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To wonder why on earth Amanda Holden is back at work already!?

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EdnaClouds Sun 12-Feb-12 07:57:19

Just 3 weeks ago she has an emergency CS, nearly died and spent a few days in intensive care. Surely she should be at home resting for a while longer yet?

Animation Sun 12-Feb-12 07:59:21

Seems very quick to me. What was the hurry?

Kayano Sun 12-Feb-12 07:59:31

No ones business but hers...

To be fair her job is to look pretty and press a buzzer... Should imagine she has everything she needs and even possibly baby just backstage

DaydreamDolly Sun 12-Feb-12 07:59:37

It's unbelievable isn't it. I am lost for words.

MissBerta Sun 12-Feb-12 08:02:05

It's hardly work

It's up to her

KwaziiHunt Sun 12-Feb-12 08:02:05

I know it's her business, but she went through major surgery, nearly dies, she must be traumatised and it's only been 2 weeks.

I think it's too early and I can't see how it is good for her.

EdnaClouds Sun 12-Feb-12 08:02:46

she must still be in some pain. I had a CS and it bloody hurts to move for a good while afterwards.

DaydreamDolly Sun 12-Feb-12 08:03:26

I'm more shocked that she feels physically able after such an ordeal. Am sure the baby is just backstage that's not the issue for me.

FredFredGeorge Sun 12-Feb-12 08:04:38

resting is way oversold, it's actually pretty important to be as active as you can, if work helps with that then it's a pretty good thing especially if it's the sort of job where the work is very light and you're pretty free to do what you want.

But regardless, it's entirely up to her what she does. so YABU to judge.

SixtyFootDoll Sun 12-Feb-12 08:07:01

I think she herself said its hardly taxing to sit and watch people perform for a few hours.

It's her choice.

alorsmum Sun 12-Feb-12 08:09:15

I just can't believe how good she looks. 3 weeks post c-section both times round I was a saggy leaky bleeding mess who still looked 6 months preg. Fair play to her if she feels up to it.

RedBlanket Sun 12-Feb-12 08:10:31

She's self employed. No work = no pay
If she drops out of this series she might not be invited back next year.

I'm NO fan of hers at all but i do feel som sympathy for her.

DaydreamDolly Sun 12-Feb-12 08:13:12

Redblanket I'm sure she could afford to take a few more weeks off, lets not pretend she's desperate for money hmm

Kayano Sun 12-Feb-12 08:17:56

Yes but this is her big job really, this is the money maker and it's up to her.

KittyFane Sun 12-Feb-12 08:18:21

missberta - It's hardly work, It's up to her
Agree, it's not physically strenuous is it?

Also, she possibly has a driver to collect her and return her home.
Her makeup, hair and clothes all taken care of. Lunch provided.

Florabella Sun 12-Feb-12 08:18:46

Because she knows she has the best job she is going to get on BGT and that she inrceases her chances of losing it if she's not seen to be there this season.

Because she wants to provide for her family

Because as others have said, it's not exactly a physically taxing job - limo there and sitting behind a desk, with plenty of breaks.

Because she probably has her baby (who at 2 weeks old will be mainly asleep) behind the scenes and still spending time with it.

I can't believe what a hard time she gets from other women about this! (not referring to this thread)

Kayano Sun 12-Feb-12 08:20:46

And presumably the father will be helping? Or is the shock factor of going back to work just reserved for mothers?

AlpinePony Sun 12-Feb-12 08:22:15

Yabu, just because you have a baby/section doesn't mean you have to, or want to sit on your arse for 6 months. It's not as though she's doing an assault course.

Megatron Sun 12-Feb-12 08:25:06

I think it's a little quick personally. I read that she has left the baby with her mother but whether this is true or not I don't know. Up to her I suppose.

alorsmum Sun 12-Feb-12 08:25:34

She doesn't actually have her baby with her but presumably she's not bfing and she's flying there and back and not going to be there long.

This is just a very fleeting visit to Scotland and with the weather being so extreme I've decided to let my mum have some quality time with her new granddaughter - but I am looking forward to introducing Hollie to everyone on my next trip

daily mail link alert

porcamiseria Sun 12-Feb-12 08:45:47

feel a bit sorry for her tbh

Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Feb-12 08:50:11

I think it is very quick given the circumstances. I wouldn't want to leave my baby at 3 weeks for a second if I had been through all that (and if I hadn't TBH). I think she is afraid of losing her place on the panel of a talent show that has had it's day frankly. confused

everlong Sun 12-Feb-12 08:51:46

I think the headlines ' nearly died ' must be an exaggeration to say the least.

Northernlurker Sun 12-Feb-12 08:58:29

I don't think it's an exaggeration. She spent time in ICU. That's for the very seriously ill.
I do think it's a shame that she has gone back to work so soon and imo she'd be better off with more downtime but she works in a competitive industry and it's up to her. Doesn't look like she's breastfeeding - again that's her choice and nothing to do with any of us.
We all parent differently and make different choices. Sometimes those choices surprise or even shock others. That doesn't make it a wrong choice.

Sparklingbrook Sun 12-Feb-12 08:58:35

I think you may be right everlong. If that was the case surely she wouldn't be able to do it?

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