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High heels. Are they a conspiracy?

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CrockedPot Fri 25-Oct-13 20:49:05

So today I have spent eight hours in toe pinching, arch stretching, high heeled shoes. At work. By the end of the day I was glaring in envy at the men in their round toed, laced up, low heeled 'ergonomically designed' soled shoes, while I minced around like someone who had their feet bound in some medieval torture chamber. AIBU in thinking we put style over fucking comfort every single day and don't think a thing about it?? What are we doing?? (or is just me, wearing the wrong style of pretty, painful shoe?)

sadelephants Sat 26-Oct-13 19:12:07


Bubbles1066 Sat 26-Oct-13 19:36:01

YANBU. I never wear high heels. Why would you? Our feet are not that shape. A very low heel with some support for the foot can be useful but over about an inch is pointless. I've never got why hobbling around and not being able to move properly is a good idea. I like to be able to run if necessary, thank you very much, without twisting my ankle, getting stuck in the mud or falling down a cattle grid (not common, granted but my Granny broke her ankle doing that).

Shallishanti Sat 26-Oct-13 19:37:18

tis footbinding, no less

LindyHemming Sat 26-Oct-13 19:38:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

KayHarker Sat 26-Oct-13 19:40:46

I wouldn't want to wear them all the time, but I am enjoying my new pair. Mostly I do flat boots or trainers.

HearMyRoar Sat 26-Oct-13 19:40:59

You do know you don't actually have to wear them if you don't want to...

I don't and haven't been arrested yet grin

WorraLiberty Sat 26-Oct-13 19:43:09

Why on earth would you choose to wear high heels and then moan about them? confused

Just stop wearing them

Job done.

kawliga Sat 26-Oct-13 19:47:31

It's possible to find comfortable high heels, OP (though they may not end up being the prettiest).

OddBoots Sat 26-Oct-13 19:50:25

YANBU, I do think fewer and fewer women are wearing them although those that do seem to be going for higher and higher variations.

Rhubarbgarden Sat 26-Oct-13 19:50:25

Oh, I used to love my high heels. I ran around in them all day. They were pretty. They meant I could talk to normal people without cricking my neck <vertically challenged> and wear trousers without having to cut a couple of inches off the bottom.

I stopped wearing them when pregnant with dc1 as I couldn't get the balance right, and got too used to flatties. Now I can't walk in them without falling over, and we've moved to the country where I have to negotiate stiles and unmade roads, so heels would make me a laughing stock anyway.

But oh, I do miss them. sad

OddBoots Sat 26-Oct-13 19:50:37

YANBU, I do think fewer and fewer women are wearing them although those that do seem to be going for higher and higher variations.

OddBoots Sat 26-Oct-13 19:51:08

(sorry for the double post, not sure how that happened).

MrsWolowitz Sat 26-Oct-13 19:52:43

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kawliga Sat 26-Oct-13 19:53:11

I wear high heels at work whenever possible. Men get the comfy shoes but then men tend generally to be taller than women and at work it's good to be at face level with everyone else if possible. I just don't like being at eye level with all the men's chests which happens if I wear flat/low shoes.

zenoushka Sat 26-Oct-13 19:54:27

Flat shoes all the way for me - am usually in ballet flats, ankle boots or brogues. The last time I wore a pair of heels was to my cousin's wedding in April - sheer agony by the end of the day.

AKissIsNotAContract Sat 26-Oct-13 19:56:03

Don't wear them then. I never wear heels and still manage to look smart and get taken seriously at work

Pinupgirl Sat 26-Oct-13 19:58:55

I used to say I wouldn't be seen dead in a pair of flat shoes. Then I had dcsgrin

Now I still love high heels but I tend to buy them and then just admire them sitting prettily in my wardrobe. For every day I wear mid heel courts or low shoe boots. I just cannot take the agony of high heels any moresad

FiscalCliffRocksThisTown Sat 26-Oct-13 19:59:26

I just don't wear them anymore.

Nobody is making women wear heels, they choose to do so for various reasons. Their choice.

Finest Sat 26-Oct-13 20:00:58

You're probably being unreasonable for suggesting we put style over comfort every day, as a lot of people won't wear heels, and many others only wear them for special occasions. But you're not being unreasonable in saying they're uncomfortable and were probably designed with some kind of intention. I often hear they're made to "slow women down" etc. They're incredibly painful and if you don't like them you should stop wearing them. I know there's societal pressure there sometimes, but the only way to overcome pressure is just to ignore it and do what you have to do.

Branleuse Sat 26-Oct-13 20:02:25

theyre not obligatory.

I dont think youre supposed to wear them for 8 hours straight tbh

KissesBreakingWave Sat 26-Oct-13 20:19:36

Not a conspiracy. They used to be men's shoes, the heel was for riding. Kept your foot in the stirrup. And made it hard to walk when not riding. So the height of your heel was a status symbol: I CAN AFFORD TO RIDE EVERYWHERE YOU PEASANT.

I did once know how they ended up as women's wear, but I forget. But they started out as Manly Shoes for Manly Men.

Feminine Sat 26-Oct-13 20:22:10

Some people find them more comfortable.

NotYoMomma Sat 26-Oct-13 20:36:01

I wore high heels so much that now when I DON'T wear them my legs hurt sad

Mandy2003 Sat 26-Oct-13 20:42:02

^^ That is because your ligaments have become contracted NYM

Due to a badly broken and reset leg years ago, I can't wear heels at all. But I do sell them on eBay for other people. I never quite know what to say when buyers ask "Will I be able to walk in them?" [htlconfused]

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