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Which silly arse decided.....

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pedrothellama Thu 13-May-10 13:58:31

That Nachos were the perfect cinema snack? Have you ever tried to sit through a film with someone crunching beside you?

This guy knew he was hacking me off because he tried to start eating them 'quietly' the cinema was full so I couldn't even move seats.

Why can't they have a non-eating section?

meltedmarsbars Thu 13-May-10 13:59:07

Like mobile-free train carriages?

mosschops30 Thu 13-May-10 14:00:13

ooh i love those nachos at the cinema with that hot salty cheese sauce .... mmmmmmmmm

pollywollydoodle Thu 13-May-10 14:00:49

had someone with a bag of celery behind me the other night !

cupcakesandbunting Thu 13-May-10 14:01:33

Those nachos are the work of the devil, with that plastic melted cheese. I hate crunchers!

Hear, hear for a non-eating section.

meltedmarsbars Thu 13-May-10 14:01:35

Celery? hmm

Was it a low-carb film?

OurLadyOfPerpetualSupper Thu 13-May-10 14:01:47

I know - haven't people heard of lunch?

I feel a bit more tolerant of it if it's children having sweets or popcorn as part of the treat - but fgs can't a grown up last two hours without chowing down?

skidoodly Thu 13-May-10 14:02:16

"Why can't they have a non-eating section?"

I guess it would be like the no-smoking secion - the noise would travel

I didn't know people actually bought those nachos to eat, they don't really look like food.

Iklboo Thu 13-May-10 14:03:12

Don't you have to have a six figure income to be able to afford cinema food anyway?

cupcakesandbunting Thu 13-May-10 14:06:08

I take my own (non-noisy) snacks in. No way am I paying a fortune to eat whatever crap the cinema feel is adequate to throw mindlessly down my throat.

Let's have some suggestions for non-noisy snacks.

Magaly Thu 13-May-10 14:06:48

oh I'd love to go to the cinema and eat nachos....

Iklboo Thu 13-May-10 14:08:36

Non-noisy snacks?

Bag o' mash (TM).

A nice tub of mashed potato in various flavours (butter, sour cream, cheese & chive, cheese & onion, bacon bits etc)


pollywollydoodle Thu 13-May-10 14:10:16 was date night...she hadn't got one....

cupcakesandbunting Thu 13-May-10 14:12:25

Lump o' cheese. You can have nacho flavour if you like...

pollywollydoodle Thu 13-May-10 14:14:11

a tub with an unwrapped, broken up bar of cadburys from home in it

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 14:19:48

lolol at bag o' mash.

What a cracking idea.

A bowl of peas.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 14:20:26

Or bowl o' peas.

Poledra Thu 13-May-10 14:21:17

Custard. With rhubarb, p'raps. Or would that lead to slurping?

Mmmmmm, I want some custard now.

biddysmama Thu 13-May-10 14:21:58

cinemas sell nachos so that pregnant ladies dp's know where to find them some at ridiculous o'clock...

PeedOffWithNits Thu 13-May-10 14:22:03

marshmallows? or is that too obvious

cupcakesandbunting Thu 13-May-10 14:24:21

But marshmallows will come in a bag so will not be noise-free. Unless we can get...

tub o' marshmallows!

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 14:24:29

Yeah but masrhmallows come in rustly bastard bags, so they're out.

Suppose you could have a tub o'flumps

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 13-May-10 14:25:13

spooky twilight zone x-post there cupcakes grin

pedrothellama Thu 13-May-10 14:25:48

I could take a baseball bat to 'encourage' any other offenders to sit elsewhere

Poledra Thu 13-May-10 14:26:25

ROFL at 'tub o'flumps'!

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