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to not know how to dispose of unused fireworks

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youbethemummylion Sun 30-Oct-11 20:12:52

We have had some fireworks left over from last year in a box in the shed, anyway we decided to let them off last night for a birthday and also to get rid of them. They worked but were a bit hit and miss so we gave up after a few, it wasn't worth the risk of lighting them for them not to go off, or go off unexpectedly iyswim.

Anyway I now have no idea what to do with them, im assuming I shouldn't just put them in the wheelie bin especially as in run up to bonfire night they tend to get set alight, so what should I do with them. OH says hand them in the fire station but surely they wouldn't want to dispose of them?!

scarevola Sun 30-Oct-11 20:15:27

Could you ring a non-emergency fire service number and ask them?

And if you do, would you e kind and post their advice?

MurderBloodstabsandgore Sun 30-Oct-11 20:18:51

council website says soak in bucket for 24 hours then take to recycling centre.

I can't C&P sorry.

Magneto Sun 30-Oct-11 20:18:54

Dh said it says on the boxes to flood them with water before you bin them as they will never go off once they are wet. I've never bought fireworks so I can't verify this btw.

ChameleonCircuit Sun 30-Oct-11 20:30:50

DH and I fly rockets as a hobby, and the way to dispose of the motors is to soak them like Murder says.

youbethemummylion Sun 30-Oct-11 20:58:06

thanks everyone the fireworks are now sitting in a big bucket of water in yard.

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