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Never mind mooncups -

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shakingmyfattybumbum Sat 03-Apr-10 21:03:45

What about these? Eek??

MrsWobbleTheWaitress Sat 03-Apr-10 21:05:14

Have you really never heard of washable pads before? shock

LauraIngallsWilder Sat 03-Apr-10 21:06:46


Washable san pro

I have similar

shakingmyfattybumbum Sat 03-Apr-10 21:06:52

No! Just rags that Victorian ladies used in my novels. Sorry but the idea of soaking pads is yucky no matter how eco it might be.

BusyMissIzzy Sat 03-Apr-10 21:08:43

Why not just use a old sock then and give it a wash after? hmmshock

"Disposable products [...] often wick more fluid away than necessary, and can lead to heavier periods." That can't be true, surely? I mean, what's in there comes out, no more and no less. Right?

paulaplumpbottom Sat 03-Apr-10 21:10:36

Those are really horrendous fabrics.

LauraIngallsWilder Sat 03-Apr-10 21:10:41

I dont soak mine, just rinse them out and chuck them in with the normal washing.
They are far nicer than rags
Mine have a better shape than the ones you linked to though

The thought of using a mooncup makes me <boak> and as I am normally spared heavy periods washables are a perfectly good option

nappyzoneloveslindor Sat 03-Apr-10 21:13:05

Weenotions do some really pretty ones - they are called fairy hammocks smile. I just chuck minein with the wash too.

shakingmyfattybumbum Sat 03-Apr-10 21:14:31

And what has the term 'moonrabbits' got to do with periods anyway? Moon I can link into menses - but rabbit?

nappyzoneloveslindor Sat 03-Apr-10 21:15:25

fairy hammocks

missmoopy Sat 03-Apr-10 21:19:26

Beyond horrid!

CoupleofKooks Sat 03-Apr-10 21:25:14

when you use a mooncup or washable pad you realise that menstruating is not horrid at all - disposable sanpro is horrid, and reduces your period to rather unpleasant rubbish

Lionstar Sat 03-Apr-10 21:25:50

Nothing wrong with washable san-pro, but those Wee Notions ones with the cutesy prints are beyond unecessary. As if a grinning sunflower looks any better with with the painters in <grim>

VerityBrulee Sat 03-Apr-10 21:26:10

OMG I am speechless shock

CoupleofKooks Sat 03-Apr-10 21:27:32

Busy, you bleed partly because the lining of your womb is detaching - there's some 'damage', if you like, to the inside of your uterus, and this forms part of the blood that you lose
disposable sanpro leaches blood and moisture out - you must have felt that revolting 'squeak' when you pull out a dryish tampon - so can cause noticeably heavier bleeding, and associated discomfort

paisleyleaf Sat 03-Apr-10 21:32:09

I use washable pads blush
The ones with the minkee velour top are really nice.

Maleeka Sat 03-Apr-10 21:32:13

Think i'll stick with my sainsburys tampons thanks!

mrsboogie Sat 03-Apr-10 21:37:00

how are they kept secure?

missmoopy Sat 03-Apr-10 21:37:33

I do not believe menstruation to be horrid thankyou Coupleof - but to be honest I do not want to spend my life washing bloody rags.

nappyzoneloveslindor Sat 03-Apr-10 21:38:26

the ones i have used have wings with press studs that wrap round your gusset.

JustMyTwoPenceWorth Sat 03-Apr-10 21:38:50

Yes, I use things you rinse and wash (when I have a period, that is! - PCOS, very unpredictable). I can't use tampons because they all give me a temperature, a sort of prickly heat feeling and diarrhoea, and towels make me scratch until I've practically fetched the skin off.

I don't want to use a mooncup because I don't fancy rummaging about and I'm a bit worried it'll get stuck up there.

I don't find my menstrual blood horrible, disgusting or dirty in any way. It is simply my womb lining coming away. What's disgusting about that?

Lutyens Sat 03-Apr-10 21:39:21

I used to think "yuck" too till I actually tried them. I'm a convert now. Actually I now find disposable pads and tampons disgusting and wouldn't use them if you stuck a gun to my head.

Washable san-pro is not disgusting at all, there is no handling of blood. There is no smell (that is caused by the chemicals in the pads). My period cramps have noticeably reduced - in fact dh noticed it, commenting that I'm not incapacitated two days every month any more. The bleeding has also reduced as there is no leaching effect as in disposable san pro. Finally I do feel smug knowing that my bodily secretions aren't rotting slowly in a landfill somewhere.

Don't dismiss something without giving it a fair try. That is a very close-minded attitude.

paisleyleaf Sat 03-Apr-10 21:40:44

mrsboogie, I use ones with wings with a little popper underneath. this

WorzselMummage Sat 03-Apr-10 21:40:53

I have some washable san pro but i have come to the conclusion that it's shit

Love my mooncup though.

SugarMousePink Sat 03-Apr-10 21:41:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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