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To think that freebleeding is a bit [envy]

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pigletmania Sun 04-Apr-10 19:10:08

I have just heard of freebleeding on here whereby no sanitary protection is used envyshock. I admit that i am open to most things but this biscuit The practicalities of it must be enormous you would never leave home. I know that it would not be for me as my periods are quite heavy, even with big sanitary pads I manage to leak over my trousers, on my legs. Once when i was out i leaked through my jeans, as i got off the bus i realised blush must have been on the seat aswell, imagine no sanitary protection.

How does someone manage outside the house where there is limited washing facilities, must be really uncomfortable and and messy. I will probably get flamed for my views but i am prepared and armed with my hard hat. I would try reusuable sanitary protection for later on in my period but no protection biscuit

choufleur Sun 04-Apr-10 19:13:16

I couldn't/wouldn't do it. don't get why anyone would want to tbh. but maybe that's just me.

My mum once said to me that tampons were the greatest invention. she remembers having to wear sanitary belts.

bobbiewickham Sun 04-Apr-10 19:13:54


I mean, really.




pigletmania Sun 04-Apr-10 19:14:32

Sorry about the title, meant to put a little green face but it did not work. So the title should be: To the tink that freebleeding is a a bit Yuck!

traceybath Sun 04-Apr-10 19:15:03

Reminds me of the book 'the red tent' where the women all bled into bowls - or something like that. Very good book but not a practice for today methinks.

pigletmania Sun 04-Apr-10 19:17:23

No not practicle for todays environment. Would get it all over seats, down legs on clothes yuck

Pennies Sun 04-Apr-10 19:17:28

Lordy - was someone on here advocating it??? Link pls.

greensnail Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:00

They sat on straw and bled into that in The Red Tent, but they didn't have to do anything else while they had their periods - weren't allowed to cook for the men or anything like that. Sounds good to me. I don't see how you could actually do anything during your period with no sanitary protection at all.

agedknees Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:03

How could you go to work?

5inthebed Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:05

I really couldn't! I'm bad enough WITH protection, I'd be leving red snail trails all over the place if I did this.

cookielove Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:08

My dp, once knew someone who 'freebled' (not that i have actually heard of that term before) whenever she got her period she would stay in bed for the entire time, bleeding wherever she pleased, well its her bed, but it must have gone through to the matteress, oh yuck!!

When i tell people this, they can't believe it, so i double check and dp always confirms, (sometimes i think i must be making it up, it sounds crazy)
shock hmm

mustrunmore Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:28

Choufleur, I remember having to use a belt when I first started my periods. Thanks Mum hmm

5inthebed Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:32


pigletmania Sun 04-Apr-10 19:21:57

Just type freebleeding into google. I am rubbish at links btw dont know who to do them. I was reading it on a Thread about mooncups and reusuable sanitary protection on here today and clicked the link given on the tread about freebleeding

choufleur Sun 04-Apr-10 19:24:08

Sorry mustrunmore. Didn't mean to imply that people who used belts were as old as my mum. I just went straight for tampax - so easy.

mrsboogie Sun 04-Apr-10 19:26:10

Arrgghgh what? I mean, why?

do these people not have lives to be getting on with?

pigletmania Sun 04-Apr-10 19:27:01

Cookie must have had a matress protecter surely

iamwhatiamwhatiam Sun 04-Apr-10 19:28:09

I think I could probably get away with this as my periods are light and last about two days.

No way would I want to though!

EricNorthmansmistress Sun 04-Apr-10 19:29:09

But why????????

What is wrong with some women? elimination communication, freebleeding, etc, don't they realise being a woman is not a punishment?

BertieBotts Sun 04-Apr-10 19:29:51

Lol I thought you were envious because people who do freebleeding must have very light periods!

I don't see there is anything wrong with it if that is what you want to do but I also wonder how practical it is. I know that I would not feel comfortable. However, fairly recently I stopped using pantyliners at all as I found they make me sweaty. I haven't found it too awful so far.

I am a recent mooncup convert though and think it's fab - like needing to wear nothing at all.

bellavita Sun 04-Apr-10 19:30:20

mustrun - you must have had the same mum as me.... bloody stupid belts!

SpeedyGonzalez Sun 04-Apr-10 19:31:07


Why do they choose to do this, I mean what's the aim or principle? Personally I love my mooncup and wouldn't swap it for anything.

EricNorthmansmistress Sun 04-Apr-10 19:32:17


Googling it also came up with 'freebleeding pussy porn' {boak} and 'first night freebleeding after marriage pictures'

Sick puppies envy

choufleur Sun 04-Apr-10 19:34:26

"magic time"??!! my fanny does all sorts of tricks when i'm on wink

JoeyBettany Sun 04-Apr-10 19:36:20

I free bleed at night time. I have light periods and after a bath or shower last thing at night, the flow almost stops anyway.I never notice any mess onthe sheets.

In the daytime, i frequently just use a bit of toilet roll folded upfor protection. Free bleeding though grin just a posh term for laziness really.

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