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... but when I go to the hairdresser I do not want a head massage!

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frankie3 Wed 31-Mar-10 18:17:27

I went to the hairdressers yesterday and while washing my hair they put the conditioner on and then started a very slow, intense head massage. I was not in the mood for this! And I am not into massage anyway. I felt that I could not ask her to stop as that would have been insulting to her.

....urgh makes me feel all shivery to think of it.

Or am I unusual to not like this?

justallovertheplace Wed 31-Mar-10 18:19:15

This is my favourite part of the whole haircut! Really relaxing for me, and I hate massages as a rule (I once had an indian head massage that felt like I had been assaulted shock)

nancydrewrocks Wed 31-Mar-10 18:20:26

ooh I like that bit!

hana Wed 31-Mar-10 18:21:16

just say you don't want one - how is that insulting?

RatherBeOnThePiste Wed 31-Mar-10 18:21:40

That is my favourite bit!!

But they do ask first if you want one...

coppertop Wed 31-Mar-10 18:22:08

YANBU. I hate that too.


darkandstormy Wed 31-Mar-10 18:22:14

I love head massages,can't stand feet being massaged though.You should hve just said though,as it isn't everyones cup of tea, they would not have been offended.

picmaestress Wed 31-Mar-10 18:22:15

Bleugh, I hate it, makes me feel very uncomfortable.

JaneS Wed 31-Mar-10 18:22:54

Ooh, I love it!

bellavita Wed 31-Mar-10 18:23:33

I like the head massage bit too.

Tiredmumno1 Wed 31-Mar-10 18:23:33

I nearly fell asleep last time that happened grin.

Is there any way of having a dry cut, or if when they ask if you want conditioner say no thank you.

fluffles Wed 31-Mar-10 18:23:36

i love it. it's the best bit. i hate when they are too gentle with the shampoo and conditioner and barely tickle my scalp.

PfftTheMagicDragon Wed 31-Mar-10 18:25:59

I don't mind the head massage I just hate it when they talk to me! I like the momenary silence before they start jabbering on.

MudandRoses Wed 31-Mar-10 18:28:25

Advise you not to go to Japan, then! There it's a standard part of the haircut, and can take up to 15 minutes; they even cover your face with a little paper towel so you can relax without having to look at anyone (or have anyone looking at you while your eyes roll in ecstasy! Or disgust... grin)

Tiredmumno1 Wed 31-Mar-10 18:28:42

I think i found out my hairdressers life story last time i was there grin

llynnnn Wed 31-Mar-10 18:29:02

the massage is definitely the best bit!! also not a fan of the chat, I don't know what to say a stranger for 2 hours!!

shoptilidrop Wed 31-Mar-10 18:29:44

oooohhh i LOVE that bit. makes me go all goosebumpy. Or maybe i shouldnt admitt that!

cakeywakey Wed 31-Mar-10 18:30:54

Hate hate, hate the head massage - just ask them not to do it as they take you over to the sink. Say you don't like it, job done. I can't imagine it's their favourite part of the job either grin

2shoeskickedtheeasterbunny Wed 31-Mar-10 18:31:08

I hated it when the girl did that. and if it happens againg I will tell her to stop

DelsParadiseWife Wed 31-Mar-10 18:34:49

Oh no, - that is why I hardly ever have my hair cut. I want in and out job done.

I used to go to toppas in London for a dry cut until they changed their policy and said they HAVE to wash the hair and charge for it. Same with drying.

I survived for a while by saying I'll pay for the wash if they just promise not to do it, but given the staff turnover in those places it usually meant having to speak to the manager first which made an even bigger deal of what I wanted to be a quick no fuss cut.

I eventually found a more expensive local hairdresser and just asked before I made an appointment if she would just do a dry cut and no faff. She likes to spray it and offer to dry it but I turn that down now.

Sometimes I only arrange to go when I know it will forecast rain so I can justify the no drying with it only going to get wet again. hmm

Slimcea Wed 31-Mar-10 18:35:15

i LOVE it

missmoopy Wed 31-Mar-10 18:37:58

I love that bit - its almost too mice IYKWIM!!! I would pay just for the head massage.

frankie3 Wed 31-Mar-10 18:40:31

No, she did not ask me if I wanted it first.

And yes, it did give me goosebumps - but I would rather feel like this when I am in the privacy of my own home, not when I am being massaged in a busy hairdresser by a young girl I have never met before!

missmoopy Wed 31-Mar-10 18:41:54

Hey, take your jollys where you can!

LaDiDaDi Wed 31-Mar-10 18:43:02

I feel the same as missmoopy blush.

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