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aibu to adore the smell of my rats...

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ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:44:19

I just sit with my nose in their fur.....the boys smell so scrummy. they are very big boys. they weigh over 600g .....I am addicted to their gorgeous musky smell.....the girls just don't smell as comforting. the boys smell like the fave teddy you had as a kid.....I adore rats. I will actually cry when they shuffle off this mortal coil.... ...they have such huge personalities, (and sucha fabulous smell!) I have 9 of them. I really do love them. and their furry smell. I w8dh I could take em to work....I find their smell calming...yummy boys.

fridayfreedom Fri 11-Oct-13 22:46:52

Guinea pigs yes, rats no, rats have scary tails....shudder!

CoffeeTea103 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:47:39

Just confused

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Oct-13 22:51:13

they are hugely misunderstood as pets go.....they are clever, trainable, loving, funny and they hsve HUGE personalities. ....and they smell lush. ....I walk about frequently with a very large rat under my nose.....wink

ICameOnTheJitney Fri 11-Oct-13 22:53:16

I don't mind tame rats but they're not "Boys" and they reek! So yabu. As long as you're happy though!

AGnu Fri 11-Oct-13 22:53:51


One of my boys smelled like digestive biscuits! The other 2 didn't smell as good especially the 1 with the infected abcess <boak> but my 2 girls were both yummy smelling! I miss my rats! sad We barely have time to keep up with all the nappy changes with 2 under 2, let alone give any pets enough attention. We've kept the cage etc though for when the DC are a bit older. I'm sad now! <Sniff> I'll have to pop into P@H tomorrow to have a cuddle! blush

sweetkitty Fri 11-Oct-13 22:54:14

I have never sniffed a rat sorry

I love the smell of my puppy though am forever sniffing her.

PinkFairyArmadillo Fri 11-Oct-13 22:55:28

I think most animals when they're healthy and clean have nice natural smells. Whippets and rats especially grin

I used to love sitting and sniffing my rats, though I always preferred the girls' smell to the boys.

I'd love some more but sadly whippets and rats are not a good combo sad

puntasticusername Fri 11-Oct-13 22:55:35

Yanbu. LOVED my dear departed ratties. Great pets.

Binkyridesagain Fri 11-Oct-13 22:57:16

YANBU, my sniffing pleasure is owls, I love burying my nose into the top of their head and sniffing. I do get funny looks.

and puppies, I love the smell of puppies.

Next time I get a cuddle off my Dsis rats I shall have a good sniff, I am sure the experience will be as you describe.

PS I keep owls, I don't capture wild ones and force them under my nose grin

LadyRabbit Fri 11-Oct-13 23:00:58

YANBU They do smell luvverly (well, domestic ones) and they're very funny and inquisitive. Much more fun than hamsters, mice etc. I miss my long departed pet rats from childhood, and keep hoping that DC asks for one. That furry smell mingled with fresh sawdust. Awwww.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Oct-13 23:10:37

grin at binky....I am getting a new puppy at the end if this month! but I do adore my ratties lovely, comforting furry smell..... I hope my pup will accept the ratties.....

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Oct-13 23:12:37

I should also say I dont dit waiting by sewers to sniff rats! ny nephew is a falconer. ....tho ive never git close enough to his eagles or owls to sniff em .....

WholeNutt Fri 11-Oct-13 23:20:11

Ynbu, I love the smell of my cats and the smell of horses, love to sniff their necks must get a life

rockybalBOOOOa Fri 11-Oct-13 23:20:18

YABU. Rats as pets. Shudder. confused

greenbananas Fri 11-Oct-13 23:26:53

Mm, each to their own!

However, when I was a child, I loved the smell of hamster fur - such a lovely, clean animal smell.

Mummybookworm Fri 11-Oct-13 23:27:12

I knew from the thread title this would be you Vicar! 9 rats?! The last I heard you just had your girls. I remember the smell of mine and ex's rats years ago. Twas lovely. Am vaguely considering getting a couple for DD. <mutters to self - 9 rats!>

MurderOfBanshees Fri 11-Oct-13 23:28:05

YANBU they are lovely lovely animals, one of our girls always smelt really sweet, could cuddle up to her for hours (luckily she was a cuddly one).

Miss my little ratties sad

MurderOfBanshees Fri 11-Oct-13 23:30:07

In fact, here, she smelt that good!

Madratlady Fri 11-Oct-13 23:41:29

My boy rats smell of biscuits! I have a group of 10 and I love sitting with them climbing on me and having cuddles.

Madratlady Fri 11-Oct-13 23:42:54

And that's not counting 4 girl rats and 4 foster rats and Boris who is on his own till he's neutered so he stops beating up the other boys.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 11-Oct-13 23:56:44

yay! another ratty person! they are super cute pets.....ive been boys the last few hours..... they do make me laugh. ....I suppose I should gather them up now as its bed time.....I.shall have a good sniff before they go to bed. smile

NettoSuperstar Sat 12-Oct-13 00:41:40

I used to have pet rats, I adored them, but DD seems to be getting quite allergic.
They make great pets though, very affectionate and clever.

crimsonwitch Sat 12-Oct-13 02:47:42

rats are the best. I have 2 lovely old men who just love to cuddle up under my jumper and they do smell like something comforting I can't quite remember. Not sure they will be with us much longer though <painfully faces reality> they are getting on a bit. Just to add my rats love to lick dps sweaty pits for some unfathomable reason. hmm

I've just rescued two huge old boys after a 10 year rattie break (sob!) - just in time, so it seems, as the weather has now turned freezing, and there's nothing as warming on a cold winter night as a pair of ratties down your top! grin

I honestly couldn't have asked for better rats, they are so friendly and cuddly!

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