To sew a little willy on the doll I'm making for my son?

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frekkles Sun 25-Apr-10 21:07:14

I'm making a first birthday present for my son. It's a cloth version of him, newborn size, like the one's on this site

I'm putting in lots of detail, so it has fingers and ears and belly button and toes. I know he'll be fascinated by all the features. He sits and examines things like this for ages.

What I'm not sure about though is whether it should have a litle willy though? In some respects I feel odd leaving it off, it's a glaring ommission in my eyes. My son doesn't know his willy is any different to any other part of his body.

Makes me question why dolls don't have little willies and fannies. What are we subtly teaching are young uns by silently ommiting them ? I remember being a tad curious and freaked out by the sexless dolls I had as a child. Was it the beginning of a sense of shame in your body?

In other respects though I can't bring myself to sew one on. Feel like I'd be making some kind of mini sex doll. And that people that saw his doll would be weirded out, embarassed and think I was an oddball.

what does the mumsnet jury think?

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thisisyesterday Sun 25-Apr-10 21:09:03

i think include one

i had a baby boy doll when i was little that was completely anatomically correct. all my friends loved him too.

preggersplayspop Sun 25-Apr-10 21:10:44

As its supposed to be a replica of him and something he recognises as such, I would say include one.

MamaChris Sun 25-Apr-10 21:11:24

a newborn's willy isn't about sex. if it didn't have one, wouldn't your ds wonder where it was? where the wee came out of?

I say include it.

LeninGrad Sun 25-Apr-10 21:11:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nickytwotimes Sun 25-Apr-10 21:11:42

I also remember having a doll with a willy and being fascinated in a very innocent way by it.

Include one I think, especially i you have gone to the bother of belly buttons, etc.

LauraIngallsWilder Sun 25-Apr-10 21:11:43


I dont know about the willy issue!

I do know that doll is lovely though - are the instructions on the web too? It looks quite tricky to make!
What fabric are you using for the body?


LemonDifficult Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:02

Wow. That's quite a conundrum. I think you're right to want to put one on.

There absolutely no way I'd do it though. I am too concerned about what mothers who come round with there DCs might think. DS1 had a tendency to chew/suck all limbs of soft toys and toddle around with them hanging out of his mouth - I think soggy wool willy between teeth would have been too much for my visitors.

RJRabbit Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:10

I love that my 2yo has no sense of shame about his body, or anyone else's. My vote is to go with the willy.

I don't think people will think you're weird, as the bought ones are more and more anatomically correct these days. Saw a plastic willy on a doll just the other day at a friend's place.

EricPicklesFatNeck Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:18

include - but make sure it extremely well.

[looks forward to the 'my son swallowed a little willy will he be ok' thread]

LauraIngallsWilder Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:42

Please post a picture of your finished creation with clothes and without!

EricPicklesFatNeck Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:43

that was meant to say sewn on extremely well!

Hassled Sun 25-Apr-10 21:12:49

I think yes. But make him some underpants or something so it's not permanently on display.

If you're going for the penis, and if correctness is important, you're going to need a scrotum as well.

SheWillBeLoved Sun 25-Apr-10 21:13:15

Yep, sew the winky on.

TiggyD Sun 25-Apr-10 21:14:30

Sew on two of them.

nobodysfool Sun 25-Apr-10 21:14:54

it's only another body part to i say include it, it's like not putting any ears on.

Greensleeves Sun 25-Apr-10 21:15:45

but will it have a foreskin?

<weighty matter>

sallyJayGorce Sun 25-Apr-10 21:17:52

Put one on. Will you make an updated one when he reaches puberty?

JustMyTwoPenceWorth Sun 25-Apr-10 21:20:11

agree. It's just a body part. By leaving it out, you are saying there is something wrong with it and your son must be protected from it. grin which is daft.

Penthesilea Sun 25-Apr-10 21:20:38

I had a doll with a willy when I was little and I thought he was the best thing ever. If you fed him water through his mouth, he'd do a wee-wee! I wish I'd kept him to give to my son. I'd definitely say sew it on but be prepared for much hilarity over it from your little boy when he gets older grin Once they get to about 2 they become obsessed with willies and I don't think it stops from there on in.... wink

frekkles Sun 25-Apr-10 21:36:21

Aw brilliant, great to hear the response I wanted! Thank you all. And thanks for the giggles you just me too ! Swallowing little willies, soggy wool willies and sewing two on indeed! Hahaha

the pattern for the doll is on that website if anyone else fancies making it. I'm not that good with a seeing machine, but it's quite simple and I'm managing it, so I'd imagine most folk who clan sew could. I've modified it a little, added extra things in and changed some of the proportions. It really is newborn size, I've been enjoying cuddling it and remembering how little my one year old was. I've made it out of an old soft White tshirt that I dyed fleet coloured with tea.

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BuzzingNoise Sun 25-Apr-10 21:44:35

I don't see any reason why you shouldn't add a willy - it is an important part of a body! But will you add nipples too?

frekkles Sun 25-Apr-10 21:51:15

I already have. They are very subtle. Just embroidered pale pink little circles.

Scrotum and foreskin? Anyone got a litlle willy pattern?

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LucyHoneychurch Sun 25-Apr-10 21:52:18

It could do with a nose too.

frekkles Sun 25-Apr-10 21:53:12

And sorry for weird sewing and typos. Using my phone to post and spell check is a bit quick off the mark

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