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To dye daughter's pony pink?

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MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:22:49

A bit late for regrets now, hopefully it will be nice surprise rather than horrible shock. It's just so cochineal when was aiming for subtle pastel pink.


EccentricaGallumbits Fri 14-May-10 15:23:35

all the other ponies will laugh at it.

StealthPolarBear Fri 14-May-10 15:23:39


pickledmonkey Fri 14-May-10 15:23:54

are you jordan?

MaisietheMorningsideCat Fri 14-May-10 15:24:06

What - you dyed a real, live horse pink with food colouring? In the name of the wee man, why??

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:26:57

Please, please explain. I really, really am all ears? All yours. Off you go! You may begin...............

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:27:28

As a surprise, she is having birthday party this evening and decorating some of the others. Thought would be nice head start so she could help her friends?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:28:54

Someone's going to phone the ILPH aren't they!

drinkyourmilk Fri 14-May-10 15:28:56

I need a photo!

KathyImLost Fri 14-May-10 15:29:30

But... a REAL pony? Pics plz.

ShinyAndNew Fri 14-May-10 15:29:55

You mean 'My Little Pony' no? I thought they were all pink and ghastly glittery anyway?

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:30:11

Couldn't you have just had a few balloons and a cake? Maybe push the boat out with a clown?

But to dye the pony pink?
Erm do you have a photo of this unfortunate novel animal?

MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:30:17

Can I upload to profile from iPhone? Will try . . .

MaisietheMorningsideCat Fri 14-May-10 15:31:14

That still makes no sense at all - she's having a birthday party and decorating some of the other ponies, so you've dyed this one pink with food colouring?

What's wrong with bowling and pizza? grin

Mouseface Fri 14-May-10 15:33:53

WTF...... you dyed a real live pony?????


Oh I hope it's not permanent.........

Will await photo.

CMOTdibbler Fri 14-May-10 15:33:57

Is he glittery yet too ? Bet you he rolls in some mud before the party !

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:33:58

Wow - can't wait to see what happens on the kids 21st birthday! That is one party I really want to go to. I am getting right in with Mitchyinge's gang!

OrmRenewed Fri 14-May-10 15:34:18

Will you also colour it's poo? Because that horse shit colour will not go with pink at all.

BattyKoda Fri 14-May-10 15:34:31


MitchyInge Fri 14-May-10 15:35:03

Bother, I can't. Is on my FB though, will have to add later.

Sooooo AIBU or NOT?

Cogitoergosum Fri 14-May-10 15:35:13

'spose it makes a change from paint a pot parties.

BattyKoda Fri 14-May-10 15:35:43

How the fuck do you dye a pony???

pedrothellama Fri 14-May-10 15:35:55

Am I being stupid to wonder what colour is was before or is that now irrelevant?


whatwasthatagain Fri 14-May-10 15:36:23

Oh Mitchy - just looked at your pics and your spaniel is almost as handsome as mine. You haven't really dyed a real life pony pink?

Downdog Fri 14-May-10 15:37:15

YANBU, you are being Fantastic - wish you were my Mum! Yes photo please

(cochineal is harmless and will wash out with water)

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