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To have consulted Dr Google over my twitching bottom lip - and been scared witless by him?

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CrockoDuck Sat 31-Mar-12 23:57:45

My bottom lip has been twitching for about 6 hours. A bit like those eyelid twitches, but in my lip, iyswim.

I have been reliably informed that I'm either having a stroke, or it's the onset of Parkinson's.

Or maybe low potassium (so I've eaten 3 bananas).

I hate Dr Google. He should be struck off.

How can I force myself to stop consulting him?

giraffesCantDonateBoneMarrow Sun 01-Apr-12 00:01:07

Consult me instead.

I prescribe a dairy milk

WorraLiberty Sun 01-Apr-12 00:02:03

Errr just don't do it?

It's probably just a jumpy nerve

Bangtastic Sun 01-Apr-12 00:03:31

Go to bed. You will wake up with no twitchy lip... or maybe not at all. Either way, your lip won't be twitching any more!

Sorry, that was the least helpful I have been all day. <leaves>

Kayano Sun 01-Apr-12 00:04:01

Dr google said I had a brain tumour when pregnant...

I mentally decided to have my baby before

My proper doctor said it was anxiety tension headache and to chill the fuck out.


Tranquilidade Sun 01-Apr-12 00:05:21

I am prone to twitchy muscles in my face, had em for years here and there, not diagnosed with anything nasty yet.

Ignore Dr Google

FondleWithCare Sun 01-Apr-12 00:05:41

bangtastic she's already having a stroke, don't make it worse!

You haven't done enough mnetting today and are going through withdrawal, up your posting a rage and you will be fine grin

CrockoDuck Sun 01-Apr-12 00:07:33

Aaah - the miracle of MN.

It seems to have stopped.

Was it the bananas?

Bangtastic Sun 01-Apr-12 00:07:50

Sorry, I'll behave grin

OP, don't worry, stress can cause twitchiness, and Dr Google brings feck all but stress. Stick to Bing!

WhaleOilBeefHookedIWill Sun 01-Apr-12 00:14:46

When I was suffering from post natal depression with hot flushes tingly hands general aches pains and malaise dr google told me (repeatedly) I was suffering from acute onset of HIV infection. Funny how Dr Google thought he knew something my ante natal blood tests didn't!!!

westcoastnortherner Sun 01-Apr-12 04:08:17

I had a twitchy eyelid, everyone thought I was being silly, then I had a twitchy lip, then my face literally stopped working on the left hand side. Turns out I wasn't paranoid after all. it was Bells palsy, but I'm more or less better now, however I'm sure you probably just need to stop googling and eat some dairy milk lol

Chilenachica Sun 01-Apr-12 04:51:49

I get twitchy when I'm over tired, so tomorrow's going to be fun, haha. It's never occcured to me to ask Dr Google, I've always just assumed that it happens because I'm knackered.

I did, however, consult him when I was told that DD1 had a durmoid in her eye. Having found him to be nothing more than a Prophet of Doom I refuse to de deal with him ever again. And he was wrong, t'was a molegrin

MarieFromStMoritz Sun 01-Apr-12 04:59:47

Dr Google said I had a prostate problem. Every single one of my symptoms pointed to a prostate problem, except... I don't have a prostate, because i'm a woman.

kotinka Sun 01-Apr-12 05:08:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ineedamiracle Sun 01-Apr-12 05:17:06

Dr Google once diagnosed me with Gulf War Syndrome...I haven't even got a passport wink

Google diagnosed me with hyperchondria when I was quite clearly at death's door. dh almost wet himself as I searched huffily for a second opinion.

Ihatepeas Sun 01-Apr-12 10:06:08

I get twitchy eyes when I'm dehydrated! I would recommend a drink.

crashdoll Sun 01-Apr-12 12:59:27

Dr Google told me I was pregnant. I was a virgin at the time.

Methe Sun 01-Apr-12 13:11:47

Dr google diagnosed me as having Multiple Sclerosis a couple of years ago. He also mentioned Motor Neurone Diesease have I spelt that right?.

It was a cheerful time.

tallwivglasses Sun 01-Apr-12 13:17:30

ineed - Gulf War Syndrome - first lol of the day grin

AwkwardMary Sun 01-Apr-12 13:19:16

Dr Google told me I had leprosy.

VeniVidiVisa Sun 01-Apr-12 13:25:58

Before I was a patient of Dr Google, I used to look up symptoms in a huge medical book. Trouble was, the book was about 20 years out of date and would likely predict certain death for a lot of illnesses that are now easily treated.

At least Dr Google is a bit more current!

PlentyOfPubeGardens Sun 01-Apr-12 13:28:58

Dr Google told me I had liver failure because I had horizontal white stripes across my big toenails. I didn't go to the doctor as I was too scared. The last stripe has just grown out and I'm not dead yet.

TheSinglePringle Sun 01-Apr-12 13:30:43

I was feeling really ill one day so thought Mr google would help me.

Turned out I was either dying or was just a bit too warm! Will never google symptoms again!

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