day from about 3 weeks.

DS was in babygros every day till he turned 1, except for special occasions like family parties, which might have occured every 2 months or so.

Babygros are practical, comfy, cute, and keep the baby looking like a baby (which is nice when you know it's your last!).

ebwy Thu 23-Jan-14 09:18:46

My 14 month old still goes on the school run to drop his brother at nursery in them about half the time! Mostly I dress him if he's going to be taking his coat off and be seen, though his skeleton one and evening dress one we wear as normal clothing. Tbh once they start walking it would be impractical to wear them anywhere but at home.

Idespair Thu 23-Jan-14 09:22:12

If they are getting up and trying to cruise, it is easier for them not to be wearing a babygro. I regularly dressed both of mine in babygros until they were about 1yo. Babygros are particularly good because they have no waistband. Babies get wind etc and I think it's nicer for their tummies not to have anything more than the nappy restricting them.

Monetbyhimself Thu 23-Jan-14 09:22:24

Babies in babygros with hand knit cardia are the cutest thing EVER!

I much prefer the babygro look to mini Hillfiger jeans and floral head bands on little bald heads grin

callamia Thu 23-Jan-14 09:23:24

14 weeks, and I like him still looking like a baby sometimes.

Although, i mainly compromise with the footless ones for day time. Mainly so people with judgypants up high don't think I haven't bothered to take him out of his nightwear.

PumpkinPie2013 Thu 23-Jan-14 09:23:38

My 9 week old wears baby gros most of the time smile

He has some really cute ones and looks so comfy in them! Plus I find them much easier when changing him so intend to use them as long as possible!

He does have a couple of outfits e.g. dungarees and tracksuit bottoms/tops which people have bought. I put him in them when we see the people who bought them but he never looks comfy to me.

Baby gros are great!

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