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To think there should be rules about taking certain things on trains?

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RosesAreBetter Tue 04-Sep-12 16:20:36

We have just got onto the train and there is a man with a very large animal carrier ( roughly the size of a washing machine) which is full if ferrets!

And when I say full, I mean there has got to be two dozen of the things in there.

And it STINKS.

The entire train carriage stinks of ferret fecies and urine, and the train is full to the point of people standing.

I have heard several people complain to the conductor, but apparently there is no room for the man and his ferrets to stand in the bike area as it is full of bikes and people with pushchairs.

He has the carrier on top of one of the tables!!

AIBU to think there should be rules against bringing something that stinks to high heaven onto a busy train?
Not to mention how distressed the poor ferrets seem.

arthurfowlersallotment Tue 04-Sep-12 16:22:23

It sounds really unpleasant but it is public transport after all.

SoupDragon Tue 04-Sep-12 16:23:50

Ban people who use too much perfume too.
And aftershave
Plus those who use too little deodorant.

Ithinkitsjustme Tue 04-Sep-12 16:24:59

Unfortunately some people smell that bad! grin

YANBU to think that there should be rules about carrying animals on trains, but where would you draw the line? I think that many people would think that they should be allowed to take their dogs on board, or their cats in pet carriers. What about the person who needs to take their pet iguana to the vet? etc. A carriage for animals could be in order, same as family carriages and no mobile phone carriages.

WelshMaenad Tue 04-Sep-12 16:25:13

How else is a body meant to transport their ferrets?

onetiredmummy Tue 04-Sep-12 16:26:16

In their trousers!

<stands for applause>

Yokel Tue 04-Sep-12 16:27:53

I doubt it's 'urine and faeces' you're smelling OP. Ferrets just smell like that. I quite like it, personally. And I'd rather have ferrets than the filthy old sod I sat next to on a train once who had crapped himself. I wondered why there was a free seat next to him when loads of people were standing up. I had to hold my breath for 30 minutes!

TunipTheVegemal Tue 04-Sep-12 16:29:16

In the olden days they would have gone in the guard's van, along with the bicycles, crates of chickens, unaccompanied toddlers and people in wheelchairs....

WorraLiberty Tue 04-Sep-12 16:31:08

The ferrets are probably tweeting right now on mobiles phones, about how dreadful all those humans smell, packed into a train carriage....

WelshMaenad Tue 04-Sep-12 16:31:12

<wild applause for onetiredmummy>

I'm still a bit cross they wouldn't let that nice Welsh chap take his little pony on the train. I mean, they'd let on an Irish Wofhound...

pictish Tue 04-Sep-12 16:31:51

Ach don't be such a misery. The train wasn't scheduled for you!

sashh Tue 04-Sep-12 16:35:29


Can I add to your list, the mothers of little girls attending the royal ballett school in Birmingham - you do not need to use half a can of hairspray, you certainly do not have to use it all in the carriage on the approach to Birmingham new St.

BerthaTheBogBurglar Tue 04-Sep-12 16:39:15

In Thailand they have little signs on all the trains that say "No smelly fruit". grin

They mean durian fruit, which does, admittedly, smell like a gas leak. But still, I enjoyed the signs.

RuleBritannia Tue 04-Sep-12 19:28:38

Yes, some people in this world have to transport their birds and animals by train. I had to help a woman onto a train once. She got on the train and I handed up to her six crates each containing chickens. I'm British so I'm naice abroad. She was extremely grateful.

LadySybildeChocolate Tue 04-Sep-12 19:30:58

Ban people who paint their nails on the train, or have their music on too loud.

MrsKeithRichards Tue 04-Sep-12 19:32:52

Berth have you smelt that smelly fruit they mean? I don't know it's name but it smells like something has died. Apparently it's delish but I couldn't get past the smell!!

TheHeirOfSlytherin Tue 04-Sep-12 19:33:23

Ban skinky people as well as stinky ferrets please.

And people who sit right next to you even though there are loads of free seats.

MrsKeithRichards Tue 04-Sep-12 19:33:42

How I missed half your post I dunno! Sorry!

OneHandFlapping Tue 04-Sep-12 19:35:29

I've tried durian fruit - misled by the fact that they rave about it so much in Malaysia. It tastes like slimy onion custard. <boak>

TyrannoWearsGoldKnickers Tue 04-Sep-12 19:35:53

Ban those sniffy business men with enormous knees and seemingly equally enormous ball bags who have to squish themselves in next to you, steal the middle arm rest and then OPEN THEIR LEGS AS WIDE AS THEY WILL GO whilst huffing and puffing and sniffing and getting out terribly important paperwork and clearing their throat then talking to 'Tony' loudly for half an hour on their mobile bloody phones.

Ban them. I hate them. They always sit next to me.

TyrannoWearsGoldKnickers Tue 04-Sep-12 19:37:21

I would actually rather sit next to a piss soaked ferret than another fat bollocked man.

NarkedRaspberry Tue 04-Sep-12 19:37:30

I'd like to be on a train and hear 'Carriage C is designated the Quiet Zone. Please refrain from using mobile phones or electronic equipment in carriage C. Carriage B is designated the Ferret Free Zone ...

Frontpaw Tue 04-Sep-12 19:40:29

Aw the wee ferrets. I bet they smelled a great deal fresher than the loos on the train.

Can we also ban small children with ipads watching crappy disney films full blast (with singalongs) and people getting sloshed at 10am (with singalongs).

CocktailsAndFriedChicken Tue 04-Sep-12 19:43:42

When I worked in a bank a customer would bring her three ferrets in each week with her.

CocktailsAndFriedChicken Tue 04-Sep-12 19:44:58

Oh frontpaw IBU to want to ban me from my post night shift drinks grin although I don't sing

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