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AIBU to think THESE PEOPLE are the reason.....

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Hegsy Thu 24-Oct-13 14:03:35

for so many people to believe that everyone on benefits is 'scum'? I'm enraged! If he didn't get his benefits he would go robbing?!? WTactualF? I was on JSA earlier this year because of redundancy and all I received was a paltry £72 a week and my DH was expected to support me over and above that. How has this man gotten away with not working? and those poor babies, how is it healthy for the mother to have so many pregnancies so close together?

sorry its daily fail

He has such an entitled attitude! Gah!

hiddenhome Thu 24-Oct-13 14:06:42

Well, they could raise some money by selling some of the kids.......and that daft snake.

KissesBreakingWave Thu 24-Oct-13 14:07:31

The amount of stuff the Daily Hate has made up in the past, I'm minded to think that yon fellow doesn't exist, or if he does, his circumstances are not as described.

NotYoMomma Thu 24-Oct-13 14:13:04

I worry more about the dc in that article. the pic of the younger girl surrounded by mould and damp and the travel cot looks manky

there will be people kicking off about benifit bashing (and rightly so) but there are sadly people who choose it and feel the world owes them something.

its quite a goady article though.

and WTAF is up with the snake?

Vajazzler Thu 24-Oct-13 14:13:24

Ewww the mould in the house is grim. No child should be living like that.

IneedAsockamnesty Thu 24-Oct-13 14:14:50

Two options here really

1. Your very silly for believing what you read


2. He's very silly if he said those things and he cannot do basic maths and despite not being in any exempt criteria group he is indeed exempt from several benefit rules that apply to everybody else in the country.

I wonder which one it is.

Now I could go through that article and list every single statement that is inconsistent with the rules as well as a few other oddities but I can't be bothered and I'm far to preoccupied with trying to will my heartburn to go

CackleCackle Thu 24-Oct-13 14:16:23

Those poor kids living with all that damp and mould.

ImperialFucker Thu 24-Oct-13 14:18:58

I read that article and thought (as I do every time there's an article like that in the Daily Mail) that the press shouldn't have the right to take photos of the children.

Those poor kids - now everyone in their classes in school knows what kind of conditions they live in, knows what kind of person their dad is etc. It's really awful. And parents who give that permission are disgusting.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 24-Oct-13 14:19:43

Well, where do I start...
- regardless of the number of children they are having and their attitude to finances and work, they are living (With 9 children) in a house that is covered with damp, is way too small for them and is in a horrible state of disrepair. Even if they only had 2 kids, it was still be awful and unfit for them to live in. Mould that is causing respiratory problems for the children. Overcrowding that is impacting on the children's education.
- The posing of the kids next to the 'luxury' items is just grim and the daily mail have out done themselves. But is it really a luxury when you're being totally and utterly ripped of by some weekly finance company? And having a big washing machine and a tumble drier is hardly a luxury only deserved by the middle classes. when you live in a house with a hideous damp problem and you've got 9 kids to clothe.
- He says he was advised to get off income support and on to job seekers, and that his claim for DLA was denied. How many disabled people on these boards have been turned down for DLA and other disability benefits? Being sanctioned for not applying for enough jobs doesn't mean he isn't applying for a lot. People here are being sanctioned for only spending 30 hours a week job searching, when they should be spending 35 hours a week. I would hardly call those people lazy scroungers.
- The council have an obligation to protect the vulnerable, which in this case is the children. Children in unsuitable and unhealthy housing. So yes, they should get a bigger house.

Of course there is a situation here (poor choices with regard to finances and having more babies, issues around working and priorities for spending etc) and that does need addressing. But, yes, they should be put into a bigger house. One that preferably isn't going to make their children ill.

cantspel Thu 24-Oct-13 14:20:40

The mould around the windows is condensation mold and a good clean with a bleach and water solution would get rid of it then wiping downs the windows each morning.

Hegsy Thu 24-Oct-13 14:20:56

sock I would be quite interested in the inconsistencies, this year claiming JSA was a first for me(and hopefully a last) but I found it a very intimidating environment.

I gathered from that article that he had 'opted out' of signing on and that was why they were getting so much in tax credits as effectively they have no income? Tax credits can't be sanctioned like JSA can they?

notyomamma I'm trying so hard not to think about the children too much because thats just going to send me into 'that's not fair' and 'why do they deserve kids and I don't' mentality and that is not a healthy place for me.

