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AIBU ... to STILL feel positively evangelical about electronic cigarettes? [thread 2]

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magimedi Fri 15-Nov-13 22:02:27

Here we go with thread two.


There is a great deal of information on Thread One about vaping :

I think that many of us have been able to give up smoking thanks to e-cigs & vaping & are all feeling the positive results & want to spread the message.

ilovesooty Fri 15-Nov-13 22:05:09


Tiredmumno1 Fri 15-Nov-13 23:45:00

hi all smile

sooty I sent your stuff yesterday afternoon smile

QueenStromba Sat 16-Nov-13 00:39:04

Thanks magi smile

I was worried that I'd have to do it - I've started new threads in the past when the old one was full and the OP had vanished and have always felt really self conscious about it.

WholeNutt Sat 16-Nov-13 06:26:03

I'm so confused by all of this even after thread 1. Can someone anyone just say get 'this' and point me in the direction of a starter kit? No nicotine needed in the liquid..

ilovesooty Sat 16-Nov-13 08:12:36

Thanks Tiredmumno1!

ilovesooty Sat 16-Nov-13 08:17:18

And Maggie so pleased you liked your Smok vv from Vapourtine. I'm still thrilled with mine and have ordered another as a back up.

MaggieMcGill Sat 16-Nov-13 08:31:21

Thanks Magi. Well thanks to this thread I can proudly say that I am 44 days and 18 hrs fag free grin Wow! 895 fags NOT smoked! I can't even imagine smoking one again. Yeah! I occasionally think about it but that is it. For the first time ever I honestly believe that I Will be an non smoker when I turn 40 in January. WOOP WOOP grin

Turns out that it was not my new Vv battery that was making my throat hurt and cough. I have a cold. Can't taste a thing today so that is probably where the weird germolene taste was coming from last night sad

waikikamookau Sat 16-Nov-13 08:35:58

not smoked since beginning of september, i think, dont know actual date. vaping all the way grin
is it my imagination or does my face look less wrinkly? wink

NotYoMomma Sat 16-Nov-13 08:40:50

please can someone recommend me a starter kit for £30ish for my father?

he really wants to try one

YummyDollie Sat 16-Nov-13 08:41:43

I've ordered my ego pen (I.think that's the one it is) and a bottle of Apple liquid when it arrives what do with it? Guide for dummies please grin

waikikamookau Sat 16-Nov-13 08:43:35

i use this bloke, free delivery

ginmakesitallok Sat 16-Nov-13 08:44:58

Well done Maggie and waiki, I'm about to hit 5 months fag free and it's great! (Waiki, you're looking Fab!)

Wholenut, something like this along with some liquid would get you started.

ginmakesitallok Sat 16-Nov-13 08:46:54

Yummy, I've never used cartomisers, but you can find tutorials on you tube for most e cigs

MaggieMcGill Sat 16-Nov-13 08:54:33

Waiki I only know because I set an app on my phone. Apparently I have also saved £336.00 but that is debatable grin it certainly is not in my bank account.

Stopanuary Sat 16-Nov-13 09:01:50

I gave up smoking on 21st January (hence the user name! thanks to e-cigs and then stopped using those on 21st July.

MaggieMcGill Sat 16-Nov-13 09:05:10

Stop, just curious but how easy was it to give up the ecig s?

Cantabile Sat 16-Nov-13 09:07:24

Hi Vapers!

I maybe going to my first ever Vape Shop this morning - Flavour Vapour in Plymouth. DH has to go to Plymouth and I'm tagging along simply to go to FV. I am stupidly excited!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 16-Nov-13 09:14:21

flowers magi thanks for starting the new thread.

flowersflowersflowers MASSIVE CONGRATS & WELL DONE! flowersflowersflowers
... to everyone who has given up or cut down their smoking.

magimedi Sat 16-Nov-13 09:17:46

Enjoy the vape visit, Cantible. My local shop is lovely, always time for a chat, a try of flavours and a chance to find out more about things.

waikikamookau Sat 16-Nov-13 09:18:42

i might go to my vape shop too, although it is slightly more expensive, but i am having problems with my electronic cig. sad

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 16-Nov-13 09:20:24

Yummy do you have a link to the kit you're using?

Cantabile envy I'm in London and the only 2 vape shops are way over the other side of town, it would take at least 2 hours on public transport.

MaggieMcGill Sat 16-Nov-13 09:24:07

notYo I'm probably not in the best position to advise you because I've spent the last 6 week buying cheap starter kits and batteries from ebay
and amazon. They do not hold a charge now but they still work for a bit. I think they do all come from the same place in china. For £30 I'm sure someone else can recommend a good kit.

Yummy, pour your liquid in, do not get any in the centre hole inside, wait a few mins to let the liquid seep into the wick and then flick your button five times until it start flashing. Then you should be good to go. smile

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 16-Nov-13 09:34:24

Good starter kit for £30 here. You'll probably want bigger batteries at some point but this has everything you need (except liquids) to keep you going for months.

Good cheap liquid: Joose Juice - this stuff tastes better if you leave it a week or two before using (steeping)

Cheap Hangsen liquid here - you can vape this straight away as it's already steeped.

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sat 16-Nov-13 09:36:06

Maggie did your fasttech parcel arrive?

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