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To dye daughter's pony pink?

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MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:22:49

A bit late for regrets now, hopefully it will be nice surprise rather than horrible shock. It's just so cochineal when was aiming for subtle pastel pink.


pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:37:48

I don't care if you ABU or not. You are totally barking mad and I think you are great!

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:39:59

cochineal in water, at first carefully sponged on then I thought 'fuck it' . . . and just poured it all over

KathyImLost Fri 14-May-10 15:41:11

Orm is right, pony poo colour needs to be addressed. Blue food dye might work. Otherwise I am on iron tablets at the mo, and they result in black 'go with everything' poos.

You can upload a pic to twitpic using your iphone, then post a link?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:43:14

Got 20 mins to make mine purple, he's called Barney so am disguising him as that famous purple thing called Barney.

Pony was coloured, skewbald (blue roan and white). Good job we only do the 'coloured' classes, in case it doesn't wash out?

Songbird Fri 14-May-10 15:43:24

'go with anything' poos grin

my god, there's only one thing I would have loved more than a pony when I were a lass, and that's a pink pony!

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:44:34

Please be my friend - when we were at school my mate Peter once gave his mum's poodle a blue mohican. She was so lovely about it, she came home and in her queen type vowels just sighed and said

"Oh dear Peter, what have we done now?"

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:51:30

Now I know you are winding us up! Barney?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:54:53

I promise I'm not! Barney is the dark brown one on my profile, he is only a bit sparkly with lilac glitter now though, not very purple at all

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 16:01:59

Ok this had better work, the twitpic upload app cost 59p!

please don't say he looks rubbish

Hullygully Fri 14-May-10 16:03:28

I won't say he looks rubbish, but he does look like there has been some sort of truly horrific and tragic accident that has left him flayed alive.

ShinyAndNew Fri 14-May-10 16:04:10

grin @ Hully.

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:04:37

He looks like a proud and noble steed. Just needs a knight on his back

I think confused

WorzselMummage Fri 14-May-10 16:04:52

He's Lovely !

envy i alwasy wanted a pink pony!

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 16:06:01

Oh shit. Am going to put some glitter on, see if that helps. At least nobody is saying his mane is on the wrong side?

FoxyRevenger Fri 14-May-10 16:06:17 looks like he's suffered some sort of terrible burn injury. Poor beast!!!

OrmRenewed Fri 14-May-10 16:06:25

Oh I think he looks embarrassed mitchy. Sorry grin

etchasketch Fri 14-May-10 16:07:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

TrinityMeemaRhino Fri 14-May-10 16:07:12

oh my god, you really meant a real pony

erm...he looks......great grin

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 16:09:13

I think the mane on the wrong side is the least of the poor beast's worries. He's feckin' bright pink!

cupcakesandbunting Fri 14-May-10 16:09:30

Oh my...

YABU to dye the poor sod pink fgs. I wouldn't mind seeing a purple pony though.

petisa Fri 14-May-10 16:09:43

LOL he looks dead funky! your lucky dd having a mum like you - I wanted a pony soooo badly as a child (still have plans to get one, but will be about 50 at this rate grin

Was going to say going from your pics your horse is the bay one so prob not going to go v purple, but I see you've discovered that already grin

I'm sure your dd will have a fab time, hope you all do!

oldandgreynow Fri 14-May-10 16:10:31

Thanks for shelling out 59p ,Best belly laugh in a while !!

cupcakesandbunting Fri 14-May-10 16:12:03

OK having looked at the picture, I see that it is a kind of purple pony. He looks ace, like he's been tie-dyed. He looks unimpressed though. You think he'd be more grateful tbpfh.

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 16:12:17

poor bugger looks skinned.

EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 16:12:51

I did laugh though grin

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