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to be slightly envious of a friend whose children have learned to open a bottle of wine and give her a glass...........

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toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:28:01

before asking for anything?
Well am I????

lukewarmcupoftea Wed 09-Jun-10 19:30:36


to only be slightly envious

Mind you, dh just brought me one, do it's not all bad. Slurp.

booyhoo Wed 09-Jun-10 19:30:51

yanbu to be jealous.

yabu for posting instead of teaching your dc right away.

"so dcs, from now on when you want something, you go to the drawer, take out the bottle opener and then grab a bottle of wine from the rack, anything will do." grin

Plumm Wed 09-Jun-10 19:31:06

I am jealous!

DD and I were doing sounds the other evening and she said w is for wine, pointing at the large glass in my hand grin

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 09-Jun-10 19:32:04

Oh dear. This isn't exaclty the right talent to show the teacher at show and tell.

Very useful though grin

belledechocolatefluffybunny Wed 09-Jun-10 19:32:22

opps, exactly!

potplant Wed 09-Jun-10 19:34:11

Me and DH have been contemplating the age when you can send your DCs to the shop around the corner for a loaf of bread.

Do SS come round if they are under 10?

toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:35:12

potplant - my DS1 has been going to the shop for bread and milk since he was 7...........SS haven't showed up yet (well the did once - but it was nothing to do with DS1 going to the shop on his own grin)

Gigantaur Wed 09-Jun-10 19:36:05

Oh that is very good. that is even more [anvy] making than Reality's DP. all she has to do is tap her fingers on t he glass/cup and he goes and re fills it.

but a child.
That is expert parenting

toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:37:27

ooo I'm envy of Reality as well then grin

pointydog Wed 09-Jun-10 19:40:13

I wouldn't be envious. I;d think it odd.

potplant Wed 09-Jun-10 19:41:25

7 you say, mmmm only 6 more months to go then grin. I am more concerned about DS coming back with a fivers worth of Panini stickers than anything else!

I used to go with my friend to the shop to get her Dad's fags! She wasn't allowed to go on her own but it was alright if we went together. Possibly around 9/10. The goold 70's!

5inthebackofthenet Wed 09-Jun-10 19:42:31

Depends, has she trained them to let the wine brethe before they pour it?

And do they provide her with a cheese platter or some chocolate as well?

toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:43:12

well pointy - I'm pretty sure it's not for every request (otherwise she'd end up an alcoholic) - but more the "mu-um please can I have"........the ones that are kind of like asking for special stuff that's not everyday grin

Mrsbubblebum Wed 09-Jun-10 19:43:50

I think it's strange only because i would never think of such thing...

When i was 7 my granddad introduced to few local shop keepers so i could go and buy him fags grin

Mrsbubblebum Wed 09-Jun-10 19:43:56

I think it's strange only because i would never think of such thing...

When i was 7 my granddad introduced to few local shop keepers so i could go and buy him fags grin

Mrsbubblebum Wed 09-Jun-10 19:44:31

Didn't mean to post twiceblush

honeymom Wed 09-Jun-10 19:45:07

ahh ny children have been getting me bread since 7 as well .

I'm working on teaching them to bring me coffee in bed atm :D and they can open beer and bring it too me so all is good

toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:45:52

Mrsbubble - I wouldn't have thought of it either, I was only just starting to think about teaching DS1 to make coffees for me LOL

overmydeadbody Wed 09-Jun-10 19:46:59

pot what you need to do is start training your DC to buy stuff at the shops now, with you waiting outside, just inside the door etc., so that in six month's time you will know they are capable of doing it on their own.

MillyR Wed 09-Jun-10 19:47:19

Potplant, I think you are fine to send a child shopping as long as they understand the concept of theft.

DD was not so good at working this one out, and I spent a lot of returning packets of mints and copies of Logical Challenge to our local shop.

overmydeadbody Wed 09-Jun-10 19:47:25

I wouldn't want my DS opening the wine, what if he opens the good stuff?!?

MillyR Wed 09-Jun-10 19:47:44

that should have said 'spent a lot of time'

toccatanfudge Wed 09-Jun-10 19:49:08

LOL Milly - that's quite funny - sorry - about the teaching them the concept of theft grin

Morloth Wed 09-Jun-10 19:50:21

This is why they switched to screwtops isn't it?

My DS's not so well trained, but they have learned not to bother me between 8:00am and 8:30am. That's is Mummy's coffee time, even the 10 week old has realised this.

DS1 good at buying things in shops by himself while I wait outside, crap however at remembering his change.

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