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I bloody HATE Susanna Reid!

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misty0 Fri 30-Mar-12 23:13:26

Oh i so need to let it out! And so i will -

Simpering, disingenuous, 'i love me', hair flicking, face pulling, incincere, trollopy ........ COW!

Ruins my Friday mornings. Why has she been on seemingly every bloody morning this week again?

<shouts> "Bugger off Susanna Reid"!

Thats it. I feel slightly better. Thank you.

BlackOutTheSun Fri 30-Mar-12 23:14:27

yanbu, i can't stand her

LineRunner Fri 30-Mar-12 23:14:38

Sian left.

2shoes Fri 30-Mar-12 23:15:19

who is this person?

misty0 Fri 30-Mar-12 23:19:32

BBC, morning news.

Sian has left??

What, what?

LineRunner Fri 30-Mar-12 23:19:50

BBC Breakfast.

The other one, Sian, wouldn't move to Salford because she didn't want to uproot her family.

misty0 Fri 30-Mar-12 23:24:35


Gawd. I have to have Mz effing Reid pretending to care every morning. Stupid fake pained expressions, corrugated forgead, flash of knees.


I liked Sian.

Salmotrutta Fri 30-Mar-12 23:44:33

That Susannah Reid is awesomely bad.

In fact, she is so bad she is almost good.

Her Sunday morning thing was a wonder to behold - I used to die a little inside with embarassment for her.

Salmotrutta Fri 30-Mar-12 23:45:49

Mind you DH didn't like Sian much - he voiced unkind opinions about her.

Tranquilidade Fri 30-Mar-12 23:50:41

I like Susannah Reid. She seems more normal than the others to me, Sian was ok but sooooooo thin she was lollipop-headed and I can't bear Louise Minchin, she makes my teeth itch. Having Louise on there to often might drive me over to ITV or SKY

Salmotrutta Fri 30-Mar-12 23:59:12

Are you channelling my DH when you mention Sian's resemblance to a lollipop Tranquillidade?

That was the unkind opinion my DH voiced ...

startail Sat 31-Mar-12 00:00:05

Sussanna I can cope with it's Charlie Stayt I can't stand.
He's one of those interviewers who thinks it's necessary to ask the one question we all know the interviewee isn't going to answer.
This might be ok for politicians but it's pointless with actors promoting their latest film. He ruins interesting interviews by doing this. It is rude, unnecessary and pointless.

misty0 Sat 31-Mar-12 00:06:19

Hmmmm. Louise. Is that the blond one?

To be honest the only person on TV who i really dislike (have any strong opinion of in fact) is S.R

Sian was thin. But had some kind of integrity.

Ha ha. Discussing newscasters on MN. Too many wine tonight grin

misty0 Sat 31-Mar-12 00:09:35

Oh him!

Charlie Stayt. Yes. 'Up themselves' is how my OH describes he and S.R.

Sian - terrible clothes
Susanna - awful fake tan; lots of gurning; lots of deeply insincere sincerity; ever so pretty though without all that slap

The one I hate most is that man who looks like a potato and can't talk - is his name Bill?

Tranquilidade Sat 31-Mar-12 00:13:11

Louise is this one

From her website I deduce she is modest, retiring and doesn't blow her own trumpet at all. Now I dislike her even more.

<Sorry, gin is releasing my inner viper!>

misty0 Sat 31-Mar-12 00:18:03

Yep. Bland blond.

My inner viper is being released via JD and chery coke grin tonight

'Cheers' Tranquil!

70isaLimitNotaTarget Sat 31-Mar-12 00:30:07

Ooooh Sian used to piss me off- yes she was thin, but she used to wear clothes that seemed a size too small and sat perched on the edge of her seat as though she's split the back seam if she relaxed.

(picky I know)

Everton4me Sat 31-Mar-12 00:43:41

Susanna Reid's best moment on breakfast, was after featuring an outside broadcast from a poor colleague up in Scotland who was being buffeted all over the place from very high winds, during the bad winter storms. Her colleague was reporting on how a number of Scottish homes were without power. Susanna then was given the task of interviewing a spokesperson for one of the energy companies. She asked him what had gone wrong that all these people didn't have any power? Erm 90mph gusts love confused. The best bit was when she asked the spokesperson if he had a message for all those people without power...pretty bloody pointless as if they had no power, they wouldn't be watching BBC Breakfast would they? angry. Silly woman.

CaptainKirk Sat 31-Mar-12 03:32:58

I looooooove Susanna Reid! I find her lovely and genuine with a great sense of humour. I also fantasise about her but that's besides the point! ;)

AThingInYourLife Sat 31-Mar-12 04:17:36

Susanna Reid is very popular with men.

lotuseener Sat 31-Mar-12 05:10:42

I always say to dh that SR seems like someone who is very mean to waitresses...

HillyWallaby Sat 31-Mar-12 05:23:06 we are getting to the heart of why she is there. wink Amazing how all these women are saying she's rubbish, but suddenly a man pops up to say he fantasises about her, and someone else enlightens us that she is popular with men. grin

I haven't seen her since she took over from Sian but I used to watch her at weekends and I never found her that had an opinion about her one way or the other really, apart from that she had nice hair.

HillyWallaby Sat 31-Mar-12 05:23:54

sorry for garbled last sentence.

CaptainKirk Sat 31-Mar-12 06:19:55

Time for the morning news! grin

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