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To be really sad and upset. RIP Nelson Mandela :-(

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LittlePeaPod Thu 05-Dec-13 22:35:39

I know I am not but wanted to share the sad news. Loss of a grat man and inspirational leader.

LittlePeaPod Thu 05-Dec-13 22:37:43

Tears been shed for the last great freedom fighter... What a loss.

Bedsheets4knickers Thu 05-Dec-13 22:44:51

It's so sad but what a fighter he was and he's left behind such a legacy. He had been so very poorly over this last 2 years I'm actualy comforted he's at rest now . Such an inspiration may his memory go on forever x

WiseKneeHair Thu 05-Dec-13 22:47:20

He really was a great and compassionate man. The world will be a sorrier place without him. RIP.

myroomisatip Thu 05-Dec-13 22:48:27

Yeah... but hey what a life! He has achieved so much, despite 27 years imprisonment! What a legend.

clarinetV2 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:49:44

YANBU. The struggle continues. Amandla! I do hope his passing is marked with the dignity and respect he so richly deserves.

hallowisitmeyourelookingfor Thu 05-Dec-13 22:50:55

Very sad. Expected, but still sad. My DD has just done a project about him at school, we researched a lot of it together, and I learnt so much more about him. He really was a vey courageous hero. In a strange twist, we bought her project home this afternoon and were having a conversation about him and she asked me how much longer I thought he would stay alive for. sad
She will be sad in the morning.

Millenniumbug1 Thu 05-Dec-13 22:51:11

What an amazing man, May he be at peace.

NurseRoscoe Thu 05-Dec-13 22:52:13

Will probably get shot down for this but I do think it's unreasonable that people are upset & crying over it. He was a 95 year old man, he died with his family around him after making such a massive positive change to the world, death is a part of life and everyone dies at some point, 95 is a fantastic age to live until YANBU to want to share the news and to remember all the great things he did however people are BU to cry over it unless they knew him personally.

hallowisitmeyourelookingfor Thu 05-Dec-13 22:52:46

MyRoom you are absolutely right, of course. What a life. He has made such a positive difference to the world.

LittlePeaPod Thu 05-Dec-13 22:53:29

I am still in shock. It's so sad and he achieved so much. I too hope his passing is remembered in a dignified manor. sad

flatmum Thu 05-Dec-13 22:57:40

Why is it overly sad? He was 95 and had a peaceful death surrounded by family. Why is it a terrible loss? He had a huge impact as a younger man and that's not suddenly going to revert because he's died. Don't get all the mass hysteria.

CoffeeTea103 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:00:51

Being a South African I can truly say that today is the saddest day for SA.
Seeing our country go from apartheid to where we are today, what this man has achieved is the greatest act of humanity for so many people. Am living in the UK but so glad to be visiting SA next week, need to mourn with my country. sad

LittlePeaPod Thu 05-Dec-13 23:01:27

As much as I like a good debate, I won't engage with argumentative posts on a thread dedicated to the passing of a great man that did a lot for freedom. I respect everyone's views but if you are unable to appreciate why people may be sad about his passing then maybe best you ignore this thread.

MsVestibule Thu 05-Dec-13 23:02:36

He's a 95yo old great man who's died from a long term illness. I can't really see what's so shocking, TBH. I like to consider myself a pretty compassionate person, but can't understand how people shed tears over something like this.

And why on earth wouldn't his passing be remembered in a dignified manner confused.

janey68 Thu 05-Dec-13 23:02:41

I find it hard to feel upset, because a person who has lived for nigh on a century and had such an incredible impact has lived a far fuller and richer life than many. He truly was a great man, and his truth and reconciliation principles are an incredible legacy.

CremeEggThief Thu 05-Dec-13 23:03:10

R.I.P. to a beacon of freedom sadsad sad sad .

Bedsheets4knickers Thu 05-Dec-13 23:04:20

Agreed littlepod

NorthernLebkuchen Thu 05-Dec-13 23:08:48

Sorry Op but I think finding this 'sad' is a reaction I can't get on board with. It's a blessed release for Mandela. His family and friends should have let him go a few months ago instead of putting him through intensive care imo - but of course when it's your loved one you don't see it like that.

Mandela changed the world, inspired millions, saved who knows how many lives from violence and showed the power of forgivenee. He is inspirational. For the people of South Africa this is the end of an era and his passing is hugely important. It is NOT sad and in all honesty I can't see why you would use that word?

MardyBra Thu 05-Dec-13 23:09:31

I'm with NurseRoscoe, MsV and flatmum.

I remember being so excited when he was released from prison (yes, I'm that old). But he had been ill for so long, it was a probably a release that he went now. RIP.

pumpkinsweetie Thu 05-Dec-13 23:13:13

A true inspiration to us all and he had a good life. May he rest in peace x

LittlePeaPod Thu 05-Dec-13 23:14:03

Well said Pumpkins

MardyBra Thu 05-Dec-13 23:14:12

Unfortunately I can see this thread going tits up.

I think it's entirely reasonable to want to remember the legacy and respect the man who changed a country's destiny.

There are some (me included) who are somewhat cynical at an overly sentimental reaction to the peaceful death of a nonogenarian after such a productive and important life.

puddingsforsandy Thu 05-Dec-13 23:15:54

My heart genuinely aches. I have loved and respected him from a very young age. He also resembles my Dad. May he rest in perfect peace.The long walk to freedom has finished. Madiba, may your legacy live on.

thenicknameiwantedisgone Thu 05-Dec-13 23:16:09

I'm also with nurseroscoe etc. It is sad for his family but for random people who have never met him, why would you cry? It is over the top and disrespectful of those who did actually know him. I found the whole Diana thing over the top and hysterical to be honest.

will go and hide in a corner now before someone calls be an uncaring cow

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