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To think that people who shop in Waitrose are pretentious prats

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Asdashopper Mon 01-Nov-10 20:51:17

well am I ????

thisisyesterday Mon 01-Nov-10 20:51:35

yes, you are.

Ewe Mon 01-Nov-10 20:52:38

Yes, YABU. For some of us it's our only option. Imagine how that feels.

chitchat09 Mon 01-Nov-10 20:52:43

To think that people who actually give a damn where people shop have a big chip on their shoulder.....

Imarriedafrog Mon 01-Nov-10 20:52:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

petelly Mon 01-Nov-10 20:53:02

Association doesn't mean causality. wink

Boobalina Mon 01-Nov-10 20:54:09

Waitrose essential range rocks

badfairy Mon 01-Nov-10 20:54:35

Yes you are.

Bonsoir Mon 01-Nov-10 20:54:55

I adore Waitrose - it's the first place I visit when I come to England!

FIMBOfedupofrandomfireworks Mon 01-Nov-10 20:55:13

No I lurve Waitrose.

We go to Asda on a Saturday because it is nearby to ds's swim lessons. My dc and dh refer to it lovingly as "chaville". Please note it was them that made up the title NOT ME.

Asdashopper Mon 01-Nov-10 20:55:30

Is it not ok to take the piss out of Waitrose on MN .....

phipps Mon 01-Nov-10 20:56:15

YABU and rude.

jkklpu Mon 01-Nov-10 20:56:28

Just not OK to draw conclusions about people based solely on where they shop

Asdashopper Mon 01-Nov-10 20:56:57

The Asda thread was not rude then

ladylush Mon 01-Nov-10 20:57:15

lol at Ewe grin I wish it were my only option! I wouldn't feel so guilty then. Waitrose is my guilty pleasure wink

pollyblue Mon 01-Nov-10 20:57:33

What about people who shop in Waitrose and Asda? I go to both. Expect lots of people do.......Prententious, moi? grin

CommanderGhoul Mon 01-Nov-10 20:58:34

Waitrose customers are all bastards. A man in the pub told 'me.

jpg Mon 01-Nov-10 20:58:37


ladylush Mon 01-Nov-10 20:58:52

Maybe you're just more real on the Asda days? grin

OP is taking the piss. She can't really be serious.......???

tethersend Mon 01-Nov-10 20:59:19

Does it count if you just get your bits there?

ladylush Mon 01-Nov-10 21:00:02

No cos then you're a wannabe waitrose shopper and that's even worse grin

SpawnChorus Mon 01-Nov-10 21:00:13

What happens if you shop in Waitrose AND Asda?

<personality crisis>

cornsilkpyrotechnicqueen Mon 01-Nov-10 21:01:02

how do you know they're pretentious prats if you've never been?

juneybean Mon 01-Nov-10 21:01:12

Yabu to call them pretentious prats, but I understand what you're getting at. I'm getting mildy hacked off at the double standards on MN lately.

juneybean Mon 01-Nov-10 21:01:20


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