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to want to throw up all over this self-satisfied pair?

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gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:19:02

Doogle2 Thu 11-Mar-10 14:25:55

I wouldn't worry, they have 3 properties and still don't have enough room as they are keeping a kids bike in the living room!!wink

BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 14:26:23

ROFL, that's hilarious!

BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 14:27:31

I love the fact that they think people will wnat to see pictures of their new Aga (on the blog).

gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:27:53

They must've won the Lottery. Shops selling a bit of pointless stuff doesn't get you a Scottish castle, a pub, various other houses, a farm and a house in Notting Hill - oh, and six Boden-clad children.

HumphreyCobbler Thu 11-Mar-10 14:28:24


two their dogs live in London, two in's complicated.

HumphreyCobbler Thu 11-Mar-10 14:29:15

and three old, but much loved chickens

gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:31:00

Ooh, wait, I just spotted that they have a house in France, too.

gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:32:00

Charlie must be a retired hedge fund whatever.

wahwahwah Thu 11-Mar-10 14:32:03

Off to Talbot Road for a nosey. I may moon them as I go by too, just for good measure. Too smug by half.

BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 14:32:03

in the bit about the Aga they say how they thought carefully about it because Agas are so expensive but decided as Agas last so long it will be cheaper in the long run. They're careful with money, then.

BarryKent Thu 11-Mar-10 14:32:21

Message withdrawn

piprabbit Thu 11-Mar-10 14:33:05

I am in awe of these people. I want to give them lots of my money so that I can replicate their lifestyle in my small modern house in a small south-Essex town.

Surely if I spend enough, I'll be able to have a life like theirs??

gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:33:49

Oh, sorry to be boring. I picked up one of their brochures in Selfridges and found it splutteringly pukefying.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 11-Mar-10 14:34:53

Why is my life not like that?

I get excited when I see a nice pair of leggings in Asda.

gramercy Thu 11-Mar-10 14:35:38


BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 14:36:26

Thirty effing pounds for a t-shirt? They're 'aving a larf!

LadyRabbit Thu 11-Mar-10 14:38:09

I would put money on one of the kids being called Mungo. Or Araminta. Or Cosmo.

I'm desperate to know who buys a pouf for £850. They're totally hideous too, it looks like shagpile that someone vomited over.

GetOrfMoiLand Thu 11-Mar-10 14:38:49

Do you reckon those two have wife swapping parties with Johnny Fucking Boden and his missus.

You would be able to hear the braying from Lancashire.

MaMight Thu 11-Mar-10 14:45:45

God I am SUCH a wannabe. I want to beeeee them and live in their beautiful house and have their pile of artfully arranged dogs.

I'm such a pleb.

Tootiredforgodtyping Thu 11-Mar-10 14:45:59

LOL at Getorfmoiland

BadGardener Thu 11-Mar-10 14:49:35

Those aren't dogs, MaMight, they're children.
Blonde, upper-class ones.
I don't know why they keep them in a pile though.

PortiaCabin Thu 11-Mar-10 14:51:06

£19 for some tatty old "French Crates"

Makes me think of Harry Enfield and "Saw you coming" selling expensive tat for the Notthing Hill set!

Bonsoir Thu 11-Mar-10 14:51:17

Gosh, they are immensely pleased with themselves and all they are doing is peddling gift shop crap on the internet! I thought I was going to discover some beautiful original things but it is just buntingcupcaketastic...

Madascheese Thu 11-Mar-10 14:51:34

Oh. My. Goodness.

It's not often I take a right proper dislike on first glance, usually I like to take my time to develop a really fine tuned focused edge to it all.

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