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To be surprised at the Bali drugs smuggling outcome

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BegoniaBampot Mon 28-Jan-13 11:31:52

Just heard today that they expect Lindsay Sandiford to be executed within 24 hours, jeez that was fast. Really expected this to be drawn out and then the sentence eventually commuted to life imprisonment or such.

I hadn't heard it was going to be so fast. I'm surprised they haven't strung it out and eventually reduced her sentence. I feel for her loved ones, I still can't feel for her tbh.

EyesCrossedLegsAkimbo Mon 28-Jan-13 11:38:58

To be honest I'm not surprised at all.

millie30 Mon 28-Jan-13 11:39:26

I read it that she has 24 hours left to file her appeal against the sentence, and time is running out because she has sacked her lawyers and needs to find someone new to represent her. No one has been executed in Bali since 2008 as there is alot of debate going on about the death penalty there at the moment so I would be very suprised if the sentence is carried out anytime soon if at all.

Reaa Mon 28-Jan-13 11:39:36

Oh no, not read this to read news now.

ReallyTired Mon 28-Jan-13 11:39:57

That is incredibly fast and worrying. The dangers of a miscarriage of justice are high if there is no time for a proper appeal.

HannahsSister40 Mon 28-Jan-13 11:40:51

I feel for her. Drug smuggling is an abhorrent crime, but it's not serious enough to warrant state sponsored murder, surely?

BegoniaBampot Mon 28-Jan-13 11:44:54

Millie30 - ah, maybe that's the case about it being 24 hrs to appeal. Can't believe they would execute her that fast, think even the Bali bombers were held for years before being executed.

It is serious enough to warrent it in the country she chose to commit the crime in, thats the law there regardless of what any of us think of the death sentence here.

BegoniaBampot Mon 28-Jan-13 11:47:40

Hannah - I don't support the death penalty but most people know that that is the law in Indonesia. I've become much more anti drugs after reading stories about the price normal people pay in countries where drugs are produced and trafficked. Stories coming out of places like Mexico are horrendous.

socharlotte Mon 28-Jan-13 11:48:58

'Drug smuggling is an abhorrent crime, but it's not serious enough to warrant state sponsored murder, surely? '

how many lives do you think 5 kg of cocaine could destroy.

I just read that yes, in 24 hours she will be shot by the firing squad. Apparently she was given 7 days last week to lodge an appeal but as she has sacked her lawyers she hasn't done that yet! She will get some one last minute I suspect and will get a reprieve for now.

I don't feel for her to be honest. Drug trafficking is dispicable - what's the saying if you can't do the time then don't do the crime! Yeah, feel bad for her family but not for her.

NotALondoner Mon 28-Jan-13 11:51:51

It says in the Telegraph that she has appealed this morning, but by herself, not via lawyers.

OwlLady Mon 28-Jan-13 11:56:40

I don't support the dealth penalty either and with all due respect soharlotte the woman facing execution was bottom of the drugs chain and was not only denied legal representation for 10 days but has also received the most extreme punishment. Surely we have the right to question why she is the only person facing the punishment for this crime when the others who were 'caught' in the involvement of this case only face minimal sentences and received legal representation earlier

nefertarii Mon 28-Jan-13 11:58:35

I don't get cases like this.

If she was a Bali national she would be executed and no one would intervene. As she is a British national the whole work is going mad.

She commuted the crime in a country that is very clear on its laws.

It almost feels that her life is worth more and worth our government fighting for because she is British.

People get so upset when its a British person that is taking a substance that destroys people into another country. But don't get upset if its a local.

I just don't get it.

nefertarii Mon 28-Jan-13 11:59:43

Sorry for the typos. I hate my phone.

I think anyone who gets involved with drug trafficking deserves the punishment of where they commit that crime. Everyone knows that in the Far East the death sentence is carried out and yet still people do it!

Apparently she is well known drug smuggler or whatever you call it.

I have no sympathy at all.

monkeyfacegrace Mon 28-Jan-13 12:01:15

I dont smuggle drugs. So I dont get the dealth penalty.

Its quite an easy equasion.

i live in a very black/white world

Nancyclancy Mon 28-Jan-13 12:03:50

I agree it's moving a bit too fast!

But have to agree with what others have said. If you smuggle drugs then you face the consequences!

HannahsSister40 Mon 28-Jan-13 12:11:30

I can't believe so few people feel any empathy for her. Where's the humanity in that? I don't give a fuck what the law is in Bali. Executing someone in the jungle is wrong, period. End of.

Mosman Mon 28-Jan-13 12:12:53

When in Rome as they say.
I don't agree with Indonesian laws so i don't go there and certainly wouldn't smuggle drug through their country.

Hannah - don't you think what she did is wrong?? Are you not aware of the massive drug problem we have due to scum bags like her? Do you think she gave a toss about the addicts in the making?? Did she fuck!

BegoniaBampot Mon 28-Jan-13 12:14:39

But there has to be room for miscarriages of justice and that's why there is appeals made. I don't smuggle drugs, doesn't mean it's not impossible I might one day find myself in a Far East prison for something I'm innocent of, look at Bridget Jones.

WilsonFrickett Mon 28-Jan-13 12:15:26

I believe the death penalty is wrong, so on one level I do have empathy for her. However, I do give a fuck about the laws in Bali. She shouldn't have broken them and I suspect she believed if she did get caught her sentence would be commuted because she was a UK national. And that's really putting two fingers up at the authorities there, isn't it?

Hannah - the jungle???

But she isn't innocent though is she!!

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