Bikinis for little girls are a bit yuck

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Rosieeo Sun 20-Jun-10 12:10:16

I just don't like them. It implies that they have something that needs to be covered and they don't. Why can't they all, boys and girls, just run around in pants on the beach? Or am I being a bit OTT?

hettyhoover Sun 20-Jun-10 12:19:01

I don't like it either, I think they try to make little girls 'sexy'. But I disaagree that they should just wear pants, I think a 1 piece swimming cossie would be better.

southeastastra Sun 20-Jun-10 12:19:58

i had one in the 70s. they were cooler in the heat than all in ones. really don't understand why people get het up over this.

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 20-Jun-10 12:20:12

I think little girls look just fine in pants, swimming cossies or bikinis.

Rosieeo Sun 20-Jun-10 12:22:17

It's not that I think they look bad, it just seems a bit unnecessary.

ticktockclock Sun 20-Jun-10 12:25:12

Really?? Dress your kids in what you like. No problem with bikini's at any age. My DD has several. biscuit

usualsuspect Sun 20-Jun-10 12:26:12

Doesn't bother me

Rosieeo Sun 20-Jun-10 12:29:21

Yep, really! Although it's the ones that are small versions of adult ones that upset me, not big ol' vest ones.

izzybiz Sun 20-Jun-10 12:31:14

I don't like the ones that have the triangle type bra, they don't have breasts why make out like they do?

My Dd is 6 and wanted a bikini, I bought her a tankini, shows a little bit of her belly, but still looks like a top and shorts.

YANBU, but I wouldn't worry about it too much!

bibbitybobbityhat Sun 20-Jun-10 12:31:34

Try not to be upset by it. To answer your op, yes I think you could possibly be being a bit ott.

Rosieeo Sun 20-Jun-10 12:35:52

grin Maybe upset is a bit strong. Vaguely puzzled would be better. I had my suspicions about being OTT.

MrsWobbleTheWaitress Sun 20-Jun-10 12:36:16

YANBU If they're too hot in a swimsuit, then just wear knickers or <gasp> be naked!

Tankinis I like - much like a one-piece really!

Mumcentreplus Sun 20-Jun-10 12:36:53

It doesn't bother me at all I just brought my DDs a new spotty one and a matching one piece in the Debs sale..

OrmRenewed Sun 20-Jun-10 12:37:52

Yes. One-piece or just bottoms or even nowt. They don't have boobs so need for a top to cover anything or provide support.

Mumcentreplus Sun 20-Jun-10 12:39:46

what age are we talking about here?

zerominuszero Sun 20-Jun-10 12:49:42

They don't keep me awake at night but I agree that it's all a bit strange, trying to make them look like adults for the sake of it. I suppose some parents get a kick out of getting their kids to look like mini adults. I agree that just wearing the pants part of them is fine and seems the most sensible thing.

secunda Sun 20-Jun-10 12:51:21

I think they look tacky

southeastastra Sun 20-Jun-10 12:52:03

yeah sure my mum got a kick from seeing me in a bikini in 1974 grin

Bunnyjo Sun 20-Jun-10 12:57:57

We bought our DD, who is 32mth, this and I don't see any problem with it. She likes the skirt bit and I certainly don't think the top is suggesting she has boobs.

OP - you are being a tad OTT, but I suspect you know that. Now, if you were talking about padded bikinis or something equally as gross, then I would be in complete agreeance with you.

ItalyLovingMummy Sun 20-Jun-10 13:13:41

It depends on the bikini, my friend and I were discussing this the other day. The bikini that Bunnyjo has bought her daughter is lovely for example and I wouldn't have a problem buying that if I had a daughter.

BabyDubsEverywhere Sun 20-Jun-10 13:14:02

Op your opinion makes sense, i disageww but it does have logic.

But those who say they'd prefer a cossie, that has no logic at all? if your saying a little girl has no need to cover anything then whats the point of a costume at all, unless of course you put your boys in them too i suppose? i doubt that though.
Of the young girls i know they love nothing more than to emulate their elders, if this is wearing a bikini on the beach so they look more like mommy than daddy then who cares, and really what harm is being done?

As a side, what age do you deem apropriate for young girl to cover up? 5, 8, 11, 13 maybe??

LeoniPoni Sun 20-Jun-10 13:14:09

Bunnyjo that tankini is adorable!

I don't mind bikinis but as izzybiz said the triangle ones are crossing a bit of a line in whats appropriate and those padded ones were an absolute joke.

Anyway I don't think many little girls who just wanna run around and play are going to be comfortable in a string, padded bikini! Better off just in bottoms!

ticktockclock Sun 20-Jun-10 13:14:34

Little girls have breasts, they are just undeveloped until they hit puberty (and even then some don't get them). However it is a piece of clothing for swimming or hanging out on the beach in. My DD has bikinis, tankinis, swimsuits and a mini wetsuit. We spend alot of time on the beach and in the water (winters are usually away). We like to have variety and think that they are fine, if you don't like them don't use them.

MadameBelle Sun 20-Jun-10 13:15:58

I'm with secunda on this topic.

gobsmackedetal Sun 20-Jun-10 13:16:24

I hate all in ones, dd's belly gets cold wqhen wet which leads to diarhoea ( I know it sounds weird but it has happened every time without fail).

I'm happy for her to wear whatever, I think just pants is the sensible option, but DD is now going through a phase of wanting to be like mummy, therefore wants to wear a bikini like mummy.

A lot of the time is not about what adults feel about what the kids are wearing, but the kids themselves want to wear and for what reasons.


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