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To only just have realised that the direction of the stripes on the candies in Candy Crush dictates which way the fuckers explode

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Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 21:55:16

Level 133 and I have only just realised that the stripes on the candies tells you which way the little bastards will explode. I thought it was random.

I really need to get a life!

ninjasquirrel Fri 02-Aug-13 21:57:59

How did you get that far without that useful knowledge? (Currently stuck on level 92)

Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 22:00:01

Luck and too much time on my hands!

MalcolmTuckersMum Fri 02-Aug-13 22:01:39

I hate myself so much for starting this game. The self loathing is all consuming.

Someone help me to stop! Please!

Jenny70 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:04:11

I only made this realisation about then!

But it's random which way they happen, right? It's not like matching 3 across makes horiz and 3 vert makes up&down???

ItsNotATest Fri 02-Aug-13 22:06:51

YABVU Level 133?

I finally dropped that penny this week on level 181. And am still feeling like a thicko angry

Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 22:07:15

That's my excuse for not realising sooner jenny. I'm pretty sure what you get is luck so it's not a great deal of help knowing anyway!

ForgetfulNameChanger Fri 02-Aug-13 22:07:30

That far without realising? shock

mrslyman Fri 02-Aug-13 22:07:56

I was going to say YANBU as it took me ages but level 133, how the fuck did you manage that shock

ForgetfulNameChanger Fri 02-Aug-13 22:08:35

It isn't random which you get! If you make four by moving a candy vertically you get a vertical striped sweet and if you do it by moving one in horizontally you get a horizontal striped sweet!

Llareggub Fri 02-Aug-13 22:09:20

I hate you. I had not thought of candy crush for weeks and now I am thinking of taking it up again.

PeggyBabcockBoot Fri 02-Aug-13 22:11:13

181 here and didn't know that- thanks xxx

Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 22:11:31

No idea! I refuse to spend money on boosters or linking to Facebook either- its just been perseverance! Only just realised what the lollipop hammers did on level 123 too.

I'm not doing myself any favours here am I?!

hurricanewyn Fri 02-Aug-13 22:12:01

YABU - I realised that much earlier (this week on level 117) and it was only because DH pointed it out

Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 22:13:55

Blimey forget I thought I was quite intelligent- it appears I'm thick as shit! on the plus side, I still have 300 more levels to attack with my new found knowledge.

Bloody stupid game!

Nirvana79 Fri 02-Aug-13 22:14:02

I'm with you. I didn't realise until about level 150, felt so stupid but they always confused me. Doh!

mrslyman Fri 02-Aug-13 22:14:05

I don't think the way they happen is random, I think it depends on the whether the candy you move to make up the four is moved vertically or horizontally. Although I have only tested this on one game since you mentioned it jenny70 so it may not actually be a proper thing that always happens.

LittleBearPad Fri 02-Aug-13 22:16:09

Ok, so didn't know that... I thought the buggers were just random. Grrrr.

Why did I start playing...

mrslyman Fri 02-Aug-13 22:16:16

Xpost with forget.

bruffin Fri 02-Aug-13 22:17:13

I'm on level 153 and only just noticed it as well, no idea what lollipop hammers did 123, im sure I didn't use them. confused

crochetkate Fri 02-Aug-13 22:17:25

Wow I didnt know that! I have been trying to figure it out for ages! :S

meditrina Fri 02-Aug-13 22:17:40

Yes, it always happens.

What I've only just realised is that you don't need to line up three of a colour to release a fish. You can swop with an adjoining wrapped sweetie, stripey or jazzle to get very cute wrapped, stripey or spotty fish.

fairlynormal Fri 02-Aug-13 22:18:52

Level 226 here and didn't know that either!

Bearbehind Fri 02-Aug-13 22:19:35

Oh fuck, I haven't even seen the fish yet! How do you get them?

ouryve Fri 02-Aug-13 22:20:16

I only got to level 30 before getting bored, but I realised straight away, since I was working through Jewel Mania at the same time and the blaster jewels are very obviously pointy (stuck on level 162 of that, now, but have got to level 125 taking all but level 100 up to 3 stars. gave up on 3 starring 100 after 10 days)

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