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to ask why the f**k tube staff want more for working during the Olympics

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DreamingofSummer Tue 28-Feb-12 11:41:14

What difference does it make? To me they are simply seeking a ransom payment

catgirl1976 Tue 28-Feb-12 11:42:57

Well they will be a lot busier and more people = more responsibility

But I suppose it isnt very public spirited

lesley33 Tue 28-Feb-12 11:43:39

I suppose if they are able to get it though thats fair enough. Powers of the union and all that.

mummymeister Tue 28-Feb-12 11:44:55

they are doing it because they can - simple as. There will be lots of extra work for lots of people but the tube can only take a finite amount of business. imo it is part of the job. dont recall this being the case when Euro 98 football tournament was on.

DreamingofSummer Tue 28-Feb-12 11:45:17

Experience from other Olympic cities is that they are less busy during the games as the local move out. Anyway how much more busy than a normal rush hour will 6,000 people going to beach volleyball be?

Blacksquirrel Tue 28-Feb-12 11:47:09

It could be seen as a bonus payment for not being allowed to take any annual leave.

ifancyashandy Tue 28-Feb-12 11:48:56

They are anticipating queues of over three hours to get into certain stations. I wouldn't want to be managing that volume of frustrated people...

LeQueen Tue 28-Feb-12 11:49:27

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

StrandedBear Tue 28-Feb-12 11:49:51

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

takingbackmonday Tue 28-Feb-12 11:51:59

I would LOVE more than anything to hit Bob Crow with a large, decaying salmon.

Greedy f*ckers.

toddlerama Tue 28-Feb-12 11:53:12

They do it because they can. With so many unemployed it beggars belief that they still can...

RealLifeIsForWimps Tue 28-Feb-12 11:53:43

because they are a bunch of overpaid work shy cunts

LeQueen Tue 28-Feb-12 11:55:10

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeQueen Tue 28-Feb-12 11:56:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

shreddedmum Tue 28-Feb-12 11:57:13

no annual leave allowed

perhaps changes to shift times and duties..

happyhorse Tue 28-Feb-12 11:57:15

A lot of people working around the Olympic venues will be busier than usual.

It seems to me that Tube staff ask for more or threaten to walk out at any opportunity that presents itself, so of course they're not going to let a major event like this pass by.

I'll be very surprised if there aren't last minute talks to avert strikes just before the Olympics starts, regardless of whether or not they get a bonus.

BarbarianMum Tue 28-Feb-12 12:04:27

<<because they are a bunch of overpaid work shy cunts>>

....because they are a bunch of greedy, entitled, work shy c.....

I don't think the arguments about time off and changes to shifts hold actually - it is a one off event ffs. In most businesses you are expected to put up with these. Of course, I've only worked in the third sector.

takingbackmonday Tue 28-Feb-12 12:05:47

After commuting in London for years I truly despise the RMT. Can't we just say no then sack the ones who strike and take on some of the countless unemployed who I imagine would very much appreciate around £46k per year to drive a fecking tube.

RealLifeIsForWimps Tue 28-Feb-12 12:06:04

LeQ I've given up beating around the bush for Lent grin

RealLifeIsForWimps Tue 28-Feb-12 12:06:28

....or beating about even

LeQueen Tue 28-Feb-12 12:07:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeQueen Tue 28-Feb-12 12:08:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NomNomNom Tue 28-Feb-12 12:10:51

Not sure what my opinion is regarding the tube workers, but can I just say - how refreshing to have a link in the OP which isn't the Daily Fail!! grin

sherbetpips Tue 28-Feb-12 12:12:02

I guess I would prefer them to employ more temporary workers at this time rather than just pay the current ones more for a job they are doing anyway?

But if my boss turned round and said that due to a large project we were taking on that was going to earn the company (insert country here) lots of money we would all be expected to work extra hours, cope with twice the workload in the office and have no holidays I would kind of expect some sort of bonus being that there is a monetary outcome to all of this (hopefully if the UK doesnt screw up the budget)

valiumredhead Tue 28-Feb-12 12:12:42

What stranded and black said.

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