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Anyone had arguments in their house yet?

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FalalalalalalaFiggy Wed 25-Dec-13 08:23:48

Sorry not a yabu but couldnt find chat on the app.

Sil is making a big fuss about her nearly 5yo needing a nap after lunch trying to dictate to mil when she serves dinner and we are wrong because we stayed at pil last night (despite it being so we can help this morning and go visit DH GF in his nursing home).

My ds was 2 last week he wont be napping, DN is at school she doesnt need to bloody sleep surely?

She is a twat who is not ruining our day angry

CharlieAlphaKiloEcho Wed 25-Dec-13 08:33:12

Not yet but 2 hours in and I'm almost ready to tell my mum to STFU about my sister and BIL. Honestly, she went on for hours about them last night. Not in a gushy way, in a pure gossipy aren't they terrible way sad (they are going through a divorce and she is loving the drama and trying to insert herself firmly in the middle)

I'm on here pretending to do some vital email checking....

trinity0097 Wed 25-Dec-13 08:41:38

Yes, hubby took offence when I told him to stop whittering on about high winds on Friday when my parents are due to fly back to Scotland. It just makes my Mum stressy!

AntiJamDidi Wed 25-Dec-13 08:42:22

No arguments yet today. I'm the only one awake so far. No relatives here either so we're hoping for an argument free day.

oldbaghere Wed 25-Dec-13 08:43:24

No but I'm the only one here grin

superbagpuss Wed 25-Dec-13 08:46:23

only with ds1 as I told him 6am was too early to get dressed

and I wanted him to open the clothes I had bought him

CarpeVinum Wed 25-Dec-13 08:47:44

DH just told me his friend is coming over at 3pm. With gifts.

I have no return gifts. I knew nothing about this !

I am frantically wrapping one of the Xmas Pandoro/Spumate gift sets given to me as pressie to gift to DH's friend. I know he will give me digital copies of his stunning close up plant/flower photos...and all I have is crappy no immagination pandoro/spumante gift set.

DH got "the look". We haven't argued, cos it's impossible to be properly cross with DS practically vibrating with delight at his pressies.But I did flash "the look" at DH when he casually dopped that big of news during pressie opening.

Prettykitty111 Wed 25-Dec-13 08:49:35

Not yet because it is just me and the dog atm BUT I've been at PiL for two days already and my mantra has become "he's not being drunk and rude hes trying badly to be friendly." Today may kick off spectacularly. My Fil is an alcoholic and has been drunk and shouting over everyone for last two days. You just can't have a quiet conversation!

Loopylouu Wed 25-Dec-13 08:50:38

Dh was very sarky and passive agressive to me when ds was openig his presents. He wanted to give him something we bought for his PC specifically from him but it got opened in the excitement. I was videoing ds so now have it all on camera what an arse dh was being to me about it. He's now in a strop with me.

He's also in a mood as he drank 6 cans of larger last night knowig that ds would be up early and excited. I have put in so much effort with stockings and presents for the pair of them and I just get bitched at because he's hungover.

I get nothing by the way, no presnent at all apart from the tin of buscits ds (11) bought me. I spent everything on ds and dh and now dh will be an arse all day because he's tired.

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and he didn't even get me a card.

ephemeralfairy Wed 25-Dec-13 08:54:11

No actual arguments, but a great deal of pass-agg sniping from my mum to DP. (she doesn't like him, for unfathomable reasons...!) Luckily he has a v thick skin! grin

Eastpoint Wed 25-Dec-13 08:56:15

Told my dad last night that I'd had 45 years of him putting me down & making jokes at my expense & I didn't want to hear any more. It didn't really help our big Xmas eve dinner but at least he stopped picking at me.

LindyHemming Wed 25-Dec-13 08:57:05

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

hb1976 Wed 25-Dec-13 09:00:57

Not so much arguments as uncomfortable, sad silences as we found out yesterday that my grandad has cancer and needs his leg amputated in January. We are all trying to stay cheery for my 2 year old daughter's sake as she is so excited and adores her great granddaddy but it's so hard :-(

sashh Wed 25-Dec-13 09:08:17

Well the cat told me off for letting her food bowl become empty. Does that count?

17leftfeet Wed 25-Dec-13 09:10:37

My 12 year old was an ungrateful sod when opening her stocking so I told her she was ungrateful and took the whole lot off her

I made a big deal about having lots of noisy fun with her sister and she came round and is now being sweetness and light after a big apology and a cup of coffee peace offering

StillaChocoholic Wed 25-Dec-13 09:10:48

We've only just woken up! May go and have an argument with the twat that's started a fire round the back though. My living room stinks of bonfire.

blahe Wed 25-Dec-13 09:11:38

hb1976 - so sorry sad I posted on your other thread about it xx

pictish Wed 25-Dec-13 09:25:14

No. It's all good Christmas cheer in here.

Loopy - sorry your dh is spoiling things. What a prick. Poor you. xx

Trigglesx Wed 25-Dec-13 09:29:35

yes, already. ffs.

ddubsgirl Wed 25-Dec-13 09:39:04

was pissed off last night as dh went out for drinks with his work mates at 1pm I was going to go for a drink after work at 7pm but dh was still out drinking so I had to come home sad as kidd were at home no dinner and I had to get the turkey cooked dh turned up at 8.30 and passed out on the bed but all good this morning kids up really early grin as thunder woke us all up and didnt really get much sleep after so all up before 7am now stuffed from huge fry up grin

weeblueberry Wed 25-Dec-13 09:42:26

Not arguing but bickering. But baby is asleep in my arms, he's off pottering through the house and has conveniently left me next to an opened box of Thorntons. So bugger it. grin

Loopylouu Wed 25-Dec-13 09:43:59

Pictish - it's ok I'm just ignoring him now as he's not happy with his presents that I spent a month buying.

Ds is happily sorting out his new tablet and the cat got a stocking and is being very cute with his new toys. Am hoping a bloody cat being greatful for what it's got will shame dh into being less of a cock.

beth27123 Wed 25-Dec-13 09:44:46

DSD1 (8) just asked who is cleverer, her or her younger Im going to fall for that one.

Loopylouu Wed 25-Dec-13 09:46:07

hb1976 - so sorry to hear about your grandad

YouTheCat Wed 25-Dec-13 09:47:22

Loopy, give him reason to be a grumpy, ungrateful, inconsiderate arse next Christmas by not getting him anything at all. Spend the money on some stuff for you in the sales, wrap it up and surprise yourself instead. x

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