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To feel just a little bit sad that DD isn't Mary in her Nativity Play

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Bearwantsmore Tue 27-Nov-12 18:51:13

... I know, I know! But if you can't admit it on Mumsnet, where can you?!

GwendolineMaryLacey Tue 27-Nov-12 18:54:46

I was going to start the exact same thread. DD1 came home from school today and reeled off the names of all the children with parts (she is in the chorus). I said "ooh, isn't that exciting, you get to do the singing" when what I was thinking was, "you utter bastards, how dare you bypass my beautiful child".

She's in reception, can you tell? grin

OutragedAtThePriceOfFreddos Tue 27-Nov-12 18:55:18

If she's a donkey instead, like my ds, then YANBU.

If she gets to be an angel or a star and wear tinsel instead, YABU.

SomebodySaveMe Tue 27-Nov-12 18:56:44

I still feel rage at never being Mary. It's the curse of being bloody ginger. I got to be the narrator and stand at the side of the stage.


TheNebulousBoojum Tue 27-Nov-12 18:56:50

There must be a market on MN for someone to write a Nativity play with all equal starring parts for all the Precious Poppets?

NigellaTufnel Tue 27-Nov-12 18:57:25

Both my DS are always in the back or doing some made up random part.

Still I'm sure Sir Ian McKellern had to start somewhere

PeggyCarter Tue 27-Nov-12 18:58:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Gumby Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:23

Boojum - it would take all day for 70 kids to each say a line at my school
And that's just reception
We Do infant nativitys here reception plus years 1 & 2

SantyClaws Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:29

i was never Mary - was always an angel with tinsel trimmed wings

I blame the specs looking back - nasty glare off the lights...

cozietoesie Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:39

That's better than Second Carrot, TheJoyfulPuddlejumper.

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 18:59:56

The narrators are always the clever kids, hand picked first. They can read, for a start...

I was typecast as the angel Gabriel for many years. This is not because I was blonde and purty. It was because because I looked like a bloke, agreed to wear a tinsel halo and wings, and had a biiiiiiig voice that could be heard from up on the balcony.


Ds1 was a tree two years running.

ShiftyFades Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:27

My DS is a king so I'm fairly pleased.
But a friends DD is a Shepard.. She's fuming sad

SomebodySaveMe Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:37

I was a Christmas cake once. I wore a massive cardboard box.

Catkinsthecatinthehat Tue 27-Nov-12 19:00:53

I was Mary. I was so upset. I didn't want a boring blue shift and a tea towel headdress. I wanted to be an angel with a glittery frock and tinsel wings. I even asked the teacher if I could swap but she said I was dark with short cropped hair, so good for Mary, but only the girls with long blonde hair could be angels. sad

Bettyintheburbs Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:24

When I was five, my best friend and I were cast as sheep in the nativity and were told not to sing with the chorus because we were 'out of tune'. Mary got overexcited and had a wee on stage. The sheep-duo improvisation in response to her wee, which went something like, 'baa baa, Mary's done a wee' brought the house down and made my DM proud.

The moral of this tale? Nativity Marys are overrated. Take heart.

AlexReidsLonelyThisChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:31

The one time in my whole school life when I was picked to be Mary, I ended up getting a stomach bug and not being able to do it.

That was in nursery, But I'm sure that would have set the precedent for the rest of my school life had I fulfilled my role...hmm I could have been the confident and outgoing one. As it was I remained shy and introverted. grin

madwomanintheattic Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:44

The big part in last year's school nativity was the cat.

The thing had to sing, dance, and had about fifteen times as much to say as anyone else.

I was most bemused. A cat, you say? Who knew.

thegreylady Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:49

dgs1 is a shepherd and dgs2 is a snowflake grin

MarshaBrady Tue 27-Nov-12 19:01:58


Ds1 was Joseph one year, I beamed.

It was an alternative production, he had one line.

AlexReidsLonelyThisChristmas Tue 27-Nov-12 19:02:46

Oh and I was a shepherd forever more after that. All of the blonde girls got the Angel parts.
I'm not bitter at all.


TheNebulousBoojum Tue 27-Nov-12 19:04:02

So do we Gumby.
I was thinking of an entire week. Or two. With a powerpoint flashing the name of each child in lights. smile
And signed photos.

Piccalilli2 Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:32

Mary is so dull. Anyone who is anyone is the narrator. All my friends who have extremely impressive careers were the narrator in the school nativity.

Anyway, could be worse. Dd2 is a badger.

SunflowersSmile Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:34

Mary usually says bugger all in our nativities.
Donkeys etc often have starring roles.....

twooter Tue 27-Nov-12 19:05:47

YANBU. Because it'll be Mary this year, then next year the SAME child will be little red riding hood, the following year they'll be Cinderella. Eventually they'll be head girl and captain of the netball team.

So get used to it now...

HeadfirstForAMistletoeKiss Tue 27-Nov-12 19:08:31

DS2 is a donkey. He is chuffed to bits!

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