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to not 'release wind' in front of my DP?

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KodakTheBat Tue 01-Jun-10 16:33:24

We've been together 3 years. I've never done it. During a conversation with the girls last night, in their words I'm a 'bloody freak' hmm. I've also told him I don't poo blush

I'm not weird am I? Surely I'm not the only one who doesn't...?

EmmyVonN Wed 02-Jun-10 10:43:01

SoH, you're very funny. And you're right.

I love a good poo joke and dh and ds and I do giggle at farts. But it is about choice and sharing or not sharing doesn't necessarily mean hang ups. I'd happily describe my poos if dh went sadean and wanted to know. But I wouldn't want him in there with me. It's my 'me time' grin

alexisfaith Wed 02-Jun-10 10:52:05

I don't do it in front of DH simply because I don't do it at all. I have never, in my entire life, 'released wind' or even burped! Seriously! I'm not holding it in, it just doesn't happen. I think I might have a condition.

I did however travel in the tropics with DH when we were first together. I got very, very ill with sickness and diarrhoea after my cocktail was, a friend later told us, watered down with tap water. Cue 48hrs of putrid, watery, flowing fluids from me. DH held back my hair, tried not to vomit at the smell, and rubbed my back. Then we had to board a 16hr flight home. To the horror, I'm sure, of fellow passengers, I spent the duration in the toilet. Probably stank the plane out. DH stood on the other side of the door trying to keep me from weeping, passing me drinks, and making me laugh.

Bodily functions happen! In short, YABU. Let it go!

textpest Wed 02-Jun-10 11:02:38

I don't (that often) fart in front of DP as he makes a massive fuss about it despite being quite free with it himself. I don't go to the toilet in front of him either (my preference) but he has no problems going in front of me at all.....within 2 months of us getting together he had walked in to the bathroom and sat down on the toilet (by my head) while I was in the bath.

diddl Wed 02-Jun-10 11:17:10

It´s not a thing we do deliberately.

But I`ve got a really bad cold at the moment & when I blow my nose, I´m farting.blush

Can´t keep it in if it´s there!grin

Jamiki Wed 02-Jun-10 11:20:48

No, I don't, theres been one or two quick sneaky ones that have just popped out but as a rule I don't.

CheekyPinkSox Wed 02-Jun-10 11:54:58

Me and DH do it to see who can be the loudest blush

theres nothing wrong with letting off wind infront of your partner, unless you have only just met lol

ShowOfHands Wed 02-Jun-10 13:35:16

There's nothing wrong with doing it if both parties are happy and there's nothing wrong with abstaining as long as both parties are happy. DH and I both choose not to display flatulent tendencies when in each other's presence. I don't do it because of some patriarchal pressure that deems my arse must only emit blossom scents and spring tones on demand. He doesn't abstain from it because he's afraid my delicate feminine sensibilities will combust if he emits any noise or smell from his bottom. We operate the way we do because we thankfully live in a house where doing what makes us happy and/or comfortable is permitted.

And I too have had (as had dh a few days beforehand), terrible norovirus where I couldn't do anything but sit on the loo with a bucket between my knees until I was empty. Did DH run from the building screaming? No. He mopped my brow, brought drinks, checked up on me, emptied the bucket regularly, comforted me and did everything you would expect of a partner who sees his wife in pain and unhappy. Similarly he did not leave my side during a 28hr and very traumatic and difficult labour.

It is not prudish to behave differently. It is however very reductive and presumptuous to assume anything about somebody from such a small and personal choice.

twopeople Wed 02-Jun-10 14:12:23

Message withdrawn

twopeople Wed 02-Jun-10 14:14:01

Message withdrawn

lovechoc Wed 02-Jun-10 14:45:24

otterlybotterly thank heavens there's another female in this thread who sees my POV too!!!! thought I was the only one besides ballpointpen - have just noticed this poster also has similar views.

ladybelle Thu 03-Jun-10 16:04:00

poo is a private matter, neither of us poo in front of the other one,but he suffers with a lot of excess gas and rattles them off almost constantly, he is very laid back about it and it doesnt bother him. On the other hand, if i let one slip out he makes a big thing of it, so i usually try to hold them in till he goes to work or i dash upstairs or turn the stereo up.wink

Saladbomb Thu 03-Jun-10 16:07:37

farting and peeing in front of OH are OK but I draw the line at no.2. Actually its more my OH that draws the line, it wouldn't really bother me. :D I once got in a bit of a tizz with my mooncup and had to get him to take it out (hadnt quite figured out the pelvic floor at that point) Not much mystique left after that!!

