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Is this 'junk food'?

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Laquitar Sun 04-Jul-10 11:50:31

We had a party for dd's 5th birthday.
I had little sandwitches, mini pizzas, potato wedges,biscuits, cake.

Now being a mumsnetter i knew that some mums will be hmm about the sweets. Fine i was prepared for that. But potato wedges? What is wrong with them? One mum said 'oh she always go for the junk food' when her dd ate the potato wedges first, the other moron said 'at least they eat it with hummus and it balances up, oh its ok once in a while' hmm.

Funny thing is they were very happy with the olives (salt).

Do you call home made potato wedges 'junk food'? Potato, olive oil, oregano.

EleanorHandbasket Sun 04-Jul-10 11:52:30

Message withdrawn

borderslass Sun 04-Jul-10 11:53:31

Certainly not sounds fab party food for a 5 year old.

bellabelly Sun 04-Jul-10 11:54:57

Haha, I would be thrilled if my kids would eat home made potato wedges instead of oven chips. The mums sound very silly and tbh rather rude - ignore them!!!

Squitten Sun 04-Jul-10 11:55:44

Oh FFS - this kind of nonsense drives me MAD!

It was a birthday party! If kids can't have some treats at a party I think that's incredibly sad.

Don't worry about it at all - the food sounds lovely and they are bonkers...

EleanorHandbasket Sun 04-Jul-10 11:56:01

Message withdrawn

EleanorHandbasket Sun 04-Jul-10 11:57:36

Message withdrawn

scrab806ble Sun 04-Jul-10 11:58:08

Good for you, they ate real food with party atmosphere. Win-win!

MrsC2010 Sun 04-Jul-10 11:58:13

We had this at our wedding, we offered home-made chicken breast goujons to the kids, one mother (related to me for my sins) emailed to say that her son was, and I quote "too sensible to eat that kind of food". At 2.5. hmm

sowhatis Sun 04-Jul-10 11:58:39

ignore them, sounds lovely.

OrmRenewed Sun 04-Jul-10 11:58:55

Well apart from them being idiots they are rude.

BecauseImWorthIt Sun 04-Jul-10 12:00:39

It just illustrates how ignorant they are, both in the sense of them as people but also in terms of their knowledge of food.

Home-made potato wedges are not junk food.

(Actually nor are McCain Oven Chips - check the ingredients next time you buy some - potatoes and sunflower oil. And less than 5% fat.)

Just ignore them.

Laquitar Sun 04-Jul-10 12:00:49

Thank you all smile. I thought i'm missing something.

sarah293 Sun 04-Jul-10 12:02:09

Message withdrawn

nagoo Sun 04-Jul-10 12:27:44

Yum can I come to the next one.

We make lots of effort for our parties, and it is very when it is not appreciated.

nickschick Sun 04-Jul-10 12:31:24

I think its so ignorant of the women to comment like that.

Children need informed and varied diets - ok so mcdonalds isnt great but now and again doesnt kill you,I think your party food was lovely .....bjesus I was brought upon on brown sauce butties when my mums giro ran out grinand im still alive.

peppapighastakenovermylife Sun 04-Jul-10 12:34:28

MrsC - too sensible? Funniest thing I have heard all week grin

Laquitar Sun 04-Jul-10 12:34:58

You certainly can nagoo. And all the other lovely posters too.
I 'll not invite the silly cows next year. You can all come and i ll have wine-, and we'll dip our potato wedges in nutella!

nickschick Sun 04-Jul-10 12:35:37

I can bring brown sauce butties if you invite me grin

mousemole Sun 04-Jul-10 12:37:23

goodness, I can't bear food fascists. What you served up was great and homemade potato wedges are nutritous and filling. And anyway, even if you wanted to serve up neon pink jelly and plates of sweets it would be FUN for the kids and they would remember parties fondly when they get older, just as I do. Some people really need to relax.

ReasonableDoubt Sun 04-Jul-10 12:38:57

I hate the twattery that comes with kid's party food, these days. It's a party. Nobody wants organic rice cakes and cucumber slices at a party.

Adults drink wine and might tuck into crisps and dips or nuts or something at a drinks party. Kids like pizza and cake.

I secretly make a note in my little black book of Knobbers when people serve 'healthy' kid's party food wink

Laquitar Sun 04-Jul-10 12:40:59

Brown sauce? Yes, healthy. Bring it along.grin

nickschick Sun 04-Jul-10 12:42:52

I need a knobbers black book I bet organised mum would buy that idea from you grin.

nickschick Sun 04-Jul-10 12:43:54

Laq - im classier than my mum ,I do a tasty line of tartar sauce and cucumber on french stick ......wink

Laquitar Sun 04-Jul-10 12:45:54

My dh likes tartar sauce!

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