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To hate three wheeled /over sized buggies with a passion

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Ryoko Thu 29-Apr-10 11:42:49

I know I'm going to get flamed over this but I don't care.

I can't stand the things, I think they are stupid, day after day I see them clogging up the shops and buses, they are nothing more then the baby version of a Chelsea tractor.

I hate walking past them in the shops what with them having spikes on the wheels for off road and they take up far too much space on the bus, the things can't even be folded properly not that anyone even tries to fold em even when someone gets on the bus with a wheel chair.

Why do people buy them? they are so stupid, this is London, there is no off road to be had, why do you need a Travel system that costs more then a small second hand car with your carry cot attachment, car seat attachment etc and then spend all day clogging up small shop aisle with it and blocking the gangway on the bus with it?.

Whats wrong with a simple small, light folding buggy that can be bought for less then half the price and in most cases can carry a child up to an older age then the Travel Systems.

dinkystinky Thu 29-Apr-10 11:44:47

Their kids, their choices. I agree the buggies are a pain in the arse on public transport and to be honest most people with ginormous travel systems do end up getting lightweight buggies for use on buses/trains eventually - but YABU to think everyone will think the way you do.

OTTMummA Thu 29-Apr-10 11:48:20

I hate seeing little babies slumped over in tiny umbrella strollers who can barely hold their heads up, they don't look safe or comfortable.
My travel system (jane nomad ) is the best buggy i have ever had, its big, but i don't go round with 3 other mates walking in a row so i take up the whole pavement so i don't give a fig what you think TBH.

OTTMummA Thu 29-Apr-10 11:50:16

My buggy can carry a four/five year old, very comfortably,
most umbrella strollers look like they're going to buckle with a 3 yr old whos feet are scraping the ground in it.

Tiredmumno1 Thu 29-Apr-10 11:53:43

Sorry but yabu, i used to love my oversized buggy, its a handy tool to bash the ignorant sods out the way, who dont give a toss whether you have a buggy.

i used to have a lot of problems with people shoving past me or run in front of me and start dawdling, that really wound me up. so i invested in a bigger one, it kept my child safe. and no one would mess with it grin

BikeRunSki Thu 29-Apr-10 11:54:46

I bought mine because I live in the countryside and walk on footpaths and bridleways. That seems reasonable enough to me.

MrsGokWantsatidyhouse Thu 29-Apr-10 11:55:25

I love my 3 wheeler. It is easy to push and manouvre around things, it has a big basket for shopping, my DS is comfortable and cosy, my DH can take it with him when he takes the boys on 'adventures' to the woods, a long the cycle path, it is ideal when we go to places like Avebury.

I walk and bus everywhere as I don't drive and have a bad back and neck so my 3 wheeler is brilliant and saves me a lot of pain.

So yes you are BVVVU!!

TheDevilWearsPrimark Thu 29-Apr-10 11:55:46

I live in London too and sadly wasted £300 on a massive beast of a pram, I plame PFB Syndrome. I wanted the cosiest looking thing for my baby

It got two outings, one in the park, one and (the last) when I tried to get onto a bus.

I soon switched to a sling then a maclaren.

Ryoko Thu 29-Apr-10 11:57:09

A 4/5 year old should be walking, getting some exercise not still sat in a push chair IMO.

If they can't hold their head up then the mother has them in the wrong buggy or needs to recline the seat.

bunnymother Thu 29-Apr-10 12:01:20

YABU. Umbrella strollers are only suitable for transporting 1 baby that is above a certain age. So if you have a young baby or 2 babies/children, you can't use an umbrella stroller. You can, however, use a Phil & Teds, which is what I have. Your post is just a vent, and really not constructive.

