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To dye daughter's pony pink?

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MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:22:49

A bit late for regrets now, hopefully it will be nice surprise rather than horrible shock. It's just so cochineal when was aiming for subtle pastel pink.


OM Christ!!!! lol

MitchiestInge Thu 17-Mar-11 19:52:21

Ooh who bumped this up? That pony has had his revenge 1000 times since then!

NorthernGobshite Thu 17-Mar-11 16:35:22


Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-11 18:49:59

Hulababy Wed 16-Mar-11 18:45:48

NorthernGobshite Mon 14-Mar-11 20:36:46

How do I see the photo????

NorthernGobshite Mon 14-Mar-11 20:32:15

I think you ROCK!!! I want a pink pony, I want a pink pony....

Merlotmonster Mon 14-Mar-11 20:21:27

this is bloody hilarious!!!....although the poor horse does look a bit perplexed..he he

ps...had you been down the pub at lunch time??

BornThisWayBaby Mon 14-Mar-11 18:09:12

hmmm maybe blue alice i dont want him to get picked on .. but a pink staff would look VERY funny around my rough staff infested council estate area

roomonthebroom Mon 14-Mar-11 17:50:03

Or even

roomonthebroom Mon 14-Mar-11 17:49:33

Damn, I was thinking about this thread yesterday and was going to cite the pink pony if I ever had to name change to show I had been here a while and now it's back on the first page!

It is a brilliant thread though :O

TitsalinaBumSquash Mon 14-Mar-11 17:17:49

I am so jelous I only have a Cat and she is black nothing will dye over it.. <gives Cat a disgusted look>

I have have to shave her in a creative fashion instead.

LisamumtoJake Mon 14-Mar-11 17:08:27

grin i nearly wet myself there!! And you're adding glitter, how fabulous!!! envy i always wanted a pink pony!! Tho the poor thing does look rather emmmm blush

aliceliddell Mon 14-Mar-11 17:05:01

is this one of those 'horses of a different colour' from Wizard of Oz? BornThisWay - surely blue for a puppy? Be reasonable...

It's further up, well worth the search grin Looks like it's been attacked with a meat cleaver

Ormirian Mon 14-Mar-11 17:00:39

Woooah! A true zombie thread! I remember this from last time.

NiceBears Mon 14-Mar-11 16:59:40

I can't see a pink pony <cries>

It was linked on a should I use food colouring to dye my kids hair pink thread grin

BornThisWayBaby Mon 14-Mar-11 15:27:16

umm what did you use to dye him?

<eyes white puppy thoughtfully>

Indith Mon 14-Mar-11 15:24:59

Ah this was one fine thread

reelingintheyears Mon 14-Mar-11 15:22:11 did you find this?

reelingintheyears Mon 14-Mar-11 15:21:04


Hee heee heee, why did I not spot this earlier ??? That is one pissed off looking pony <<wipes tears>>

MitchyInge Wed 26-May-10 15:49:34

A bit

BythewayItsStillMe Wed 26-May-10 14:19:22

I'm another one who saw the title but thought it'd be about a toy pony, never thought fir a second it would be a real pony! grin

Wish I'd read it sooner, best laugh I've had all week!

Is the pony still pink?

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