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WWYD about this sleazy customer?

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Hydrophilic Sat 24-Nov-12 23:44:57

I have started a christmas job in a supermarket. Today the same man came through my till four times throughout the day making sleazy comments about "taking you to the bedroom" and telling me how pretty I am.

This man is old enough to be my father and clearly has ishoos. AIBU to raise it with my manager? It made me feel so awkward today and if I wasn't at work I would've told him to fuck off, i'm not a piece of meat.

He does this to all the young girls, some who are much younger than me. They find it horrible too but are too scared to speak.

MacAndCheese Sat 24-Nov-12 23:46:25

YANBU. He sounds delightful angry

NatashaBee Sat 24-Nov-12 23:46:37

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

M0naLisa Sat 24-Nov-12 23:46:50

Yes I would

LDNmummy Sat 24-Nov-12 23:46:52

Flag it immediately as it is a security issue. If he is doing this then your safety needs to be taken care of in case of any type of worst case scenario.

Softlysoftly Sat 24-Nov-12 23:47:13

Ew tell them they have a duty of care to their staff they may well ban him from the store?

CoolaSchmoola Sat 24-Nov-12 23:47:46

YANBU - I would raise it with your manager, ishoos or not you have the right to do your job without being sexually harrassed and your employer has to make sure that happens.

Yes you should definitely raise it with your manager.
You should not need to ask this here, but have done it already.

Hydrophilic Sat 24-Nov-12 23:51:41

Phew-I'm glad you've all said that. I feel really vulnerable because we are not allowed to park in the store car park. So I have to walk through a dimly lit estate to get to my car.

He noticed that I was new. I don't think it's a huge leap to worry that he will memorise people's working hours.

The only upside is the beef, young security man. He seems pretty sharp, I might mention it to him.

Glitterknickaz Sat 24-Nov-12 23:53:06

kill 'im...

Hydrophilic Sat 24-Nov-12 23:53:17

Squirted- I didnt want to rock the boat on my 2nd day sad. I thought people on here might just say it's part of retail and to ignore it.

Cantbelieveitsnotbutter Sat 24-Nov-12 23:54:28

I'd defo raise it, more so if there's younger girls being perved over too.

BOFingSanta Sat 24-Nov-12 23:56:20

Sadly, it IS part of retail. But you still don't have to put up with it. Yes, you should raise it with your manager.

Any customer, or person, who mentions taking you to the bedroom is worthy of being flagged, 2nd day or not.
I wasn't getting at you.
Report him. ASAP. Before the security cameras tape is overwritten.

PomBearWithAnOFRS Sun 25-Nov-12 00:13:27

Just laugh as though it's the most hilarious thing you ever heard and say "aww bless you love, can you not get down to dust under the bed anymore? Old age comes to us all" or "ooo fancy mentioning the bedroom at pointedly your age" and start wittering about your granny or granda.
He probably gets some kind of kick out of making young girls feel uncomfortable, and knowing you all daren't/can't answer back because you're at work. By laughing as though you think he's joking/bantering, even if you are being filmed, it looks like you're being pleasant and chatting to the customers, and he looks like an even bigger arse if he complains.

charlmarascoxo Sun 25-Nov-12 00:16:48

I worked in a supermarket whilst I was a student. I had a sleazy man buy some condoms, and asked me if they were any good and do I use them wink .Worst part was his wife an daughter were stood with him and seemed to find it funny.

Its awful to be made to feel uncomfortable. Definitely raise it with your manager.

MysticMugBug Sun 25-Nov-12 00:22:01

what a prick.
i was uncomfortable with some sleazy twat when i was at the public library this week. i was in the newspaper reading area, he was in front of me facing the other direction and kept turning around to look up my skirt.
i told the library staff despite thinking that they might not be able to act.
It's fucking disgusting how some people (in my case from a different culture) think they can treat women. Do what you can to get him banned

ZebraOwl Sun 25-Nov-12 00:25:30


It is part of retail to have customers who behave badly in a whole variety of ways. You'd not be expected to Just Put Up With It if a customer tried to throttle you with a shopping bag & you shouldn't have to put up with this!

Report it to your manager & if you have a union rep talk to them too.

Hydrophilic Sun 25-Nov-12 00:25:34

Pom-I'd be really wary to do that as I can see him taking that as flirting with him!

Gawd, he came in with this old story of how he was a captain in the army (dream on mate) and asking me lots of questions.

He wanted to know if I live locally, what my "old man" does for a living (I stupidly thought he was asking about my dad, but thinking about it I think he was referring to DP).

ImperialBlether Sun 25-Nov-12 01:07:09

The only answer to that question about your husband is to say he's in the police.

manicbmc Sun 25-Nov-12 01:07:53

Tell him your dp is a policeman or a bouncer. He'll sharp stop.

NotQuiteWithItAtAll Sun 25-Nov-12 01:24:26

I get this kind of thing on a regular basis, usually a bunch of young guys. I tend to pretend they didn't even speak, hurt their ego a little bit. I couldn't care less. It does suck and you shouldn't put up with it! Unfortunately my managers just see it as money, couldn't care less about their staff.

CookingFunt Sun 25-Nov-12 08:11:56

Don't get into banter with him. Alert your manager and/or security when he approaches your till.

helpyourself Sun 25-Nov-12 08:28:07

Another vote for not bantering. Dealing with this sort of thing is exactly what supervisors do; don't worry about it, just pass it on!

musicalendorphins Sun 25-Nov-12 09:04:06

I agree, report to the manager and security, and don't engage with him.
Ask your manager for advice on what to say when he asks you personal questions maybe?

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