Ryoko Thu 29-Apr-10 12:03:15


Hope your not in London, it's bad enough getting shoulder barged by large men let alone having prams/buggies shoved into the back of your legs or taking up all the path and expected me to walk in the road.

if you are London and you met me you'd know it, I stopped being polite years ago, your child would learn a lot of new words from me in passing, let me put it that way.

queribus Thu 29-Apr-10 12:03:39

Each to their own, I suppose, but they can be a nusiance in cities. I've never had one, but I see them quite a bit in the New Forest and look useful and comfortable. My two had to make do with Mamas & Papas thingy smile

Can't see why you'd need a buggy which can sit a 4/5 year old comfortably, though

Trikken Thu 29-Apr-10 12:04:21

Yabvu, I also dont drive, so my three wheeled buggie is a god-send. also on the nights I work I need to take my ds's clothes and dd's clothes over to my mums so need the big space in the bottom compared to the tiny one a little pushchair has. also I is much easier to push than a little pushchair (can push it one handed) which I need as I wouldnt be able to cope with a anything harder, having to hold onto ds's hand at the same time. plus it can basically go anywhere. I dont see why you should have a problem with someone else's choice of pram.

picc Thu 29-Apr-10 12:04:37

So let me get this clear.
You want me to get rid of my 3 wheeler, which has served me really well since DS was born and buy a new one?
I don't have unlimited money, and I don't like throwing perfectly good things away when a new 'toy' becomes more attractive.

I walk nearly everywhere, on and off-road. Sometimes I use public transport. I travel THROUGH London fairly regularly (and therefore take my 3-wheeler with me: tube/train).

You're just reminding me of the attitudes in said city that make me want to just travel through without stopping!!

OTTMummA Thu 29-Apr-10 12:05:33

a 4/5 yr old can't walk 5-6 miles at a time Ryoko, My DS is 2 now, but walks part way to wherever we are going, and part way back, at least 1.5 miles a day, but when he gets tired i would put him in the buggy.
I agree that children need exersice, but now i walk an awful lot as i don't drive its unreasonable to have him in our Mamma's Pappa's pulse umbrella for longer walks other than to nursery and back, ( 20 mins each way ).

queribus Thu 29-Apr-10 12:06:34

bunnymother - blimey! are AIBU posts supposed to be 'constuctive' now?!


etchasketch Thu 29-Apr-10 12:07:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bunnymother Thu 29-Apr-10 12:07:52

No, they don't have to be constructive, but it does help if you actually want to convince anyone of anything!

Clary Thu 29-Apr-10 12:08:54

why would anyone want to carry a (NT) four or five year old in a buggy tho OTTmumma? Come on, how many adults walk 5-6 miles at a time? Most people used to boggle at my occasional 3-mile walk to work!

Agree re 3yos' feet scraping ground - good sign that they should be walking wink

OTTMummA Thu 29-Apr-10 12:09:11

and some people need their children in buggys up to 4/4 if they have hip probelms etc but aren't elidgble for a diasbled chair.

and in NY i saw lots of 5,6,7 yr olds in buggys as its considered safer in the rush hours getting to school etc.

geraldinetheluckygoat Thu 29-Apr-10 12:09:19

I just wonder how youve got the time to get that cross about it! Really, it's not worth getting worked up over, its a buggy smile

Trikken Thu 29-Apr-10 12:09:23

very rude Ryoko. I would never hope to bump into you with that attitude.

etchasketch Thu 29-Apr-10 12:09:32

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

weegiemum Thu 29-Apr-10 12:10:35

I had an umbrella fold lie flat Maclaren from birth.

YANBU! I had 2 years of trying to get dd2 (in a Maclaren Major = disabled buggy) y babon to buses with huuge prams for tiny babies which people refused to fold - though my daughter was unable to put her feet to the ground due to severe hip pain.

Have any of you the say she;s not being unreasonable ever folded a major buggy with a 5year old under your arm? While people roll their eyes and tut and suggest a "child of that age should be walking!"

If you are going to be walking the hills, then get a 4X4 buggy. If not, realise you are not the only person on the face of the earth!

Ryoko Thu 29-Apr-10 12:11:21

If you live in London you wouldn't need to be walking 5-6 miles theres public transport everywhere.

As I said they are like Chelsea Tractors for babies, meaning I can see they have a place but in London, on the all ready clogged up transport system, shops and streets they are a over priced over sized nuisance.

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