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to think Angry Birds full volume in a small restaurant is anti-social and inconsiderate?

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PenisVanLesbian Sun 22-Jul-12 16:53:47

Went for late lunch in a small cafe/restaurant, only about 8 tables so lovely and quiet, I told my children to sit quietly (which for once, they were doing beautifully, colouring instead of arguing). There we were enjoying lunch and a nice chat, when the table next to us puts on angry birds for the small child (3 or 4) at MAX volume. Unbelievably annoying, loud crashing and squealing noises plus the irritating music, all at a volume I didn't even know an ipad could reach.

I think this is incredibly rude and shouldn't be done in any public place, but definitely not in such a small indoor venue where other people are trying to relax and enjoy a meal.

AIBU? DH said I was because I should have just ignored it (he's half deaf though, easy for him to say) and that I was rude because they must have heard me saying to him what I thought (tough shite as far as I'm concerned, if they did it didn't shame them into turning it down).

Svrider Sun 22-Jul-12 16:54:46

Use the mute people!

NettoSuperstar Sun 22-Jul-12 16:55:29

YANBU, I make DD turn the volume off any games when we're out.

HildaOgden Sun 22-Jul-12 16:55:37


GhostShip Sun 22-Jul-12 16:56:52

I agree it's inconsiderate

But I'm sure people would have thought it inconsiderate if your kids had started arguing but luckily for once they didn't.

PenisVanLesbian Sun 22-Jul-12 17:04:00

Except kids arguing is harder to control...they don't have a mute button, so its not exactly the same thing. Plus I would have intervened and at least attempted to shut them up, thereby having a thought for other people.

Imisssleepingin Sun 22-Jul-12 17:06:20

Did you mention it to the staff ?
I would have done something about it rather than just sit there complaining. I agree though it is very rude and I wouldn't do it.

RuleBritannia Sun 22-Jul-12 17:06:50

I agree with PenisVanLesbian. If they argued that their child needed the noise, I would have told them to go and play it somewhere more private so that it didn't interfere with other people's enjoyment of a meal out.

PenisVanLesbian Sun 22-Jul-12 17:07:23

I wanted to, DH said not too, and then they left while we were debating it!

LindyHemming Sun 22-Jul-12 17:07:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

kinkyfuckery Sun 22-Jul-12 17:08:20

Very inconsiderate

NoComet Sun 22-Jul-12 17:13:41

I'm often heard to shout headphones as we leave on long journeys or for meals. IPods and DS should be seen and not heard!

squeakytoy Sun 22-Jul-12 17:21:11

I would have said something. Either to them or to the staff.

If I go in a restaurant and am paying for a meal, I expect an atmosphere like a restaurant, not an amusement arcade.

MsVestibule Sun 22-Jul-12 17:21:36

I'd have said something. I can cope with listening to squealing, whining children, but unnecessary electronic noises are totally unacceptable. I was in a bar on the edge of a beach in Egypt and could hear a woman about 20 metres away playing with the ringtones on her mobile phone. I walked over and politely asked her to stop, which she did.

More recently, I was in an Asda cafe, which was on a mezzanine level with the photo dept just underneath our table. The phone was ringing incessantly for 3-4 minutes and I was getting more and more irate. I walked downstairs and asked an Asda "colleague" who was chatting near it if she could answer it. She looked at me as if I was mad, said she would try to find somebody from that dept, then turned to continue her conversation!!! Ooh, I was so mad! So I just walked behind the counter myself, answered it and hung up straight away. Of course, at that very second, somebody from the photo dept turned up and also looked at me as though I was barmy.

Fuck. I've turned into my mother, haven't I?

PenisVanLesbian Sun 22-Jul-12 17:24:58

Yes, you have. grin But so have I!

I think what got me was looking at them and thinking "how can you possibly think this is acceptable behaviour? You look like normal people, how can you not be aware of how fucking annoying you are?"
I was baffled.

StealthPolarBear Sun 22-Jul-12 17:27:24

Don't know what angry birds is exactly but from your description yanbu at all. Not comparable to arguing childen. Children are people, not saying its ideal for them to argue in a restaurant but they are not electronic devices with an off switch

McHappyPants2012 Sun 22-Jul-12 17:51:05

Oh god, I like that game but I can only

McHappyPants2012 Sun 22-Jul-12 17:51:51

Place it will the sound off ( malfunctioning fingers press post message to soon)

That game is marvellous at keeping my 3 year old boy quiet but I put my iphone on silent for it. The noise from that game in a restaurant would be too much. It's not polite.

However I would have gone for asking them straight to turn it down, not commenting loudly enough for them to hear wink That's too passive aggressive for me grin

CMOTDibbler Sun 22-Jul-12 18:03:08

My ds isn't even aware that Angry Birds has sound tbh, as he only has it when we are out, and we'd never have sound on annoying others

NettoSuperstar Sun 22-Jul-12 18:06:44

I make DD put her headphones in at home!
The pokemon music on her DS makes me want to rip my ears off.
I'm a lovely Mumgrin

Annunziata Sun 22-Jul-12 18:08:27

YANBU. I don't understand how the staff put up with it either though!

PenisVanLesbian Sun 22-Jul-12 18:13:52

DH says I'm exaggerating. I'm not, even my dreamy, wouldn't notice if you slapped him the face half the time, 8 year old said "isn't that loud?", and he's used to his siblings shouting all day long.

I would have said something if they hadn't have left. I glared when I saw them contemplating dessert, perhaps they got the message? grin

WildWorld2004 Sun 22-Jul-12 19:23:33

My dd and my nephew are bad for having every game so loud. I tell my dd there is no need for volume in most games unless they are giving you instructions.

If it was my sis you should have just asked my nephew to turn it

voddiekeepsmesane Sun 22-Jul-12 19:35:05

YANBU the parents obviously don't give a shit about other people inconsiderate sods.

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