BlingBang Thu 24-Oct-13 14:21:29

Don't believe much the DM posts - their agenda is so obvious and they are a lying, stirring, manipulative POS. This family makes me shake my head as I think the kids will be massively let down and have no chance to really spread their wings and reach their possible potential, that's sad.

boschy Thu 24-Oct-13 14:23:08

jeez, imagine wanting a washing machine and tumble dryer when you have 9 kids? entitled fuckers. and the £12 a week fridge freezer (Brighthouse?) that's outrageous. wanting your kids not to breathe in damp spores - surely only for those who can afford to pay their way?

BUT BUT BUT... why have 9 children and then another one? there are big families and then there are really quite out of the ordinary big families.

KirjavaTheCorpse Thu 24-Oct-13 14:24:00

Those children look dirty and unhappy and that house is in a shocking state. They shouldn't be living like that, those poor kids.

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 24-Oct-13 14:25:51

I can understand having a big family actually, when she says she was adopted and never had any brothers and sisters, and he had a big family. I might be reaching a bit here, but if she had spent some time in care I could easily see why she would be drawn to having a big family of her own. I read this article in the Metro yesterday and she was commenting that her kids are well behaved, doing well at school and never get in any trouble, and that people comment over how well manned and generally nice they are. She sounded really proud of that (as she should).

FoxyRevenger Thu 24-Oct-13 14:26:32

I don't give a shit what he says, but no little children should be living and sleeping in a mouldy, damp house. In the 21st century. That's unnecessary.

angelos02 Thu 24-Oct-13 14:26:45

Why should he get a bigger house? Genuine question. If he was working and looking after his family financially himself, he wouldn't get a bigger house.

Opalite Thu 24-Oct-13 14:28:48

The thing is though, if he had NO MONEY there would be very little options for him and everyone needs money! I'm not condoning stealing off another person of course but I have wondered what on earth I would do if my money just stopped one day... there aren't many options.
Also, while speaking of committing crimes against people is shocking to a lot of (most?) people, the background of the person or the environment they live in makes a huge, massive difference! It would be lovely if this man had a job but in reality it's not that simple, not just because of the job situation but the fact that there are so many jobs where he'd make less than he can afford to make.
They do live in a council house which means that the council are allowing the children to live in a house which isn't suitable for them. Of course it was their choice to have the children but...they're born now and need to be taken care of financially, simple as that.

ZombieMonkeyButler Thu 24-Oct-13 14:29:12

Oh deary me, another benefits lifestyle thread.

I'm not saying that there are not people like this around - there are. But they are so few & far between compared to families who have no choice but to rely on some level of benefits.

However, as this is a DM article I'd take it for the sensational, muck raking, badly worded & exaggerated rubbish it probably is.

If your question was more "IABU to think that articles like this are the reason so many people believe that everyone on benefits is scum?", then I would says YANBU without any hesitation whatsoever.

FreakinRexManningDay Thu 24-Oct-13 14:29:54

Daily Fail need to keep pushing their 'benefit scum' agenda don't they. Damp and mould is not good for anyone. If they were a couple with a mortgage and two children,dad working and their house was mouldy and damp the Daily Fail would have their 'poor us' story complete with sad face pictures.

Opalite Thu 24-Oct-13 14:29:56

Oh he just began working, great! He's taking steps forward then and I'm not too sure why it's in the news!

ifyourehoppyandyouknowit Thu 24-Oct-13 14:30:03

If he was working and lived in those conditions and had that many kids he would get help with bigger/more suitable house. No private landlord would get away with letting a house in that state, surely?

cantspel Thu 24-Oct-13 14:30:12

If he wants to have 10 children and a bigger house he should he should get off his arse and support them. This is clearly not a case of a hard working family that have fallen on harder times due to redundancy or illness but a life style choice that someone elses taxes are expected to pay for.

ZombieMonkeyButler Thu 24-Oct-13 14:30:54

Also a "news"paper article loses me as soon as it starts mentioning how many TVs the family own......

Opalite Thu 24-Oct-13 14:31:05

angelos, it's not just HIM getting the bigger house though, there are ten other people there and the house isn't fit for them to live in (mould and damp)

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