Advanced search be really irritated by Lily-Rose off the Green Balloon Club?

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FickleFairy Fri 02-Apr-10 17:15:39

Aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhh! She does my head in!!!!!!!

Soooo irritating!

BuzzingNoise Fri 02-Apr-10 17:18:28


Coldhands Fri 02-Apr-10 19:52:27

YANBU, I remember saying this a long time ago on some thread about Cbeebies programmes. In fact I'm not really keen on any of the Green Balloon Club gang. they are all so 'stage school'.

thisisjuststupid Fri 02-Apr-10 20:03:05

YANBU at all. the whole thing is shite. i turn it off when it come on. dora is another one i cant stand. the accents really grate angry

thisisnotwhoyouthink Fri 02-Apr-10 20:05:26

Turn it off or go out of the room while the dc's watch!

SilveryMoon Fri 02-Apr-10 20:07:55

Worst program ever! Lily-Rose is not as bad as that boy with the glasses.

nickytwotimes Fri 02-Apr-10 20:08:37


I have no idea why she is on that show - she can't dance, sing or act.

Dh and I reckon she is the producer's daughter/neice.

TinaSparkles Fri 02-Apr-10 20:11:08

The child actors on CBeebies are terrible. The boy on Grandpa in My Pocket as well.

I feel bad that I am commenting on children (their mothers may be on here), but it's their acting skills that grates me so.

jumpyjan Fri 02-Apr-10 20:11:31

I can't even watch TGBC anymore.

LunaticFringe Fri 02-Apr-10 20:13:05

Message withdrawn

DorotheaPlenticlew Fri 02-Apr-10 20:13:47

YANBU. DP harbours a deep dislike of the GBC for both its worthiness and wooden performances, and we both feel that Lily-Rose is the most wooden of the bunch. She's just so obviously been cast on cuteness rather than anything else. Not her fault obv, but still.

<feels guilt for criticizing a tiny child>

notanumber Fri 02-Apr-10 20:18:29


They are all awful though. As Coldhands points out it's something to do with the unmistakable 'stage school' singingdancingpresenting performance.

However, I reserve especial ire for Ant. He makes me want to claw my own eyes out.

FickleFairy Fri 02-Apr-10 20:31:00


You lot always manage to cheer me up!

Have a fab easter weekend!

EasterBilby Fri 02-Apr-10 21:00:02

Lily-Rose is the only one I like. I saw her on Gardener's World once and she came across very well. Cat is bearable, but the boys make me cringe.
And don't get me started on the boy from Grandpa in my Pocket. I hate that program.... DD loves it.

sweetnitanitro Fri 02-Apr-10 21:16:18

I agree that they are all awful, I can't bear to watch it.

onepieceoflollipop Fri 02-Apr-10 21:18:12

Jason Mason from Grandpa in my Pocket - just awful (sorry)

Lily-Rose is quite sweet I think, dd likes her.

GoldenSnitch Fri 02-Apr-10 21:27:02

Yey, it's not just me that thinks GBC is sickeningly stage school and the kids are all awful grin

As for Jason 'Not the shrinking cap grandpa' Mason - <shudder>

Velvetbee Fri 02-Apr-10 21:34:49

I'm fairly sure Lily-Rose is the daughter of Samantha Womack (Ronnie Mitchell)

Eddas Fri 02-Apr-10 21:44:28

i've just googled it and she's not Samantha Womack's daughter. She was only born in 2005, she is called Lily-Rose though. According to wikpedia the girl who plays Lily-Rose is called Isabella Blake-Thomas

I agree that the boy from Grandpa in my pocket is annoying!

Firawla Fri 02-Apr-10 21:56:33

Yabu!!!! green balloon club and grandpa in my pocket are some of the best programmes they have. Lily-Rose is cute, i dont really like the adult one as she seems too old to do the songs and dance with them but all the kids are okay, the songs are catchy.
As for granpa in my pocket i may be sad but i find it quite entertaining

Rockbird Fri 02-Apr-10 22:06:15

Her weird eyes are what makes my teeth itch. There's a complete lack of expression in them. A very odd child. Only just worked out though that they are all named after nature-y things blush

GBC sucks almost as much as dirtgirl.

MavisGrind Fri 02-Apr-10 22:12:39

"Lily-Rose" got the gig cos she's blonde. Only explanation.

My ds1 (3.10yrs) had to get in my bed at 2am the other night (and this is extremely rare) because he had a dream about Jason Mason.

I rest my case.

FickleFairy Fri 02-Apr-10 22:25:43

Don't even get me started on Dirt Girl World Rockbird!

Who the hell came up with that?????!!!!!! confused

mummytotwins Sat 03-Apr-10 01:06:48

YABU!!! But only because GBC is the ONLY programme that keeps my 2 year old twins quite for longer than 30 seconds, oh and they can do the dance to it too and its cute!

But other than for that reason YANBU!

Ellokitty Sat 03-Apr-10 09:26:37

YANBU. The GBC is highly irritating and she is the worst of all of them. Unfortunately my DDs love it.

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