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I hate Hypocritical People, especially when they are family members

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M0naLisa Fri 17-Feb-12 17:09:44

I have 2 DC and when DS1 was younger my mum had him over night maybe every other weekend, in school holidays etc etc
Family members (cousins and aunties in particular on my mums side) mentioned to my mum once in a phone call that 'she has DS1 an awful lot, shouldnt he be at home with his mum, so she stopped having him so much. Now she hardly has him because of what family members will say!!

My cousins have now both got a child each, one of them works full time (i think, although shes always having days off) and the other cousin works 1 day a week, sometimes two. Her husband works away each week coming home every other weekend i think it is. Their son is 2yr old now, no problems with this cousin as she is lovely - except for when shes stirring it with family members about FB etc etc
The cousin who works full time has a 3yr old, now you might think this sounds like a jealous post but honestly its NOT. Id rather have my family and husband than money - like this side of the family have got.

Cousin of 3yr old is a single mother, her BF left her when she found out she was pregnant. Shes out EVERY WEEKEND and 'nanna' my auntie has ALWAYS got her DD. ;Post on FB go like this:
Auntie: Got XXX again tonight whilst mummy goes out - or words similar, depending on what/where cousin is going.

My mum and dad are divorced and i don't see my dad as regular as id like and last time i saw him last Saturday even he mentioned how many times a week my auntie has cousins DD, he said 'she'll be calling nanna mummy soon'

After the bollocking (my mum said it was a bollocking from her sisters about how many times she had DS1) they gave my mum, AIBU to feel slightly pissed off that its rule for one and rules for another??

GlitterySkulls Fri 17-Feb-12 17:18:34

i don't understand why your mum didn't just tell your auntie to fuck off & mind her own business in the first place?

M0naLisa Fri 17-Feb-12 17:29:58

Because my mum adhered to my he families every demand sometimes.

She doesnt speak to them no more - well one of them.

Last year when they were in financial difficulty Stepdad thought about giving their finance car back and getting a runaround car but mum said 'no because we have XXs (other cousin) wedding to go to and i aint having them look down their noses at us'

TBH even if mum won £45mill on the lotto they would STILL look down their noses at them.

GlitterySkulls Fri 17-Feb-12 17:35:18

ach, that's rough.

if i was your mum, i'd cut my losses, i doubt she'd even miss them.

all you can really do is just "ignore, ignore, ignore" - will your mum still not babysit now, in case the family disapproves, even though she no longer speaks to one of them?

asiatic Fri 17-Feb-12 17:39:13

I can't beleive I just read that, someone kept a car they couldn't afford because of the image they wanted to project at a family wedding???

M0naLisa Fri 17-Feb-12 20:44:57

Oh you read it correctly. Yep in case they started talking about how unreliable second hand cars are...thats what my family is like.
Then againd said to my richest auntie about changing my internet provider as with sky tv and internet with different.providers were paying 80 per month but not with it combined were paying 50prr month. Thats not.good enough to my auntie and because we are a low income famiky thinks i should live like they olden days with no leccy/tin bath etc etc. Pathetic.

She doesnt speak to her richest sister, only the youngest one, the one who told her about having my kids all the time. Hmm she does have them but not often, last time she had them was christmas.

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