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to be a bit [hmm] about One Born Every Minute blurring out women's genitals?

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AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 23:00:50

lets face it, they are pushing out babies FFs. We all know where babies come from. So why is it necessary to blur out the pubic region? is it too offensive or something?

apart from every women filmed lying on her sodding back of course but that's a whole other thread

squeakytoy Wed 18-Jan-12 23:02:05

Perhaps the women specifically requested it rather than have themselves completely exposed to the nation..

thenightsky Wed 18-Jan-12 23:02:09

I'd want my fanjo blurring out, knowing how people would judge my lack of waxing hmm

thisisyesterday Wed 18-Jan-12 23:02:10

i've always wondered why we're allowed to see penises on tv but not vulvas (vulvae?)

thisisyesterday Wed 18-Jan-12 23:02:24

and yes, good point about women maybe requesting it

AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 23:03:30

oh.maybe. didn't think about that.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 18-Jan-12 23:04:03

Are we allowed to see penises on tv? I've never seen one.

AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 23:04:17

OK. I will vent my fury in another diretin.


thisisyesterday Wed 18-Jan-12 23:05:17

yeah male full frontal nudity is allowed, but not female IIRC

BroomForMyChin Wed 18-Jan-12 23:05:20

I've never seen a willy on tv either. I feel deprived!

aldiwhore Wed 18-Jan-12 23:05:33

There's quite a few levels of consent for these kind of things... so I think consent is a large part (or is blurring a large part).

splashymcsplash Wed 18-Jan-12 23:06:16

I'm guessing there would be very few volunteers if they didn't do that!

squeakytoy Wed 18-Jan-12 23:06:20

Akiss.. This Morning regularly has flaccid ones on display.. it really isnt a pretty sight though! grin

I also think that if it is anything supposedly set before the 1930's, they seem to get away with it, as there always appears to be a fair bit of nudity if it has the genre of "historical drama"...

MamaMaiasaura Wed 18-Jan-12 23:06:26

Cos that's how it's portrayed on the tv. Why the midwives don't try get woman in better position to let gravity help, fuck knows.

AtYourCervix Wed 18-Jan-12 23:06:31

load of shite though.

by blurring it out are we supposed to not notice the baby emerging from the vagina?

reddaisy Wed 18-Jan-12 23:06:33

They can't all have requested it. I don't understand how a programme about birth can blur out genitals. Ridiculous.

AKissIsNotAContract Wed 18-Jan-12 23:07:11

I thought on women they could show the general area but not close up of vulva and on men they can show floppy not hard.

squeakytoy Wed 18-Jan-12 23:07:36

male full frontal is allowed so long as the penis is not erect.. and female full frontal is allowed after the watershed too but I am fairly sure there are still lots of rules about pubic hair, positions, touching, etc..

Underthemountain Wed 18-Jan-12 23:07:44

It must be up to the women because there was some programme on the other day about teenagers and their sexual concerns and it showed a teenage girl IN HER ENTIRETY. I was completely taken aback. I can't begin to imagine wanting all your friends at school to see!

fuckityfuckfuckfuck Wed 18-Jan-12 23:08:32

I bet they have all requested it. Nowadays these things hang around forever, it'll be up on youtube, people will be able to zoom in etc. Even if I were brave enough for the nation to see my labour, I'm not sure how I'd feel about my fanjo being around online forevermore.

winterland Wed 18-Jan-12 23:10:03

I think it's entirely plausible that the women on the programme would request blurring. As you say, we all know what's happening and from where so why do we need to see every follicle?

squeakytoy Wed 18-Jan-12 23:10:05

I would imagine they all requested it too. They probably want their family to see it, but with a slight bit of modesty protected. If it were me I would certainly want it blurring out.. and the censor would be on a permanent "beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep" too!

oreocrumbs Wed 18-Jan-12 23:10:17

I think its a watershed thing, you can show an errect penis after either 9 or 10 pm, and a naked woman standing, so just her pubic hair but not with her legs apart. Not sure if it is allowed after a certain time or not at all!

aldiwhore Wed 18-Jan-12 23:11:00

Its part of the consent procedure for the production company making it. I guess a lot of women who are happy to be on the show probably wouldn't have thought about it until asked, and when asked have thought 'actually, could you blur that bit out?'

Apart from porn, I have never ever seen another woman's bits. Probably because they're internal, unlikely to be spotted in the PE showers. Whereas men, because their bits are external and have been seen by many other blokes many times are a little more relaxed (unless hard then we revert back to porn) - tis a shame. I don't even really know what my OWN bits look like, unless I remember the 'many mirrors' contortions of my youth.

BupcakesandCuntWorms Wed 18-Jan-12 23:12:09

I wouldn't want the whole world seeing my clopper. <shudder>

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