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to think dh is showing signs of very dodgy character traits `?

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estuardo Thu 24-Jun-10 03:12:07

Tonight got text from friend (male ) in midst of nervous breakdown.. Had dinner with kids them went to visit him ( I am travelling GP)

He lives nearby and suggested we meet.he has not called

Dress like Barb"S

estuardo Fri 25-Jun-10 23:44:15

thumbwitch and Katisha, thanks. I think you are both exactly right.

The Barb worries me a little

Mumcentreplus Fri 25-Jun-10 23:46:19

tbh I think you could have called him (would not have made that much difference) biggie..I would have liked a call about you?..still perplexed about barbs grin

thumbwitch Fri 25-Jun-10 23:57:54

were you posting from a phone or the laptop? I was curious to know whether it was predictive text that caused the 'dress barb"s' (although can't for the life of me work out what else it could have been!)

estuardo Sat 26-Jun-10 00:02:00

thumbwitch will you believe me when I say I can't remember?

montmartre Sat 26-Jun-10 00:21:37

how odd... but Hecate- you are an utter genius with 'GPs, tramps and thieves'


thumbwitch Sat 26-Jun-10 00:28:47

oh God yes - I have no problem believing that at all! Given the hour of the morning and the emotional draining, I'm impressed you managed to get in the right front door, tbh!

estuardo Sat 26-Jun-10 00:36:25

aw thanks.
I do feel a twit

Lonnie Sat 26-Jun-10 00:43:34

OMG this is the BEST laugh I have had in AGES.. I am literally shaking and crying with laughter here dh is sending me dirty looks but even he got that involved he was disapointed to not ge the barb comment sorted...

ahhhh BEST tread on MN Ive EVER read..

oh and OP I vote your dh has to come and explain the Barb comment CEARLY he knows...grin

Dollytwat Sat 26-Jun-10 00:46:46

c'mon estuardo THINK what the Barb thing was about, it's in your sub conscious somewhere

good thread though - maybe posting at 4am is a good thing

thumbwitch Sat 26-Jun-10 00:59:26

ha, I think you were nearly asleep when you typed it, actually - it was one of those instant limbo dream moments - my uni notes are littered with them! the most amusing one was in the middle of biochemistry, I suddenly started to tail off and wrote something about blue elephants (completely irrelevant to the topic) blush

marenmj Sat 26-Jun-10 05:57:33

thumbwitch, at uni I used to work VERY early mornings and I recall once coming to - mid-conversation - while confidently telling a fellow to change the oil in his car to fix his worn tires.

My mother swears up and down she has had whole exchanges with me while I recall nothing. At one point when my schedule was its most hectic my parents were convinced I was having absent seizures and kept sending me in for brain scans and whatnot.

DH says I still talk nonsense in my sleep when I am under stress or over tired, and it has been many, many years since I was in uni grin.

I have not yet posted anything online, but I fear that will be the next step.

Quality Sat 26-Jun-10 07:27:34

I talk in my sleep, once answered the phone in my shared house in my sleep thinking I was still at the taxi firm and alledgedly had a row with my flatmate's mum. She was most amused, thankfully.

How has your DH been since then?

Headbanger Sat 26-Jun-10 07:33:29

YES BUT WHAT ABOUT BARB?!?!?!?!?!? <not coping with thread emotion>

Ahem. Thanks for coming back OP...

HalfTermHero Sat 26-Jun-10 08:17:12

Wonderful that you have come back and explained! I know you can't remember what device you used to post but do you have an iphone? That would explain the randon Barb ref as just a copy and paste error?

I agree with the others, I think that your husband was annoyed that you had stayed out so late. In the morning he realised that he had been selfish and apologised. Had you had alcohol at Hank's house? That would go a long way towards explaining the forgotten post! Plus also further explains why dh was fed up when you came in (he thought you had been living it up next door whilst he was stuck at home?).

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 26-Jun-10 10:29:20

hi there, estuardo grin Well, look on the bright side - you have been propelled into the mumsnet Hall Of Fame. Everyone now knows you grin

Agree that your husband probably spat his dummy out that you were so late. It's not always easy to contact them in such situations. You can't exactly say, hang on a minute, stop right there in the middle of telling me how you want to kill yourself, I just need to phone my husband to apologise for taking so long with you.

Is he a jealous man? Could he have thought something else was going on?

However, if you went out to tend to a friend, professionally, and he was sitting up waiting because he was worried about this friend and needed to know he was ok and you came back pissed, then you probably deserved a bit of attitude wink

HecateQueenOfWitches Sat 26-Jun-10 10:33:19

In fact, I think we should nominate this thread for Mumsnet Classics grin

WickedWitchSouthWest Sat 26-Jun-10 10:41:40

Funniest thread in an AGE! Deffo a Classic.

I'm slightly concerned that we might have given my subconscious some ideas here though, I already sleep walk and talk so surely sleep-mn'ing is the next step?! confused

MathsMadMummy Sat 26-Jun-10 10:51:50

just marking place in case there's any new revelations!

not sure what else to say really confused

mistressploppy Sat 26-Jun-10 13:44:29


Hope Hank is ok though

estuardo Mon 28-Jun-10 22:53:09

I had a very long chat with Hank today while both our kids were at a swimming gala.
He sends his love to you all.

I am worried about Barb, tho

Jux Tue 29-Jun-10 09:20:03


BarkisIsWilling Tue 29-Jun-10 09:31:43

I have to admire your (claimed) unconscious use of the ` symbol.

KickButtowski Tue 29-Jun-10 09:54:53

Estuardo, with your choice of the names Hank and Lucile you are really spoiling us.

If this continues please could you refer to your stroppy dh as Big Wayne and yourself as Crystal now on too just to keep the whole Cher / travelling GP / country theme alive in our hearts?grin

rubbersoul Tue 29-Jun-10 18:12:47

Just laughed my bum off reading this thread. Genius grin

JaMmRocks Tue 29-Jun-10 18:21:02

I'm confused - how could you have posted all that if you didn't get in until 4am? It was done at 3.12 confused

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