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not to want to be all lighthearted and forgiving about the troll invasion?

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I don't get the 'fun' of invading another site and causing real upset to real people. I trust people on mumsnet and respond genuinely to them, and now I wish I hadn't - and that has upset me.

I'm sure this is going to get me labelled a humourless sourpuss over on CUK - but then I reckon I am already one of the "...rampaging horde of offended lardbuckets..." they refer to, or perhaps one of the ".... small clique of salad-dodging, vindictive, manic-depressive yet very vocal inadequates..." who is "...likely to go blubbing to the Admin if anyone does not treat them with kid gloves?..." (not that I did go to Admin, but hey, why spoil a good insult with facts).

hippipotamiHasLost80lbs Wed 31-Mar-10 16:20:20

What have I missed now???

[darn it, things happen whilst I am at work emoticon]

dizzydixies Wed 31-Mar-10 16:20:33

eh? what did I miss?

OldLadyKnowsNothing Wed 31-Mar-10 16:20:45

Bugger, I've missed the invasion so far... aren't the schools on holiday?

notwavingjustironing Wed 31-Mar-10 16:20:53

I thought it was pathetic.

maduggar Wed 31-Mar-10 16:21:12

I quite agree. As I know some of them are still posting amoungst us, I am very wary of many posters just now.

runnybottom Wed 31-Mar-10 16:21:53

Now to be fair, they did specifically target AIBU so as not to upset people on real advice threads. And some of them were bloody funny!

You don't have to like it though.

acunningstunt Wed 31-Mar-10 16:21:58

I think the lesson is that you can't assume anyone is who they appear to be. It's a useful lesson - minimal harm done in this instance, and if we can be taken in, so can our kids by people a lot nastier and evilly motivated than this bunch. It's easy to get complacent, especially if you've been in a group for a while!

maduggar Wed 31-Mar-10 16:23:22

hmm acunningstunt, are you quite new?

maduggar Wed 31-Mar-10 16:24:06

Oh yes, just registered. biscuit

JeremyVile Wed 31-Mar-10 16:24:32

Just saw a bit of it.
All a bit wierd and pointless.
I'm assuming these are blokes? If so then I fnd it fairly irritating cos I doubt a load of trolling by women from another site would be treated with good humour.

MadamDeathstare Wed 31-Mar-10 16:24:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GetOrfMoiLand Wed 31-Mar-10 16:25:52


Must have missed all that then.

Hullygully Wed 31-Mar-10 16:26:02

fgs, it was obviously a troll from the outset: hot crusty bloomers was about as subtle as a steamroller.

I don't think they've done anything wrong, just wish they'd been a bit funnier.

acunningstunt Wed 31-Mar-10 16:26:06

Yep, I'm new. Definitely female, 3 kids - got the stretchmarks to prove it!

JeremyVile Wed 31-Mar-10 16:26:12

..."if we can be taken in, so can our kids">...

<Eats own toes>

maduggar Wed 31-Mar-10 16:26:44

Funny, your name was mentioned on their thread.

Me too, MaDuggar.

I know being depressed makes me more thin-skinned, but I was upset by some of the things they wrote, even though it was in AIBU. And knowing it was done for the entertainment of some bored IT types doesn't make me feel any better.

SheepInWolfsClothing Wed 31-Mar-10 16:29:06

I don't think all of us are blokes.

I personally don't set out to offend the genuinely vulnerable, hence you'll find no trolling in the miscarriage or relationship section for example. I think all of us would have found that offensive.

And the chorus of abuse that coco received doesn't really say a lot of kind things about you lot does it?

So glad I am continuting to amuse.

Bugger - *continuing.

justallovertheplace Wed 31-Mar-10 16:31:11

What, that we can spot you a mile off? Yep, says a lot that hmm
Try harder next time dears

MrsFullyautomatix Wed 31-Mar-10 16:31:19

Well said Wolf !

SheepInWolfsClothing Wed 31-Mar-10 16:31:25

BTW, I am a dad and have had some genuinely useful advice from you, so thanks!

bibbitybobbityhat Wed 31-Mar-10 16:31:42

And yet those of us who strongly suspect troll (as per the ridiculous soup recipe thread of yesterday) are not allowed to sending a warning shout out? Because "the troll hunters are worse for MN than the trolls". We can't have it both ways ...

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