That said, I dont really like depilating in front of him tho. Which I guess is quite strange!

haoshiji Thu 03-Jun-10 16:36:46

Farting and toileting are part of life, no mystique about doing it out of site or earshot?! DH and I have crossed paths on both but it's not like we set out to do it for fun or something... Although farts that sound like a duck in a breadbin can be quite amusing. shock

Good god if you have time to worry about it then you need to get out more.

Where does this oddness to maintain 'standards' come from? Does everyone live in a manner house and act like the queen?

DH farted down the aisle in Tesco once when bending down to pick up a Cadbury flake he dropped, at first I was deeply embarrassed as the woman stacking the shelves looked aghast but then couldn't stop laughing.

Pinktights Thu 03-Jun-10 16:59:15

Let it all out!!!!

If he doesn't love you any more because of a mere gasball, then it can't have been real love anyway!

chenge Fri 04-Jun-10 10:51:54

NO WAY will i make a poo in front of my husband,and he would't either,i was shy to wee in front of him until i became pregnant,coz this led me to peeing very 5minutes and i seriouly wouldn't ask my DH who would be taking a shower to get out so i can pee,and when i went to have my baby,i was 2 weeks overdue so he was there when the nurses were going in down there,i however had to tell him to not look coz i was so embarrassed having 4 people watching and going inside my vjj,,

he is a farter,and his twin is one too,they compete to see who does it loudest but im the go to the toilet kind of person and i want my children to not fart in front of other people,,too long,sorry

chenge Fri 04-Jun-10 10:56:11

however some of the farts are so unexpected when he does them that i have to laugh,now our two months old baby does them,,my husband couldn't be more proud,,

startingagainafter14years Wed 09-Jun-10 20:58:31

I've never farted "out loud" but I do do "silent but violent".... I greatly enjoy seeing DH or DD's face when the silent, toxic smell finally reaches their nostrils!! HILARIOUS!

foodista Fri 11-Jun-10 11:58:14

My sis does the stinkiest farts EVER. Her ex used to do the loudest farts ever, so she'd wait until he dropped one under the duvet and then let one of her "silent but violents" slip out and blame the smell on his explosive efforts.

He must have wondered why he stopped smelling so terrible after they parted company...

secunda Fri 11-Jun-10 15:06:48

I don't do any of the aforementioned in front of DP. We do have sex on my period, though. I do sort of fart in front of him, but they never smell (honest) and are always silent, so he doesn't know. He has accidentally done a couple of little parps in front of me, which I find quite endearing but he gets embarrassed.

When we have our first, I'm seriously considering not letting him in the delivery suite during the actual birth, or at least not at the business end, in case it puts him off me.

FranSanDisco Fri 11-Jun-10 15:13:43

Dh is disgusted that I fart in front of him but feels it's OK to fart in front of me hmm. Mine smell of flowers and his of rotten eggs grin

hairytriangle Fri 11-Jun-10 15:21:47

Mystique ??? PMSL. Human beings fart and shit.

If I couldn't fart openly in my own home I think I'd go crazy!

I think it's really odd when people have hangups about it in front of each other, but each to their own!

Jaquelinehyde Fri 11-Jun-10 15:26:38

I don't pass wind in front of DP and I have told him I don't poo grin He obviously knows that I me he has been in the bathroom after me a few times where he could be in no doubt grin

AuntieMaggie Fri 11-Jun-10 15:34:10

OMG seriously? Yes I 'pass wind' in front of my DP - I try not to do most of the other things though (apart from my make up) although he was rather lovely the other week when AF descended rather heavily in the middle of the night and I didn't realise I had stained the sheets - he just stripped the bed and washed it the only reason I now know is because I told him I'd do the washing as my PJs weren't very nice. He wasn't bothered by it. However the sight of unused sanitary items seem to send him running for the hills.....

As for the windy business - there have been times where I would have lived in the bathroom if I didn't in front of him and tbh I think that feeling comfortable enough with him to do that says a lot as I haven't with any other BF in the past.

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