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to refuse to shag dp?

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jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:00:54

I am 21 weeks pregnant. My back hurts. I am knackered. I run a business and have been rushed off my feet all day, then have had to look after 5 year old dd and her friend who are having a sleepover, waiting on them hand and foor (kitchen is in basement, they are 4 floors up so no easy task). I also walked the dogs in the pissing rain, took the cats to the vets so they could have their nuts cut off. And now DP (who has done very little today) is hassling me for sex. I would rather eat wasps. I have told him to jog on.

BrahmsThirdRacket Fri 19-Mar-10 22:02:34

YANBU he should understand that you might feel more like having sex if you felt appreciated (and helped) by him.

BattyKoda Fri 19-Mar-10 22:05:20

YANBU - Pass him the laptop and some tissues and go to bed grin

rasputin Fri 19-Mar-10 22:06:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ThatVikRinA22 Fri 19-Mar-10 22:07:03

yanbu. you sound positively restrained! if it were me he would be wearing his balls as earings.

(i am hormonal i think, pmt time!)

Portofino Fri 19-Mar-10 22:07:21

Jog on hmm

thisisnotwhoyouthink Fri 19-Mar-10 22:07:23

yanbu. pmsl @ batty!!

jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:07:53

lol - if only that worked. he doesn't like wanking or porn (I know that is hard to believe but it's true). I do feel a bit sorry for him as I find a reason to not shag him most days but since I have been pg I just haven't felt like it. And he does do ALL the housework, so even though I earn the money he has his uses.

starkadder Fri 19-Mar-10 22:08:15

YANBU. Also, I particularly liked the use of the "jog on" phrase; it made me laugh

youremindmeofthebabe Fri 19-Mar-10 22:08:52

YANBU. As battykoda said!

starkadder Fri 19-Mar-10 22:09:27

Your last post sounded a bit mean though...but I expect just being flippant...

womblingfree Fri 19-Mar-10 22:09:31

I'd be telling him to jog off...the end of the pier!

youremindmeofthebabe Fri 19-Mar-10 22:10:04

he doesn't like wanking?

jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:10:47

Great - keep the YANBUs coming - then I can go to bed and leave this thread open on the laptop mwah ha ha ha ha.

MouthAndTrousers Fri 19-Mar-10 22:11:25

grin @ 'jog on'

YANBU I'm 21 weeks pg and ach after a busy day too.

jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:12:12

starkadder - I love him really. And can't knock a bloke who is as domesticated as him! He does have talents in other areas too.

jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:13:21

No he really doesn't like wanking. He had a very strange upbringing, which may have something to do with that.

geordieminx Fri 19-Mar-10 22:13:23

IMO - you should have taken him to the vets instead of the cats...

Failing that a couple of bricks...? grin

jendaisy Fri 19-Mar-10 22:17:41

lol geordie - he's booked in for Monday wink

Maleeka Fri 19-Mar-10 22:20:51

LOL geordieminx grin

spiderpig8 Fri 19-Mar-10 22:21:36

'took the cats to the vets so they could have their nuts cut off'
This bit had me ROFL, hilarious turn of phrase !!

TottWriter Fri 19-Mar-10 22:29:16

YANBU. I really have to be in the right mood ATM (23wks) or it just hurts (my back, my hips, my boobs...) and is a real turn off.

I take it he's not getting wigged by the thought of the baby in there yet then? I was always partially relieved when we got to that stage last time. If I was in the mood we could easily work round it, if not, the baby was fidgeting too much. blush

Honestly though, it's not your fault that the pregnancy is making you completely not in the mood. I think your DP needs to work through his wanking issues. Mine certainly doesn't feel guilty about 'taking care of himself' if it's been a few days and I'm still the opposite of horny.

Kitkatqueen Fri 19-Mar-10 22:31:42

Please ask your dp to take a look at this link it may solve the problem for you wink

TrillianAstra Fri 19-Mar-10 22:38:13

Kitkat - do it like this (without the spaces after and before the [[ and ]]) [[ this helpful link ]]

this helpful link

Doodleydoo Fri 19-Mar-10 22:48:48

Yours is lucky you might even consider it - my dh knows not to bother to ask (19 weeks)as he doesn't like to be disappointed!

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