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I've seen it all now - "Women are responsible for earthquakes!"

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fiveisanawfullybignumber Tue 20-Apr-10 15:52:22
I've truly seen it all now. hmm
This man is supposedly an inteligent man, he leads a country for goodness sake.
Now, I'm a religious person, but saying this in the name of religion is foolish and wrong I think????

BunnyLebowski Tue 20-Apr-10 15:54:27

Well he's clearly not an intelligent man. What a freaking idiot.

Stories like this just make me hate religion more and more.

abride Tue 20-Apr-10 15:57:28

I actually caused the Iceland volcano. Sorry about that.

wizbitwaffle Tue 20-Apr-10 15:58:35

Message withdrawn

OhYouBadBadKitten Tue 20-Apr-10 15:59:11

actually, I think you will find it was me. I needed a bit of a distraction last week and so have I know have one.

padraig Tue 20-Apr-10 16:01:15

Is cleric what you call a comedian in the Middle East?

abride Tue 20-Apr-10 16:04:34

No, it was me! But if we have a fight about it we will probably cause another natural disaster.

omaoma Tue 20-Apr-10 16:05:46

ah, the old women leading men astray gambit... in my less liberal moments I wonder why, if the sight of women is such a sinful distraction, they decided to veil the women instead of blindfold all the men? the men could stay indoors in sort of, I dunno, 'harems' and do all their work and socialising safely secreted indoors; the women could go about and do everything they needed to freely, and when the men need to go somewhere else, on goes the blindfold and their wives lead or drive them wherever they want to go. problem sorted.

omaoma Tue 20-Apr-10 16:06:58

come to think of it, if you blinded all the men at birth that would solve the problem as well. women could be their amenuenses for work. and the men would avoid an awful lot of other 'distractions' if they couldn't read, think how holy their lives would be.

[burns in hell emoticon]

padraig Tue 20-Apr-10 16:07:10

In fairness homosexuals made priests molest girls in Chile.

MadamDeathstare Tue 20-Apr-10 16:09:15

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Mouseface Tue 20-Apr-10 16:10:23

<<runs off to cover up long, tanned sexy legs, attached to firm round bottom, leading to a super flat tummy and pert little boobs grin>>

Wakes up and bangs head on lap top in disbelief at what this prat is going on about!!! Idiot.

MrsRedford Tue 20-Apr-10 16:11:33

grin @padraig

I am speechless. This is so ridiculous I don't even know where to start.

LittleMissHissyFit Tue 20-Apr-10 16:12:38

I saw this too and was going to post it...

Sadly these 'men' actually believe themselves. hmm It's part of the oppression culture women are subjected to. All shored up with a great slab of religion to act as a deterrent to anyone who thinks about speaking up.

IMHO and experience, they are all as bonkers as it gets.... grin

So if anyone happens to be a seismologist, or volcanologist, trying to get to the bottom of what cause these natural phenomena....

You can stop now..... It was me.... woops! My bra strap slipped and there it was....

Mark my words, we'll be carrying the can for Tornados and Hurricanes next.... grin

LittleMissHissyFit Tue 20-Apr-10 16:15:23

My DH used to say that the edict is that Women cover so Men don't look.

I used to counter with How about Men don't look, so Women can get on with life and don't have to cover????

Argh, DON'T get me started....


JustMyTwoPenceWorth Tue 20-Apr-10 16:15:47

I'm sorry, but that is so ludicrous that all I could do was laugh at him.

SirBoobAlot Tue 20-Apr-10 16:21:04

Actually I think he has a totally valid point. I mean when you consider every aspect of his statement, he is quite right.

Nope, can't even make a joke argument go any further than that. Its just pure bollocks.

JustMyTwoPenceWorth Tue 20-Apr-10 16:22:51

Me running down the stairs may be mistaken for an earthquake. grin

fiveisanawfullybignumber Tue 20-Apr-10 16:23:40

Having a DS who is studying Geology should make for interesting dinner table conversation tonight.grin
What an idiot this man is, he's making his whole country look even more laughable.
Although it's a worry that this country may have nuclear power soon. Will he decide to bomb western nations and their promiscuous women just to save his country??

Shodan Tue 20-Apr-10 16:24:26

Actually I'll think you'll find it was I who caused the earthquake- I was running on the treadmill at the gym and my bottom was flolloping around enough to start a quake....

JackBauer Tue 20-Apr-10 16:24:50

Well I have been sitting here trying to make a volcano explode but I think I am getting it wrong.

DD2 farted though...

Shodan Tue 20-Apr-10 16:25:21

Gah. Obviously meant volcano in first part of sentence.

EarthMotherImNot Tue 20-Apr-10 16:26:50

Brings new meaning to "did the earth move for you darling"wink

Shodan Tue 20-Apr-10 16:27:17

Have just been put in mind of Harry Enfield's sketch- Women- Know Your Limits.

Pretty high, then, given that we can set off volcanos, earthquakes etc......

fiveisanawfullybignumber Tue 20-Apr-10 16:28:32

Whoa, I've made it to the discussions of the day box!grin
Or should that be the crazy man in Iran???

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