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AIBU in thinking the swimming company is BU?

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Librashavinganotherbiscuit Thu 20-May-10 17:42:15

Right my DS (23 months) is starting swimming lessons at a pool where the temp is going to be 30°, I have been told by the company running the lessons that DS NEEDS (their capitals, underline AND bold!) either a wetsuit or a snugg (which of course they sell), am I being unreasonable to think this is complete bollocks and it's just another way for the company to make money out of us? Surely 30° is warm enough for a 23 month old to tolerate for 30minutes without suffering from hypothermia?

scurryfunge Thu 20-May-10 17:46:52

Ignore them, it's a money making excercise.That temperature is fine for a little while and warmer than a lot of pools.

scurryfunge Thu 20-May-10 17:48:02

Have you taken him swimmimg before and did he survive?

Why swimming lessons at that age anyway?

scurryfunge Thu 20-May-10 17:56:31

I can spell swimming!

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Thu 20-May-10 18:12:44

Well it's less swimming lessons and more structured swimming fun which sounds poncey, and I am so lazy if I didn't pay I wouldn't go and I think it's important for children to be able to swim as early as possible. I am sure our local childrens pool is less than that temperature and he survives quite happily up to an hour in that.

PixieOnaLeaf Thu 20-May-10 18:16:37

Message withdrawn

kingnothing Thu 20-May-10 18:25:56

I'm a swimming teacher and lifeguard and it is our policy to recommend (rather than dictate) that younger babies and children wear all-in-ones, as they lose body temperature much quicker than adults, - and if those lessons are like mine, then there will be some time out of the water and some time being still and listening, so it just keeps them a bit warmer. FWIW, although in my mind Speedos and Zoggs are the best competition wear, it's a waste of cash to spend that amount on a toddler - most supermarkets sell little wetsuits/all-in-ones, and they are just fine!

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Thu 20-May-10 18:28:08

But if he doesn't NEED one even a cheap one seems an unnecessary expense....

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Thu 20-May-10 18:30:46

Sorry above was to pixie.

kingnothing, there will be no time out of the water and deffo no time being still and listening. It's a waterbaby class (the last term we are doing before hopefully moving to the local council swimming pool lessons). However will look in supermarket for cheap cheap one. thanks.

kingnothing Thu 20-May-10 18:31:39

My DCs wear them - they are better than swimming costumes and trunks for lessons (not just general swim) and I got ours from Tesco - £4 each!!

kingnothing Thu 20-May-10 18:34:51

I'm glad you're taking him to lessons - it does make a difference (not that I'm biased or anything). I work in council pools - and our pools are a bit cooler than 30 degrees. A fair bit, sometimes!! hmm

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Thu 20-May-10 18:38:29

He usually just wears a splashabout happy nappy (on top of a swimming nappy of course!) and as he still fits into that I don't really want to fork out more, once he has outgrown that then I might be more receptive.

Littlefish Thu 20-May-10 18:38:30

My dd's lessons are in a pool which is 30 degrees. If she doesn't wear her wetsuit she is shivering and has blue lips by the end of her lesson. (She's 5).

Of course you don't have to have a wet suit etc. but you might find that your ds is more comfortable when he's wearing one.

Helmar Thu 20-May-10 21:46:44

My Granddaughter has been having swimming lessons since she was 9 weeks old (now 14 weeks)My daughter has never been told that she needs a wet suit and she just wears a normal swimsuit and some little Swimmers, but lessons are in a pool at a special needs School and the water is always warm. I just grab her quickly and wrap her in a warm towelas soon as she comes out.
Think they are just trying to rip you off!

trixymalixy Thu 20-May-10 21:52:51

My two go to waterbabies and have only rarely needed a wetsuit and usually they have some for the babies to put on.

They might have suggested that it's nice for the babies to have their own as it's not nice to put on a wet one that someone in a previous class has used, but have never given the hard sell.

Minshu Thu 20-May-10 21:53:29

The pool I took DD to this morning felt cooler than normal, and that was at 33 c, rather than the usual 34 c...

I'd get something to keep him warm, to be honest (but then my DD is only a baby, so not moving independently and so not generating her own warmth).

pigletmania Thu 20-May-10 22:00:31

A 23 month old toddler sitting and listening and taking in intstructions kingnothing!, my dd is 3.2 and finds that difficult to do.

Catz Thu 20-May-10 22:04:36

We started a waterbabies class this week and they really put the hard sell on these wet suit things. We were met by 'greeters' who essentially tried to sell us stuff and meant we started the class very late. I did classes with a different company with DC1, they just required a happy nappy and she was fine without a wet suit. Because of that I refused to buy a wet suit from my waterbabies 'greeter' and they did give up eventually but after lots of 'concerned' looks and 'well if your sure but we do recommend you spend another £25 on this' type comments. Mind you I was the only parent who didn't buy one (and the only second time parent...) I may buy a cheaper one elsewhere if he seems cold. The class was fun but I was irritated by the sales pitch. Apparently they try to squeeze more cash out of you by doing underwater photo shoots etc

Catz Thu 20-May-10 22:07:19

sorry cross posts trixy - I guess different franchises have different approaches.

strawberrycake Thu 20-May-10 22:24:41

Our bloody pool is unheated! Well it should be, but it never works. Signs up apologising might as well be permanent. Still traumatised from a February visit.

trixymalixy Thu 20-May-10 22:31:59

They do seem to have a completely different approach Catz. DD started a few months ago and I had just taken DS's old happy nappy which was to big for DD. They just gave me one to borrow every week until Ds's old one fitted her, when I thought they would insist I bought a new one for her.

And i do agree with the OP that a 23 month old will survive being a bit cold, it would be a different matter if he was 3 months old.

BramblyHedge Thu 20-May-10 22:34:34

My ds has lessons in a 30c pool (he is 21m) and just wears a swim nappy and trunks as does everyone else (or costume if girl). It is lovely and warm.

Librashavinganotherbiscuit Fri 21-May-10 08:36:27

thanks for all your comments.

trixy the word need was underlined, bold and capitilised in the email from waterbabies so I call that hard sell.

Helmar, your GD has been in a hydrotherapy pool which are heated to 34 so she would have been fine in just a splash nappy, also at that age they are probably quite strict about the 30 minute limit.

I think I am going to tell them I will make a judgement call after the first lesson.

OldMacEIEIO Fri 21-May-10 08:48:36

this constant hard sell in every walk of life is something that really gets my goat.

I even remember the day it all started (for me anyway)

It was the day Manweb rang me, unsolicited, and asked me if they could sell me gas and half an hour later a guy from British Gas knocked on the door and tried to sell me electricity.

the day the world went mad.

kingnothing Fri 21-May-10 09:07:09

haha pigletmania - I know, but that's the theory! Actually, some of them do stay still long enough to take instruction, but it's probably better off not to bank on it. I meant they wouldn't necessarily be actively swimmng all the time - I just re-read my post, and it does sound as if I am promoting a little class of angels!!

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