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Lying supermarkets must think I am stupid

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Jasonthunderpants Wed 23-Jun-10 18:54:47

While getting frozen mixed peppers out of a bag (for my tea they are ideal on pizza)I noticed a lot of green ones about 80% in fact.Looking on the back it said 34% green and 33% red and yellow
The next bag I get I am going to seperate the colours and weigh them and complain if the percentages do not match
This reminds me of a bag of drawing pins I got many years ago which said to contain 180,after counting them it came up 12 short,I am still cross about that

oooooooooh I am so vexed

sethstarkaddersmum Wed 23-Jun-10 18:55:37

<falls in love with OP>

PortiaNovmerriment Wed 23-Jun-10 18:58:35

I'm sure they don't think you are stupid. But MN now thinks you are a bit weird grin

I agree with you actually- I hate sodding green peppers, they are the nastiest by far. I would be very cross if anybody tried to palm extra off on me.

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Wed 23-Jun-10 18:58:37

YABU to count drawing pins. You are clearly a loon wink

It would be worth complaining re: the peppers if you can be arsed. Chances are that they are all bagged up once they've been mixed and you've just got a duff bag there. Similar happened with some birdfood once - it was all cheap stuff and bugger all dried mealworms. Suppliers were fine about it and replaced the bag; these things happen and it isn't necessarily the case that anyone is trying to rip you off.

BuzzingNoise Wed 23-Jun-10 18:59:20

oh dear. Methinks you have too much time on your hands grin

JenaiMarrHePlaysGuitar Wed 23-Jun-10 19:02:30

YABU to buy frozen peppers though - they're grim, aren't they? Do you buy frozen mushrooms and frozen onions, too? shock

thisisyesterday Wed 23-Jun-10 19:05:20

no yanbu!

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:05:55

Green peppers are tastless. What do they think you are? If you want to start a petition, or possible some sort of direct action, I'm right there with you. The Lying bastards

BodyMashIndex Wed 23-Jun-10 19:07:52

If 34% are green, and 33% red and yellow, what constitutes the remaining 33%?confused

TheLadyOfTheGreenKirtle Wed 23-Jun-10 19:08:03

i use frozen peppers, v tasty in lasagne

Jasonthunderpants Wed 23-Jun-10 19:08:04

only frozen veg we buy
sweetcorn and soya beans
the frozen peppers are nice on pizza and I am sat stuffing my face waiting for the football to start
kids in bed DW on way back from London

Jasonthunderpants Wed 23-Jun-10 19:09:52

33% red and 33% yellow. I was trying to be quick

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:11:58

They are trying to diddle you (in a non-sexual way). I'm pretty sure green peppers cost less than the others because they taste so cack. Another example of Rip Off Britain

Tidey Wed 23-Jun-10 19:13:07

Green peppers are definitely the most rubbish. Are they cheaper than the other colours? I've never noticed them costing less than red, yellow or orange but they always seem to be more of them in things for some reason.

BodyMashIndex Wed 23-Jun-10 19:13:12

Oh, of course.<slaps forehead>


I'd complain, and enjoy the vouchers they'll fob you off with send you.

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:14:44

i made that bit about the price of green peppers up

Scorpette Wed 23-Jun-10 19:15:15

We used to occasionally buy frozen peppers but have stopped doing so because every bag was at least 70% green peppers, and as we both hate them, it was just a waste. We bought from both Tesco and Sainsbury's, so I guess they used the same company to supply them, but why they would use mostly green peppers when they aren't any more expensive than other colours and a lot of people don't like green ones is beyond me!

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:16:13

This wouldn't happen in Waitrose (I possibly made that up too)

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:19:33

I once got a bag of salt and shake crisps which contained 1 crisp and many salt bags (I did NOT make this up). I was incandescent with rage.

Gl4dys Wed 23-Jun-10 19:20:25

He has got too much time on his hands wink. Trains have wifi grin

Tidey Wed 23-Jun-10 19:21:10

My mother once put sweetcorn in a chicken tikka and I was so angry I could have thrown it across the room. Food is an emotional thing grin

Jamieandhismagictorch Wed 23-Jun-10 19:22:17

shock at your mum Tidey

BodyMashIndex Wed 23-Jun-10 19:24:46

Green peppers do taste cack, don't they?

There are usually more green 'uns in the Sainsbos economy bags too.

I once had a bag of Salt & Shake with 5 bags of salt, but Jamie's trumps that hands down.

littlebrownmouse Wed 23-Jun-10 19:25:37

I had three pasta tubes in my fabulous betty-spaghetti-twirly-whirly pasta this week. If I'd wanted tubes I'd have bought cheaper pasta. Should I be grumpy? DS was very excited by the turn of events and nearly burst with glee when he found a tube in his tea tonight. It was like when you used to get joined together Shreddies and get all excited about it.

Jasonthunderpants Wed 23-Jun-10 19:25:39

Jamie did you go to the newspapers?
I remember a news story years ago about somebody who found a bag full of salt bags.Was that you?
green,red,yellow and orange peppers are all the same.The green ones are not ripe and can be harvested quicker, that is why there area lot of them.

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