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to watch every moment of the Tour de France

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stubbornhubby Sat 03-Jul-10 18:07:29

No, Wait!

...with the man Cavendish in real contention for Green, a British team for the first time in yonks, and Bradley Wiggins capable of getting on the podium, and a route that takes the peleton up the tourmalet not once but twice..


Lance Armstrong starts in 25mins...

stubbornhubby Sat 03-Jul-10 18:08:20

and, yes, I HAVE finished my list wink

kreecherlivesupstairs Sat 03-Jul-10 18:11:45

YANBU (unless it takes you away from your duties at home). We've just got back from belgium where the TDF is going past the end of our new road. The excitement was palpable. I couldn't understand it personally but each to their own.

CantSupinate Sat 03-Jul-10 19:44:47

We are fans too .
DC get rather neglected this time of year blush.

stubbornhubby Sun 04-Jul-10 20:31:03

cavendish falls 1600m to go.

mitochondria Sun 04-Jul-10 20:34:04

Shouldn't have read this. I'm currently watching the highlights which we recorded earlier as putting children to bed.

I'd like to watch more of it, but too busy.

Earlybird Sun 04-Jul-10 20:34:49

I am a fan too, and shall enjoy discussing it with all of you each day. I love it.

diamondsandtiaras Sun 04-Jul-10 20:46:01

YABVVVVVU. Get a life grin <realises the irony saying this whilst MNing>

PlasticCenturion Sun 04-Jul-10 20:50:18


Poor Cav today, eh? They were chucking themselves off their bikes all over the place.

Just waiting for the inevitable drugs scandals to cast their cloud.

I adore the TDF.

BetsyBoop Sun 04-Jul-10 21:37:38

YAsoNBU grin

dbm Sun 04-Jul-10 21:40:36

totally watch the whole lot and enjoy it

StayingDavidTennantsGirl Sun 04-Jul-10 21:48:09

The last kilometre today was incredible - I have never seen a crash that stopped almost the entire peloton in its tracks!

I love watching the Tour - it's the sporting highlight of the summer for me - in fact last year we watched a stage go past near Draguignan in the South of France - which was amazing! All those lovely bodies in lycra so close you could almost touch them.

kreecherlivesupstairs Mon 05-Jul-10 06:41:30

I wish that we'd stayed in Belgium now. MMMMM lovely lycra clad bodies. We have a huge number of cyclists in Switzerland, DD has made up her own scoring system based on muscles, colour and fit of lycra and how fast they cycle. hmm she is 9.

stubbornhubby Mon 05-Jul-10 08:41:59

now, wthout wanting to start another dog thread - but AIBU to think that dogs should be kept on a lead during the tour de france?

disclosure - I was once once bitten by a dog while riding my bike. the dog maanged to bite me on the foot while I was pedalling!

it must have really, really wanted to bite me.

the owner said 'he's never done anything like that before'

Poor Millar and Basso yesterday, imagine hitting a dog at 40km/h. Poor dog.

jollyma Mon 05-Jul-10 08:52:54

My dh is a bike nut. I make exception to the "switch the bloody telly off" rule for the big tours on one condition- he calls me when there is a crash! Its my way of showing interest in his hobby.

Mittz Mon 05-Jul-10 09:09:46

''disclosure - I was once once bitten by a dog while riding my bike. the dog maanged to bite me on the foot while I was pedalling!

it must have really, really wanted to bite me.''
That is soo funny! grin

abdnhiker Mon 05-Jul-10 09:11:22

YANBU - or else we are too - We love these weeks - DH has just phoned in despair as he's off on business to Norway this week and will miss stage 3 which he was very excited about.

stubbornhubby Mon 05-Jul-10 09:19:40


PlasticCenturion Mon 05-Jul-10 10:04:47

DH (also a very keen cyclist, easily spotted in his Euskaltel Euskadi get-up with matching orange Orbea) had the foresight to be knocked off his bike last week. The broken bone and dislocated finger, diazepam and codeine are a bugger but he's off work and managing to wake up for each stage.

Those dogs! Perhaps their owners should be wearing 'don't hit my dog or I'll cut your head off' shirts.

Cadel's outbursts so far this year are conspicuous by their absence.

scaryteacher Mon 05-Jul-10 10:56:49

Can't get into the town where I live in Belgium today as the Tour is coming in from the middle of Brussels and starting from the Africa museum this pm.

queribus Mon 05-Jul-10 12:37:57

Highlight of my year! I love it! grin

One of the stages goes really close to my parents' house in France and I'm sooo upset I can't get out there this year (no time off in term time).

Looking forward to the mountains ...

alana39 Mon 05-Jul-10 13:54:00

What happened to the dog? They said Millar and Basso were ok but no word on the dog.

They should send Lance to have a word with the owner - his face when being asked about Landis allegations is scary.

FrogInAJacuzzi Mon 05-Jul-10 13:56:10

Think of it as an antidote to weeks of fecking football smile I love it - can't get enough.
YANBU at all.

Earlybird Mon 05-Jul-10 13:57:07

Think dog is ok. Telly commentators said this happens at least once every tour, and that dog's owners are fined

Earlybird Mon 05-Jul-10 15:45:32

Didn't realise until last night that all of last year's Astana team moved with Lance Armstrong to Radio Shack. The only exception is last year's Tour De France winner Contador - what team is he with this year? Are they highly experienced/rated?

Must say, that fact alone makes it appear that Contador, while very talented, is not a very good team mate.

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