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to try and get Google Street View to retake the photos of our house?

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ChaosTrulyReigns Thu 19-Apr-12 13:19:40

After perusing, GSV last night, I was horrified and completely dusgusted to find that the images of our street were taken on BinDay.


So, there's my semi, in all its glory, with 2 gofaster bins wanting strewn across the pavement in front of my bushes. Tawdriness and ugliness preserved for all the world to see and judge upon.

And one of the Chaotics hadn't drawn their curtains naicely. angry

It's not just about what the neighbours think nowadays is it? The whole world can formulate opinions as to your slovenly habits.


AIBU to try to get the pictures reshot now I have petunias and a hoovered drive?

mumblechum1 Thu 19-Apr-12 13:21:17

YANBU. Don't forget to polish your knob while you're at it.

Busybusybust Thu 19-Apr-12 13:21:17

YANBU - I would like mine done again, to show my smart new porch.

cocolepew Thu 19-Apr-12 13:21:28

Mine was taken on bin day, before it was painted and before I got my nice new fence.

We were looking at them in work so I said my neighbours house was mine, she has a lovely garden.

WhyAlwaysBoris Thu 19-Apr-12 13:21:35

They could retake the photo and upload it five times in your honour? smile

Psammead Thu 19-Apr-12 13:21:49

I'm off to see if I can find your house grin

GB is not that big, right?

Mind you, on google maos, my house is an empty patch of grass with a hedge around it and an old hen house where I am sitting right now.

Thetokengirl Thu 19-Apr-12 13:22:22

On GSV, our house isn't even there! It only had foundations at that stage, so looks as if we live alfresco grin

ToxicToria Thu 19-Apr-12 13:23:32

Mine was taken on bin day too angry

CreepyWeeBrackets Thu 19-Apr-12 13:29:18

My mate's was taken on bin day too and she was putting them outside in her dressing gown grin

I remember talking about street-view here a couple of years ago and one MNer was mortified that a couple of wine bottles could clearly be seen through her window.

RedBlanket Thu 19-Apr-12 13:32:31

I want a new one to show off my new porch and extension. I quite like the aerial view as it shows the lovely trees we has to get rid of for said lovely extension.

101handbags Thu 19-Apr-12 13:35:48

Yep - bin day for me too, with the lids of the plastic boxes strewn all over the lawn. Very attractive.

Calavera Thu 19-Apr-12 13:41:18

Streetview also has me on it...

am i (for all posterity)...stepping stridently down the street in my work wear? or engaging in some glamorous activity?? Am i buggery...

....i'm standing outside the school gate in the rain with a fleece on angry

DottyandSpottyWot Thu 19-Apr-12 13:46:02

My DD is on it, in her buggy, away to go for a walk with her Grandad and the dog.

porcamiseria Thu 19-Apr-12 13:47:45


GoEasyPudding Thu 19-Apr-12 13:55:35

I am captured on street view in Richmond looking like I have a really huge arse.
I have got a really huge arse but I would like google to do something about those images by photoshopping them or something.

HerRoyalNotness Thu 19-Apr-12 13:59:02

Ours was taken with a barricaded hole in the front. When we moved, the truck parked on a drain and it caved in. The photo was taken 6mths later and the council still hadn't fixed it!

Do they ever update the pics? I'm going to check, and make sure our tenants are keeping up the garden.

Pandemoniaa Thu 19-Apr-12 14:00:53

Google took the street view picture of our house right in the middle of massive renovations. There's an enormous skip in the drive, two builder's vans and my car untidy parked at the side of the road, and a pile of random shit in what used to be the front garden. What appears to be a squat does have amazingly new windows but the effect is completely ruined by the collapsing porch.

Worse, it was recycling day and my next door but one neighbour is pictured carrying her rubbish out to the end of her drive.

Katienana Thu 19-Apr-12 14:01:25

Mine was taken before we replaced our windows and front door so it looks like a crack house.

HateBeingCantDoUpMyJeans Thu 19-Apr-12 14:04:57

Mine was taken before we bought tge house and you can see tge shed that wasn't visible from anywhere else.

NiniLegsInTheAir Thu 19-Apr-12 14:07:51

Just checked mine - it was definitely taken at least before March 2010, you can see our old windows, front of the house and our old neighbours were still living next door (I miss them sad).

And the pic was also taken on bin day! Is this a vendetta? shock

Tee2072 Thu 19-Apr-12 14:08:34

We didn't live in our house when they took street view and now I'm wondering why they cut down the third bush that is in the picture. And cut waaay back one of the other two....

SuePurblyBusinesslike Thu 19-Apr-12 14:09:10

I've checked mine, it looks AWFUL! Must be over two years old as I certainly don't have net curtains.
Why can't they come now, my front garden looks fabulous. Chaos, add me to the list when you ring 'em?

Maryz Thu 19-Apr-12 14:11:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

knowitallstrikesagain Thu 19-Apr-12 14:12:21

YABU as I was going to get off the computer in a minute <lies>, but am now going to have to check streetview.

Voidka Thu 19-Apr-12 14:13:29

YANBU - I want ours taken again to show DH's new car, not our old rust bucket.

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