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to think SOMEONE must be able to help a desperate child?

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crispface Tue 15-Nov-11 20:01:21

am posting this on behalf of another mumsnetter whose son lost his favourite monkey over 2 years ago, and still cries for him.

The monkey has been discontinued by the white company, and no amount of desperate searches can help.

Now mumsnet is a big old world - can ANYONE help a poor little lad and make his christmas?

picture here

Bumblebadass Tue 15-Nov-11 20:04:20

Oh no.

That made me well up a bit.

I don't know where you could get one, but bumping for you.

girliefriend Tue 15-Nov-11 20:08:09

He is a lovely monkey - do IKEA not do something similiar?

<off to investigate>


cozietoesie Tue 15-Nov-11 20:16:48

One sold on ebay in July. Nothing there at the moment though as far as I can see.

cozietoesie Tue 15-Nov-11 20:19:14

Except that - there's a bear for sale now which looks VERY similar. Could she buy him that and say that he's been sent by the monkey on a visit?

maxybrown Tue 15-Nov-11 20:20:41

that's a diff one cozie

Sianilaa Tue 15-Nov-11 20:21:04


Sianilaa Tue 15-Nov-11 20:21:43

oh bum wrong one sad

Beamur Tue 15-Nov-11 20:22:11

No help with the monkey - but if you are able to find a similar one - maybe a read of 'Tatty Ratty' by Helen Cooper first might help the new arrival be accepted.

DogStinkhorn Tue 15-Nov-11 20:22:30

Could you get one knitted?

lubeybooby Tue 15-Nov-11 20:22:47

Sianilaa has it I think with that link grin

lubeybooby Tue 15-Nov-11 20:23:49

Oh bum yes i see the differences now. sad

crispface Tue 15-Nov-11 20:25:23

that monkey was sold in July sad

I think the original mumsnetter did ask someone on ebay. Hang on whilst i find the original message from her.

I have no idea why I am soo intent on finding this particular monkey, I don't even know the family grin It must have just touched a chord with me.

StealthPenguin Tue 15-Nov-11 20:26:23

I found that one on eBay too, it's such a shame as he's a gorgeous monkey! Poor woman sad

RomanKindle Tue 15-Nov-11 20:26:30

I was going to say it looks very similar to the sock monkeys people sell. If you told them what colours you wanted and provided them with a picture I'm sure someone could make something very similar. There are loads of people who do them who have shops on Facebook.

McPhee Tue 15-Nov-11 20:36:45

what about this one.....

Would he notice the colours were different??

McPhee Tue 15-Nov-11 20:37:22

Does that work better?

crispface Tue 15-Nov-11 20:39:17

oooh that looks GOOD McPhee. No idea if it is a "good enough" replacement, or if the boy would need one exactly the waiting for the mumsnetter to come back on the thread. Will link her to it though, thank you smile

McPhee Tue 15-Nov-11 20:41:24

I've been through every search I could think of and this is the closest I can find. Fingers crossed then smile

muffinflop Tue 15-Nov-11 20:54:10

I'm confused. A 2 year old lost a monkey 2 years ago and still cries for it?

muffinflop Tue 15-Nov-11 20:55:48

Ah ok just re-read it and I'm assuming it's more the mum upset at losing a toy given to her son on the day of his birth? That makes more sense!

lisad123 Tue 15-Nov-11 21:00:30

I saw post the other night and also went on the online hunt but came back with nothing sad someone must have one!!

JamieComeHome Tue 15-Nov-11 21:04:17

Get this book for her/him:

Tatty Ratty by Helen Cooper (?)

JamieComeHome Tue 15-Nov-11 21:05:27

there is something very similar in our local toy shop......

The book, BTW, is about a little girl who loses her toy rabbit. It's lovely

I saw the post the other night too and went off searching. Could'nt find anything!
Have just tried again with no luck sad

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